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Leggings can be a great alternative to wearing uncomfortable pants or stiff pants in your workplace, especially if you are a beautician or a nurse. But, not all leggings are created the same way, nor with the same materials. If you want to be comfortable workwear and look good with versatile leggings. you will find what you are looking for on Oxwork.

A fashionable and formal professional outfit. How and with what to wear leggings?

Since their creation, leggings have been the bane of urban fashion until they became a must-have for women in the gym. Indeed, it is back in women's fashion and can be worn in any season. In summer and mid-season, it brings a young and dynamic touch by combining it with a t-shirt, a hoodie or even a long shirt. In winter it can be worn under clothing as a heated underwear, there are also warmer thermal leggings.
In the catalog of Oxwork you can choose from a wide variety of models in many colors and designs suitable for all trades, whether you are looking for one that is long or short, thick or thin.
This form-fitting fashion piece can now be worn anywhere and anytime, not only during your work, but also in all occasions. Work outfits with leggings have no limits in terms of combinations: to have a casual look with sneakers or elegant with ballerinas or high heels to make your outfit more dressy.

The leggings adapt perfectly to the shape of the body and are not only extremely comfortable, but also emphasize your feminine figure. Browse our wide range of great brands and order your favorite item in just a few clicks.

Super versatile leggings in many designs

Our collection of leggings is extensive enough to allow you to compose a wide variety of professional outfit styles.

The first criterion you can take into account is the color. The most popular are of course the timelessly simple models in colors like white, gray or black. They can be combined with many outfits without being too flashy. If, on the other hand, you want to combine fashion and professionalism, you can wear bright colors.

The second criterion is the material on Oxwork, you will have the choice between cotton, viscose, polyester and polyamide. There are models that keep you warm thanks to a thick fabric, or models that let the skin breathe with a thinner fabric.

The third selection criterion is the length. Most models reach the ankle, but you can find short leggings, below the knee (3/4).

Tips for composing an outfit with work leggings

When combined correctly, leggings fit all sizes whether you are a short or tall woman and almost any figure. So you don't necessarily need to have long, thin legs to wear this type of tight pants. However, women with more generous physiques should pay more attention to how they put their outfit together.

Curvy women should wear solid colors like black, white and gray, nothing that will draw too much attention. The choice of fabric is also crucial. Inelastic materials, which have a shaping effect, are particularly advantageous. Shimmery materials like spandex or lycra add too much bulk and only accentuate unwanted love handles.

Petite women would do well to choose a long variant that extends to the ankle. Slim women with long legs, on the other hand, can wear just about anything, regardless of length, color or material.

As for the choice of shoes, it all depends on the profession. For a professional outfit, leggings can be worn with high heels. But in general, all shoes pass: ballet flats, sneakers, sandals, etc. During the winter, it is quite possible to combine leggings with boots or boots. If you do not have a perfectly slim figure and also have short legs, it is better to wear shoes with heels to have more height and produce a leg-lengthening effect.

Where to buy work pants?

Oxwork offers a wide range of work leggings in different price ranges. Who says workwear says functionality, which is why we offer various types of leggings that meet different needs: multifunction pocket, thermal, etc. for different professions: beautician, medical assistant, etc.

Comfort and functionality the key words for work leggings, you will find what you are looking for on our website oxwork.com.