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EN 13034: protective clothing against liquid chemicals - Oxwork

Standard EN 1149-5: protective clothing - Electrostatic properties - Oxwork

Standard EN ISO 11611: protective clothing for use in welding processes - Oxwork

EN342 standard: protective clothing against the cold - Oxwork

Standard EN 343: protective clothing against bad weather, snow, fog and ground humidity - Oxwork

Standard EN381-5: protective clothing for legs against portable chainsaws - Oxwork

Standard IEC 61482-2: protective clothing against the thermal hazards of an electric arc - Oxwork

ISO 11612 standard: protective clothing against heat and flame - Oxwork

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Standard EN 374: protective gloves against chemicals - Oxwork

Standard EN511: protective gloves against the cold - Oxwork

Standard EN 12477 - Oxwork

Standard EN 381-7: anti-cut gloves for hand chainsaw

Standard EN 407: protective gloves against thermal risks - Oxwork

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