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      Fleece scarf Pen Duick
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          The cold is back, you have to dress accordingly to avoid catching a cold and having to fill your pockets with packets of tissues. Hooded, gloved and perfectly bundled up, have you thought of everything to face the cold in the best conditions at work? Don't forget the scarf. A timeless fashion accessory, this wardrobe essential is also a must-have.

          Use of scarves

          Did you know that the evacuation of almost a third of body heat takes place in the upper body, i.e. the neck and head? Therefore, in addition to the fleece hat, the scarf is also one of the essential accessories. Thin or thick, plain or patterned, it can protect the neck against the cold as well as gales while emphasizing your clothing look.

          As mentioned above, the scarf, in addition to its main function which is to prevent you from catching cold by helping you maintain a good body temperature, is also a fashion accessory. With the diversity of designs and colors available in the market, it is easy to choose one that perfectly matches your outfit. However, regarding the quality, as well as the brand and the materials to be preferred, it can happen that making the right choice becomes a real headache. Discover the important criteria to take into account.

          Our advice for choosing the right scarf

          To find the ideal scarf, refer to the criteria below:

          1. The cut, to choose according to your preferences (classic, snood or scarf)
          2. The color, to be defined according to those of your outfit
          3. The material:
          • Cashmere, a 100% natural fibre, soft on contact with the skin. Intended for the most sensitive skin, it is the ideal material to avoid the risk of irritation. Hand washing is recommended to ensure an optimal lifespan.
          • Wool is on the list of preferred materials, as it is more resistant to cold. It is also appreciated for its softness. If hand washing is recommended, for machine washing, it is preferable to set the appliance at low temperature.
          • Cotton, a 100% natural fiber, minimizes skin irritation. This material is appreciated for its softness and insulating properties.
          1. The brand (we particularly recommend Albatross, Blaklader, Helly hansen or Penduick, among others)

          Precautions to take

          To ensure optimal safety, consider bringing a scarf without floating ends. Indeed, if you are one of the manual workers requiring the use of motorized tools such as a pruner for example, it is better to take the necessary measures to minimize the risk of accident.

          The different types of scarves to avoid

          If you work with power tools, leave your oversized model in your closet. The oversize scarf, as its name suggests, has larger dimensions compared to classic models. Because of this, it is difficult, if not impossible, to wrap it around the neck to the ends. It is also thicker, therefore heavier, which could hamper your movements. Leave this type of scarf to fashion enthusiasts who are above all looking for a stylish effect.