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  1. Basket de sécurité basses sans métal végan Albatros DRIFTER BLACK LOW S1P SRC
    • Eco-responsible
  2. ALBATROS KINGSLEY Recycled Jacket
    • Eco-responsible
    ALBATROS KINGSLEY Recycled Jacket
    As low as €65.94 €54.95
    • Free delivery
  4. Basket de sécurité basses sans métal végan Albatros DRIFTER GREEN LOW S1P SRC
    • Eco-responsible
  5. Bleu Noir
    • Outlet -40
    • Favourite
    Safety shoe Albatros Energy Impulse Blue Low S1P ESD HRO SRA
    As low as €56.84 €47.37 Regular Price €94.74
  6. Rouge / Noir
    • Promo -40
    • Favourite
  7. Noir / Rouge
    • Outlet -40
    Women's safety shoe Albatros Twist Red S1P ESD HRO SRC
    As low as €46.04 €38.37 Regular Price €76.74
  8. Gris
    • Outlet -40
    Safety shoe Albatros Ultratrail Gray Low S3 ESD HRO SRC
    As low as €53.24 €44.37 Regular Price €88.74
  9. Jaune
      Albatros Protector S5 SRA safety boots
      As low as €34.74 €28.95
    • Noir / Bleu
      • Outlet -40
      Low safety shoes Albatros Crossover XTS S1P HRO SRC
      As low as €49.64 €41.37 Regular Price €82.74
    • Noir
      • Outlet -40
      Albatros Runner XTS S3 HRO SRC low safety shoes
      As low as €51.08 €42.57 Regular Price €85.14
    • Noir
      • Outlet -40
      High safety shoes Albatros Runner XTS S3 HRO SRC
      As low as €52.52 €43.77 Regular Price €87.54
    • Bleu Marine / Noir
      • Promo -40
      Work dungarees Albatros ALLROUND BLACK
      As low as €51.54 €42.95
    • Noir / Gris
      • Outlet -40
      Albatros WORK ESD Work Socks
      As low as €10.04 €8.37 Regular Price €16.74
    • Gris
      • Outlet -40
      Long work socks for Albatros THERMO CONTROL boots
      As low as €7.88 €6.57 Regular Price €13.14
    • Vert
      • Noir
          Albatros ELECTRA women's fleece jacket
          As low as €29.94 €24.95
        • Olive
            Albatros SCOUT Work Sweatshirt Jacket
            As low as €44.34 €36.95
          • Noir / Vert
              Albatros ALLROUND softshell jacket
              As low as €56.34 €46.95

            Items 1-32 of 69

            Set Descending Direction

            Albatros is a brand that uses the latest technology to offer good quality workwear.

            The choice of a work outfit depends above all on your job. Then, you will look at certain criteria such as rigidity, ease as well as pocket layout.

            Albatros is the go-to brand for finding workwear for men and women. By choosing this brand, you will have durable professional clothing. The raw materials used are not chosen at random, and there is no risk of replacing Albatros work clothes before their expiration dates.

            Albatros work t-shirt

            The work t-shirt is designed for ease of movement and protection. It is perfect for those who work in high heat conditions. This garment can have long or short sleeves, round neck or V-neck. It is also essential in several trades.

            The work t-shirt is mainly used in summer and it combines several advantages: resistance, softness, ease of maintenance and practicality. There are also several models: the 100% cotton t-shirt, in organic cotton, in polyester or in ring-spun cotton strong>.

            Some models are antibacterial treated, designed for people who work in the health sector or industry. Others are entitled to high visibility t-shirts, such as Construction or public works professionals.

            JERSEY ELLIPSE T-shirt: This is a cotton jersey work outfit from the Albatros brand, ultra-comfortable, and equipped with a round neck.

            Albatros work polo shirt

            The work polo shirt provides optimal comfort and is very convenient. It is less formal than the shirt and more classic than the T-shirt. There are two models: polo shirt with long sleeves and short sleeves.

            This workwear is often made of mesh. There are two types of this fabric: pique knit and Jersey knit.

            Pique knit: It is cotton, a stretchy, supple and soft fabric.

            Jersey knit: It is preferred in the clothing industry and has the particularity of being stretchable.

            Thework polo is more durable. It has a nice finish and a great variation of colors.

            Short-sleeved baseball work polo shirt: It is made of 100% cotton, a ribbed collar with property tape and a casual sporty look.

            Albatross work shirt

            In order to choose the right work shirt, three elements must be considered: the seam, the buttons and the fabric.

            Sewing:You should favor shirts with 8 or more stitches per centimeter. Also choose a work garment that has a special seam in the back.

            Buttons:Preference should be given to work shirts that include natural material buttons(wood, mother-of-pearl)

            The fabric: This workwear is slightly thicker and softer to the touch.

            Which color of work shirt to choose?

            It's always best to opt for the classic colors (white, black and blue). The color yellow is to be banned.

            What type of shirts to choose: Long or short sleeves?

            Long-sleeved work shirts are appropriate in a business context. While those with short sleeves are less formal.

            KX3 plaid work shirt

            This shirt is made of 100% cotton yarn-dyed brushed plaid fabric. It has 2 pockets for secure storage and a pen pocket.

            Albatros work trousers

            Work trousers are used in several sectors: Construction, industry, hospitality, cateringand transportation. There are three types of work pants: protective pants, classic work pants and work uniform.

            The work pants have been designed to provide maximum protection. It is ideal to protect you against dirt. It often has high visibility fluorescent bands or onesies.

            The classic work trousers are only intended to protect you against dirt. It is often worn by cooks or painters. It is also used for professionals who need a comfortable outfit.

            The work uniform is the overalls and the coverall. This outfit offers extended protection to the upper part of the body.

            100% cotton multi-pocket PROFILINE work trousers for men

            These pants are made from a 100% cotton fabric. It has a cargo pocket on the thigh, two back pockets with flap and velcro, a phone pocket, etc.

            Women's lite multi-pocket sleeveless work vest

            This women's work vest combines comfort and functionality. It is durable with its reinforced seams on the points. It is also equipped with multi-use pockets.

            Women's softshell work jacket

            The softshell work jacket for women is very comfortable. It has a zip closure and two zipped pockets on the front.