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  1. Gris Clair
      KIMOOD cooler bag
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    • Gris Clair
        KIMOOD double compartment cooler bag
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      • Bleu Marine
          Kimood insulated backpack
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        • Sac Isotherme KIMOOD Navy

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          Insulated bags

          Created in 1983 by the American Ingrid Kozar, the insulated bag has had the effect of a bomb in America. Initially used for pizza delivery, the phenomenon quickly spread and gradually became a world-renowned product. Over the years, many isothermal devices have succeeded, to name only the cooler, the thermos and of course the backpack.

          The insulated backpack is a thermally insulated bag, i.e. it does not let the cold or heat escape . Meals stay hot longer and cold products keep their freshness. This material is also very fashionable among camping and picnic enthusiasts, but not only, because this bag can be used in everyday life to carry your lunch to the school or work, deliver pizzas or meals or transport vaccines.

          The insulated backpack: convenience at your fingertips

          In terms of thermal preservation equipment, the insulated backpack is by far the best alternative. Combining practicality and ease of use, it can be taken anywhere, both for long trips and for short trips. It is a great help for professionals who have to travel. With a very ordinary design, this type of bag does not differ much from other classic models.

          The meals will always stay warm, as will drinks and ice cubes, which are not likely to melt at the slightest bit of sunburn. The insulated backpack can be used by individuals for travel as well as for medical or even commercial (transport of drugs, blood platelets, vaccines, ice cream, meals, soups, etc).

          Choose an insulated bag, carry according to your needs

          As with any product purchase, the choice of the insulated bag must be made according to the needs of the user. There are many models for sale on the markets, but certain situations may require specific dimensions, a more developed capacity: short-term use, intensive use (especially for restaurants, among others), occasional use…

          Insulated bags are not all of the same quality, hence the need to choose the right model. Be sure to look for a model with good value for money.

          Focus on the advantages of the insulated backpack

          The insulated backpack allows hassle-free use as well as unparalleled efficiency. We can also see it through its many qualities:

          • A dual function: Heat retention and cold preservation
          • Two wide straps for optimal comfort
          • Useful storage pockets for transporting a few things and even cutlery
          • Depending on the model, capacity up to 30 liters
          • Stronger than regular bags with quality stitching and suitable for all circumstances
          • Keeps you cold and even hot for hours
          • Suitable for any type of person, professional as private

          This bag can accompany you everywhere, not to mention that it is very easy to use and looks like any other ordinary backpack.