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  1. High safety shoes BLAKLADER ELITE
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    High safety shoes BLAKLADER ELITE
    As low as €207.76 €173.13
  2. Low safety shoes S3 SRC BLAKLADER ELITE
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    Low safety shoes S3 SRC BLAKLADER ELITE
    As low as €183.18 €152.65
  3. Low safety shoes S3 SRC ESD BLAKLADER ELITE
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    Low safety shoes S3 SRC ESD BLAKLADER ELITE
    As low as €139.87 €116.56
  4. High safety shoes S3 SRC ESD BLAKLADER ELITE
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  5. Low ecological safety shoes GLOVE ECO MDS S1P SRC HRO
    • Eco-responsible
    • Promo -40
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  6. Chaussures hautes de sécurité S3 Caterpillar POWERPLANT marron
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    High safety shoes S3 Caterpillar POWERPLANT
    As low as €151.08 €125.90
  7. Chaussures de sécurité hautes waterproof S3 Caterpillar FRAMEWORK
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    • Free delivery
  9. Eco-responsible safety shoes S1P SRC ESD Safety Jogger MORRIS
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  10. Low safety shoes CHARGE GREEN Puma S1P ESD HRO SRC
    • Eco-responsible
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  11. Low safety shoes Puma Safety AIRTWIST S3 ESD HRO SRC
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  12. Low safety shoes Puma Safety SPEED GREEN S1P ESD HRO SRC
    • Eco-responsible
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    • Free delivery
  14. Water repellent lined safety boots S3 SRC Blaklader Winter
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  15. High safety shoes for welders S2 P HRO HI SRA Blaklader ASPHALT
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  16. Low safety shoes PARADE SLAMER S3 SRC HRO
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    Low safety shoes PARADE SLAMER S3 SRC HRO
    As low as €101.16 €84.30
  17. Low safety shoes PARADE RAVIRA S1P SRC HRO
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    Low safety shoes PARADE RAVIRA S1P SRC HRO
    As low as €49.66 €41.38 Regular Price €82.76
  18. Diadora Thermal Insulated Waterproof S3 Shoes
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  19. Chaussures de sécurité basses Coverguard flint dessus
      Coverguard Flint S3 SRC low safety shoes
      As low as €50.54 €42.12
    • Diadora GLOVE MDS MATRYX S3 HRO SRC low safety shoe
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    Items 1-32 of 739

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    What types of safety shoes or safety sneakers?

    The safety shoe is a shoe intended to be worn by a worker when the latter performs a task exposing them to a risk of falling objects or being crushed. Are you looking for a quality safety shoe? Here are some tips for choosing the pair of safety shoes that suit you best. There are different brands and models of shoes.

    Pro safety shoes suitable for work

    Several important factors can influence a person when making a decision to buy a pair of shoes or safety trainers. Indeed, the majority of individuals are tempted to move towards the acquisition of light and comfortable safety shoes.

    This is why Oxwork makes every effort to offer quality goods. Safety shoes can cause problems when moving around in a workplace, but also cause pain in the soles of the feet. To avoid these annoying inconveniences, you have to choose your pair of safety shoes with some care, whatever your job, you can find the right protective shoes.

    A multitude of products of different sizes are therefore made available to the customer, because the tastes and colors are specific to each one. These professional shoes presented here are light to avoid discomfort and thus facilitate movement. These do not impede the freedom of movement of the worker.

    A significant number of people complain of foot pain due to wearing work shoes for too long. Oxwork then set itself the task of presenting a wide qualitative range of comfortable work shoes to fully satisfy its customers.

    Fortunately, work shoes aren't just for men. There are of course products for women available in the category "work shoes. female security”. In addition, there are also safety sneakers to have a trendy look and greater flexibility.

    There are several types of work shoes in the footwear market, because all workplaces are not alike. It is easy to distinguish between outdoor and indoor jobs.

    Indeed, a person working in a covered place will not be confronted with climatic problems such as heavy rain or snow. On the contrary, a person working outdoors will be directly affected by these climatic risks.

    Therefore, a wide choice is made available to the customer, for example the metal-free safety shoes or kitchen shoes. In addition, for hostile environments (cold, shocks, humidity), it is possible to bring safety boots very effective.

    Also discover our collection of ecological safety shoes made from recycled materials. You will also find shoes with a composite toe cap which have many advantages such as lightness.

    Brands of men's and women's safety shoes, trendy and at the best prices

    Oxwork distributes many brands to be able to widen the choice and fully satisfy customers who would like to choose a specific brand. Shoes and Puma safety sneakers or Safety Jogger are highly sought after, for example.

    The Diadora safety shoes and the Helly Hansen safety shoes are known to be quality products. In addition, different prices are available on the site to be within reach of all budgets and thus allow everyone to have access to security. It is important to know that Oxwork presents men's safety shoes but also women's safety shoes.

    How to choose the right safety shoes?

    How do you know if a shoe is safe? You can tell by looking at footwear features such as waterproof safety shoes. The size guide put in place gives indications on the size to choose and thus wear what is suitable (small and large sizes). Safety shoes meet certain standards which are defined in the standards guide.

    It is the technical characteristics and standards of safety footwear that make footwear reliable. The shoes have patterns and shapes that protect the foot, including heels or soles made of hard materials that prevent cuts and avoid injuries.

    You will find below the different safety shoe standards (ISO 20345 standard).

    What standards for safety shoes?

    For safety shoes used for general purposes, there is the ISO 20345 standard which is international. This standard makes it possible to classify work shoes in different categories to allow customers to find their way around when shopping. Several categories are then visible:

    • The S1 standard: Safety shoes for indoor activities. They are resistant to oils and hydrocarbons, with a protective toe and have a heel that absorbs shocks.
    • The S1P standard: The S1 standard to which puncture resistance must be added.
    • The S2 standard: safety shoes for outdoor activities. These shoes are resistant to water penetration and absorption
    • The S3 standard: the S2 standard with the addition of a studded sole and resistance to perforation.
    • The S4 standard: The protection is 200 joules for the shell. All rubber or polymer shoes have antistatic properties. These shoes are resistant to oils and hydrocarbons, heel energy absorption and closed back.
    • The S5 standard: The S4 standard as well as a studded sole and puncture resistance.

    Several of these numerous standards are present on the site, such as the high-top safety shoes S3 or the low safety shoes S1P. Oxwork has a responsive team that remains at your disposal for any questions you may have.

    How many safety shoes per year?

    Safety shoes are there to provide you with optimal protection for your feet. Daily wear can damage their level of protection, which is why it is necessary to change your shoes regularly to ensure their protective role. To know when to change your pair, just look if one of the essential characteristics for your protection is damaged on your shoes. For example, if you notice that: your non-slip sole begins to slip in humid environments, after an impact or a puncture, if you observe a deformation of your shoe, particularly at the level of the soles or if these are no longer comfortable. All these indicators should alert you to the time to change your safety shoe.

    Where to find and buy comfortable and inexpensive safety shoes? - Online Store

    Safety shoes or safety sneakers are essential for many jobs such as construction sites, green spaces, industry. Choosing the right shoes can be crucial. Footwear protects against a variety of hazards, including exposure to chemicals or electric shock caused by contact with exposed cables at work sites.

    For those who work standing up, wearing the wrong shoes can have serious consequences.

    That's why Oxwork offers reliable and comfortable safety shoes for winter or summer to enhance the safety of professionals. We know how important this decision is, that's why we make sure to offer the best products.