Selection of work caps, designed to offer optimal protection in various professional environments. Discover innovative models that combine comfort, style and safety, giving you not only protection against small projectiles and impacts, but also a barrier against elements such as sun, wind and rain.

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    Blaklader wool cap
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    Cap Odessa CARHARTT
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    Carhartt ACHALAND 100% cotton cap
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    Result 100% cotton cap
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    Portwest Baseball Cap
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  7. Casquette à résille Portwest
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    Portwest Fishnet Cap
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  8. Bleu Marine
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    Result fleece cap
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  9. Casquette anti-heurt AirTech Micro Peak Portwest Bleu
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    Portwest AirTech Micro Peak Bump Cap
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  10. Casquette fluorescente 5 panneaux WK Designed To Work Jaune
    • Casquette d’hiver fluorescente WK. Designed To Work - Jaune
      • Casquette de baseball avec impression 3D Blaklader bleu pétrole
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        Baseball cap with Blaklader 3D print
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      13 Items

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      According to the National Health Insurance Fund, work accidents linked to head trauma today represent 4 of the population and 10 of deaths. This is why it is of paramount importance for a worker to arm himself with personal protective equipment, in particular a headgear. The work cap is a good alternative, as it can be worn without fatigue throughout the day.

      What are the different kinds of work caps?

      The caps screwed on the head, above the forehead and around the ears provide protection against the vagaries of the environment, such as rain, cold, sun, wind or snow. The quality of its protection depends on its material.

      The work cap is highly appreciated for its lightness and comfort, ease of donning, protection against small projectiles, shock absorption and eye protection. You should know that each headdress has its use.

      The anti-bump, anti-scalp or anti-shock cap

      The bump cap is made up of an ABS shell surmounted by a textile envelope. It is the best option to protect yourself from shocks, abrasions or wounds on the scalp, scratches, or even minor falling objects that can cause superficial injuries and lacerations. It is known for its resistance to penetration and for its anchor points in the jugular. This equipment is standard EN 812.

      The shell safety cap

      Also called a reinforced cap, the shell cap is made with an anti-bump shell. It is much more comfortable to wear, especially with its good ventilation in hot weather. It is easily adjustable and lighter. Its visor improves visibility.

      The purpose of this work cap is to slow down light shocks, to protect the head in the event of impact with hard, immobile objects, and therefore to avoid superficial injuries. It prevents the risk of cuts and injuries. It is intended for indoor use only, and can only be worn when wearing a hard hat is not mandatory.

      The worksite safety cap

      The construction cap is made for indoor work, especially sites without lifting equipment. Its inner shell protects against small shocks and injuries, but it cannot replace hard hats, as it cannot protect against suspension or moving loads, and the effects of projections. To complete safety, it is recommended to add head protection warning signs in the workplace to remind you to wear a helmet.

      Safety cap models

      Its lightweight safety devices come in different shapes, colors and brands. They can be in the form of a classic baseball cap, winter cover, and even in high visibility. A whole headgear for all tastes.

      Men's professional high-visibility baseball cap

      The neon color of the cap helps make the professional visible in all circumstances. It is mainly intended for road personnel and personnel in charge of public maintenance. It can also be worn by athletes to make themselves visible to their team or to protect themselves from the sun.

      The Portwest brand HV baseball cap is made with a blend of polyester and cotton. It has a contrasting rear part in airy navy blue for good ventilation. There is a reflective strip on the outline of the model.

      The blaklader protective cap for work

      It is made from a blend of polyester and wool. Its curved visor in wool and acrylic makes it more elegant. The width of this work cap is adjustable thanks to its Velcro loop on the back. The brand logo is woven on the model.

      100 cotton sun protection cap

      This Dickies branded item is a classic 6-panel baseball cap. It protects you from the sun when you are on the construction site. Its size is adjustable with a metal buckle. It is very popular for its quality finishes and the resistance of its manufacturing fabric. There is the iconic Dickies logo in silicone and woven on the back strap of the cap.

      The Portwest blue professional bump cap

      ThisAirTech Micro Peak navy blue cap is suitable for an indoor environment or a confined space. It has an innovative design and maximized ventilation using a side mesh and a ventilation slot in the plastic shell. The manufacturing textile has reflective piping to ensure worker visibility. It also has

      • an air mesh fabric for better breathability
      • a size adjustment buckle for easy assembly
      • an ABS inner shell with soft cushion
      • reflective trim
      • a 2.5 cm micro visor.