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    Timberland PRO MORPHIX waterproof work pants
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    Timberland PRO TOUGH VENT waterproof work pants
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Timberland Pro is a brand of safety clothing and footwear. It meets the many needs of professionals. A team of experts designs and manufactures numerous references that combine comfort, quality, functionality and aesthetics. Safety shoes as well as clothing dedicated to work and outdoor activities have various technical features that make them different from everyday clothing.

Timberland Pro safety shoes

Timberland Pro is the go-to brand for finding a quality pair of safety shoes. We have a wide selection of models for men and women. You can find Timberland Pro safety shoes of different kinds, high but also low with several colors.

Timberland Pro workwear is durable

According to the legislation and depending on many points such as the frequency of use, the nature of the professional environment, the potential of risks to which the work clothes are exposed, the clothes must be replaced regularly. By choosing Timberland Pro workwear, you can be sure of the durability of workwear . The finishes are of high quality and the raw materials are not chosen at random. Everything is thought out and developed with a view to satisfactory longevity.

Timberland pro work clothes: jacket, jacket, pants, etc

Oxwork is selling a wide range of clothing work tops and work socks from the Timberland Pro brand to ensure protection and safety of workers. You have sweatshirts (with or without hood), jackets and blousons to protect yourself from the cold during winter periods. When it's hot, you can opt for comfortable and pleasant to wear t-shirts for more ease.

When it comes to work socks, you have at your disposal resistant and functional trousers from the Timberland Pro brand. Equipped with many pockets, you can always take the necessary tools and work accessories with you.

All models are available in all sizes to adapt perfectly to all body types. Get better value for money by buying your Timberland Pro workwear on Oxwork!

Comfort and protection: Timberland Pro men's equipment to protect yourself

Timberland Pro provides clothing for outdoor use, provides work equipment suitable for rainy or cold weather. The catalog has a variety of choices. There are of course models for everyone, with several sizes available. Maximum comfort is required as well as the very protective capacity of each piece of equipment.

To cope with the aggressions of the temperature, especially during cold periods, professionals can afford outfits made with specific materials. Clothing and footwear, personal protective equipment are all functional. In addition, the design remains neat.

The brand also offers outfits for spring and summer, including work t-shirts and pants allowing good freedom of movement. In addition, there are Timberland Pro work accessories such as knee pads to reduce the arduous work.

Where to buy the Timberland Pro brand?

On our website Oxwork, you will find a wide selection of Timberland Pro workwear. We will help you find the right outfit for your profession. Several models, cuts, colors are available to ensure a modern, comfortable and functional look during your professional or personal activities.