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  1. Ceinture ajustable Zelus Herock
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    Zelus Herock adjustable belt
    Special Price €12.91 €10.76 Regular Price €13.60
  2. Marron
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    Carhartt Leather Belt
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  3. Ceinture Belt Helly Hansen
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    Belt Helly Hansen
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  4. Gris
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    Blaklader Stretch Non-Metallic Stretch Adjustable Belt
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  5. Noir
      Helly Hansen Logo Suspenders
      As low as €30.00 €25.00
    • Marron
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      Blaklader metal buckle leather belt
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    • Marron
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      Blaklader leather belt
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        Canvas Blaklader belt 100% cotton
        As low as €26.45 €22.04
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          Blaklader work suspenders
          As low as €55.14 €45.95
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            Blaklader plastic buckle belt
            As low as €13.86 €11.55
          • Gris
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            Carhartt Webbing Belt
            As low as €24.00 €20.00 Regular Price €40.00
          • Ceinture extensible et flexible Dickies WEBBING
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            Dickies WEBBING stretch and flexible belt
            As low as €18.32 €15.27 Regular Price €30.54
          • Ceinture de Travail Elastiquée PORTWEST Jaune
              Elasticated Work Belt PORTWEST
              As low as €5.46 €4.55
            • Ceinture tressée boucle métallique Puma Work Wear noir
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              Braided metal buckle belt Puma Work Wear
              As low as €13.74 €11.45 Regular Price €22.90
            • ceinture de maintient coverguard sargas en358 dos
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              SARGAS EN358 Coverguard support belt
              As low as €20.09 €16.74 Regular Price €25.10
            • Gris Foncé
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              Notus Herock Adjustable Belt
              As low as €12.24 €10.20 Regular Price €13.60
            • Noir
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              HH Logo Webbing Belt Helly Hansen
              As low as €11.52 €9.60 Regular Price €19.20
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            • harnais antichutes facile rapid -reglable coverguard alcor dos
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              Blaklader textile belt with metal buckle
              As low as €20.04 €16.70 Regular Price €25.06

            24 Items

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            The belt is an essential accessory for holding up the work trousers. Indeed, it is there to ensure that wearing trousers does not bother its user. Both aesthetic and practical, it is available in several colours. They must be robust and adjustable even if the materials with which it can be made are numerous. In order to meet all needs, manufacturers offer belts for all tastes. Buckles are made of plastic, metal…

            The different materials used

            Thanks to its robustness and durability, leather is a must. This material can be varnished, perforated, raw, braided, patterned or smoothed. In addition, the flexibility and the softness of the textile have always lived up to the demands.

            Between cotton, canvas, blend of viscose and elastane, and polyester, we have a very wide choice. You must refer to the frequency of use and the nature of the professional environment to select it.

            The size of the belt

            The work belt is used not to complete the style, but to allow you to work in the best comfortable conditions. However, this does not prevent you from choosing a belt whose external appearance is pleasant to see. Just take your belt and measure the length between the end of the buckle and the hole you usually use to know the size of a belt. Normally this hole is marked by using, if not, you can wear the belt and mark the hole which suits you.

            Lumbar support belt

            In France, nearly 80,000 people are said to be off work each day due to low back pain, and 110,000 work accidents are due to acute low back pain. Can be traumatic or repetitive, back pain mainly affects handlers of heavy loads within companies .

            For a worker who often adopts poor posture due to the type of activity they perform, the lumbar belt is more than necessary. It effectively relieves back pain and allows the professional to pursue his profession serenely. When using a lumbar belt, many pathologies are also avoided. It can therefore be used as a preventive measure.

            The work lumbar belt is worn on clothing. The pressure can be adjusted using the velcro fastening. The material used is often a breathable padded mesh fabric. The user should not overtighten the posture belt or leave it too loose.

            The type of activity determines the choice of the work lumbar belt. Is the wearer carrying heavy objects, is he still in a seated position? Is he making a career in extreme sports? Is it in the building domain? Does he exercise his profession while suffering from a pathology such as low back pain, herniated disc, scoliosis? We must also take into account the duration of daily work and the frequency of use.

            The lumbar belt adapted to your profession

            The choice of lumbar belt is based on the type of pathology and morphology. On the other hand, the intensity of physical activity is an essential point for a professional wishing to avoid low back pain. Thus, a belt to prevent lower back problems during heavy work is not designed for people working in an office.

            It should be noted that a universal restraint belt will do the trick for activities performed in prolonged sitting position. This classic lumbar belt is suitable for office workers or drivers because it is used for the prevention and treatment of chronic pain. In addition, bad postures can even be slightly corrected by some models.

            Turn to a strength work restraint belt for heavy work such as handling heavy loads and various activities on the construction site. Often equipped with flexible steel stays, this type of belt ensures good rigidity in the back. It is used in the prevention and treatment of lumbar problems. The heated lumbar belt contributes to slackening and muscle relaxation, ideal for workers who suffer from aches and contractures at the end of the day. It is therefore recommended for everyone.