Standards and specifications guide

To avoid any injuries or accidents, it is best to wear work clothes, safety shoes, safety or PPE.
To guarantee optimum protection, this equipment is governed by standards and may have characteristics specific.

What are the different iso standards? What are the different types of standards? What are the standards regulations?

So many questions you don't have an answer to, that's why Oxwork cares about its customers, their safety and comfort provides you with this guide to standards and characteristics in perspective to answer it.

Safety shoes

Chaussures de sécurité beiges

There are different standards for choosing your safety shoes depending on your environment and your daily tasks. You will have to choose the best present characteristics of your shoes, high tops, antistatic, or else raincoat.

Work gloves

Man holding iron coil with work gloves

It is important to protect your hands, some environments can be at risk. In order to choose the gloves best suited to your needs, here are some standards that may help you facilitate in your tasks.

Safety masks

Women wearing a mask

There are different masks governed by standards impacting their effectiveness and capabilities. filtering. For this, it is very important to know them in order to better protect yourself and prevent any respiratory problems.

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