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            Explore our range of head protection, including construction helmets, work caps, protective glasses, work caps, hats and caps, as well as forest helmets.

            Construction/work helmet: PPE safety measure

            It is well known that construction sites are potentially dangerous places to work. Although most employers manage their sites effectively through risk assessments and accident prevention measures. Minor accidents and fatalities continue to occur, because zero risk obviously does not exist.

            There is a risk of injury because the environment can be described as potentially dangerous. These risks are aggravated by lack of supervision, lack of training, single worker, workers unaware of their rights, people with temporary employment trying to impress the employer, supervisor or colleagues.

            So on a construction site, it is strongly recommended to wear a construction helmet to protect your head. Indeed, no one is safe from receiving a more or less heavy projectile on the head, a particularly fragile part of the body.

            Why and when to wear a protective helmet?

            As seen previously, wearing a construction helmet is a safety measure which applies to all people present on a construction site. Now, this personal protective equipment has entered the collective consciousness. In fact, it is difficult to imagine these days a worker moving around a construction site without wearing a protective helmet.

            Our flagship product in the personal protective equipment category is the ventilated construction helmet, designed to offer endurance and comfort during long work. The helmet, which can be available with a customizable badge, complies with the current standard to ensure maximum protection on the construction site. Technical details and additional information on this helmet are available on our platform, including features such as its optimized ventilation to reduce heat and moisture build-up. Designed to fit a variety of tools and equipment, this headset is ideal for professionals looking for reliable, durable equipment.

            In addition, it is important to know that to carry out personal work or to carry out the renovation of your home, the helmet can and must be used. This protection is therefore not only reserved for professionals. Individuals are therefore encouraged to use it for their own safety. Being alone in their house, many people neglect the risks and prefer to work as comfortably as possible without being hampered by equipment.

            Unfortunately, mistakes lead to accidents every day. This is why it is recommended to purchase a helmet in specialized stores or online stores which offer a very wide variety of protective goods at very attractive prices.

            How to choose your professional construction helmet?

            Head protection should not be taken lightly since it is very fragile and is less resistant to shocks and attacks compared to other parts of the body. It is therefore essential to wear a protective helmet in high-risk workplaces.

            Like all personal protective equipment, the choice of helmets must be adapted to the wearer and depends on their professional environment. Other criteria to take into account: the quality of protection and comfort of the helmet, its resistance, its weight, its quality itself (compliance with standards, stability, etc.) ), its method of cleaning and hygiene, its lifespan (ABS: 48 months; polyethylene, polypropylene: 36 months).

            It is important to check if the helmet compartments are all functional: its shell, its harness (cushioning strap, neck strap, head strap) as well as the chin strap to avoid any possible accident.

            In short, there are several construction helmets, but it is necessary to adapt them to the risks involved:

            • Anti-bump caps against impacts caused by fixed objects
            • Helmets for everyday use against falling objects or people
            • Dielectric helmets against the risks of electrification.

            Be careful, during your work, an accident can quickly happen. This is why Oxwork offers you a wide range of construction helmets for safety adapted to your sector of activity.

            You can protect your head with a construction helmet, a protective helmet, but also an anti-impact safety helmet. Your helmet will give you greater peace of mind when carrying out your work and will probably prevent you from serious injury.

            Wearing a protective helmet is essential to protect you from projections, shocks or even the fall of certain objects on your head. Some of our helmets have a transparent visor, which will allow you to see correctly and protect your eyes against projections.

            There is equipment that can be added to wearing a helmet, such as safety shoes or even noise-cancelling headphones.

            Come see our protection products and equip yourself on your worksites. It is good to know that on a construction site, wearing a helmet is obligatory!

            Where to buy a construction helmet?

            Protective helmets are essential for many jobs such as construction sites, green spaces, industry. The choice of a standardized and suitable protective helmet is important. The protective helmet protects against various risks, in particular falls and falling objects during handling on work sites.

            This is why Oxwork offers a wide choice of safety helmets regulated to European standards and comfortable to reinforce the safety of professionals. We offer construction helmets or forestry helmets with chin strap, visor, mesh screen, easy adjustment, we know how important this decision is, which is why we make sure to offer the best product references.

            Worksite helmets are essential personal protective equipment (PPE) to ensure the safety of workers on construction sites. Available in different references and colors, such as white, orange or auboueix, these helmets meet current safety standards, guaranteeing reliable protection when working at height. Renowned brands like Petzl, JSP, and Portwest offer hard hats with advanced features, including ventilation for wearer comfort. Certain models, such as the JSP EVO helmet, offer increased visibility thanks to bright colors, ensuring better recognition on the construction site. The adjustable headgear and attachment points for accessories such as caps, goggles or badges make it easy to adapt the helmets to the specific needs of workers.

            Worksite helmets with ventilation devices, such as the Petzl Vent model, help to maintain a pleasant temperature during work at height. Availability in stock, whether in units or in box packaging, ensures efficient management of equipment on the site. Construction helmets that comply with enhanced visibility standards, with orange colors and reflective strips, improve the safety of workers by ensuring their better visibility, especially in low-light work environments. Hard hats are often supplemented with other personal protective equipment, such as high visibility clothing and safety glasses, for overall protection on the job site. In summary, construction helmets, with their diverse characteristics, contribute to the safety and comfort of workers in demanding environments, offering solutions adapted to the specific needs of each construction site.