Guide to work clothes

To work safely and with peace of mind, it is recommended to wear safety shoes, work clothes and personal protective equipment (PPE). It can be difficult to choose these equipment according to of the activity carried out. That's why we provide you with a set of guides on work clothes.

Pair of Safety Jogger work shoes

Work shoes

Constantly evolving to provide the best comfort, safety shoes are widely used by both professionals and amateurs to avoid any risk of injury to workers on a daily basis. It responds to a legal requirement to enable everyone to work in complete safety. However, the manufacturers and specifics are numerous, and in order to answer your questions. We have created the guide below:

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Man with work jacket

Work jacket

In the context of your professional or private work, safety is essential. The work jacket is one of the main elements for practicing in complete safety and comfort. For this, the Oxwork team has concocted a guide for you to know everything.

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Dressed man with work pants

Work pants

For optimal protection in an environment considered dangerous or messy, it is advisable to bring appropriate work trousers, but it is sometimes difficult to find the right pants. To make your choice, Oxwork provides a guide specific to work trousers is available to you.

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