Premier Workwear

Intended more specifically for the hotel and catering trades, this brand offers a wide range of high-quality shirts, ties, waiter's vests, kitchen clothes and aprons available in many colours.

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      Premier pinafore apron
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    • Premier waterproof apron
        Premier waterproof apron
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        Premier Beauty & Spa Tunic
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          Short-sleeved Studded kitchen jacket
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          Camellia Beauty and Spa Premier Beauty Tunic
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        7 Items

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        Presentation of the Premier professional clothing brand

        In the hotel, catering or beauty care sector, wearing specific clothing is mandatory to comply with hygiene standards. To maintain a healthy environment in your establishment and affirm your identity, the Premier brand is the ideal partner.

        Work clothes in general and related standards

        It should be noted that work clothes must be provided by employers and not at the expense of employees; the maintenance of these work clothes also (labour code). It is necessary to wear professional clothing, for both men and women, in order to avoid any risk of soiling, but also to protect against existing microbes or pathogens. It depends on the trades carried out, work clothes can protect against greater risks such as fire, bad weather, shocks...

        We can group work clothes into 3 categories:

        • Work tops: t-shirts, blouses, kitchen aprons, tunics, polo shirts, jackets, shirts, etc.
        • Work stockings: trousers, shorts, skirts, etc.
        • Jumpsuits and overalls.

        These PPE must meet EN 340 standards before being offered for sale or worn by professionals, in order to ensure their quality and safety capacity.

        Other standards complement the other provisions:

        Each sector of activity corresponds to appropriate PPE and specific goods. There are several manufacturers of professional clothing, but we are going to focus on the Premier brand.

        Founded in 1999, the brand has the necessary experience to stand out from the competition and join the ranks of leaders in its field. Its head office is located in Flintshire, a county in Wales. It specializes in the creation of staff uniforms dedicated to various sectors of activity: beauty care, hospitality industry (hotels and restaurants) …

        To stand out from the competition, Premier relies on the variety of models and colors, taking care to follow the latest trends. Its objective is to allow professionals to reflect the identity and brand image of their company. Indeed, available in all sizes, the uniforms presented by the brand display skilfully thought-out cuts and precise finishes, the selection criteria to be considered in the first place.

        Why wear Premier workwear?

        As mentioned above, in the field of cooking, catering and beauty care, hygiene is the main concern of companies. The primary objective is to maintain a healthy environment and assert the personality of the company in the eyes of customers. The uniforms have been designed to adapt to the needs of each sector while bringing a touch of aesthetics to each outfit.

        For employees, working conditions have been significantly improved, as the work clothes offered are exceptionally comfortable to wear. As a result, they have the possibility of carrying loads, performing large and precise movements with complete peace of mind, or even protecting themselves from splashes in the kitchen.

        Premier workwear at the best price - men and women

        The brand makes it a point of honor to offer quality uniforms, respecting the standards in force in terms of hygiene while guaranteeing workers optimal safety. It should be noted that the work clothes it makes available are available in all sizes, from XS to XXL.

        Kitchen outfits

        As you know, cooking is above all a question of passion and creativity. To carry out the tasks entrusted to him in the best possible conditions, the cook must wear a uniform that is both comfortable and elegant, and which offers him a high level of safety. The kitchen outfits (short or long-sleeved jacket, apron, etc.) designed by its team respect standard EN ISO 11612 and the HACCP method. Therefore, the wearer is perfectly protected from heat and flames.

        Service outfits

        Showcasing increased breathability, each Premier waiter/waitress outfit can be worn for hours at a time. It is sufficiently wide and flexible to allow the person wearing it to be perfectly comfortable. The latter will thus be able to make large movements without any obstacle coming to an impasse. If the waistcoats are distinguished by their elegance, the service aprons are equipped with one or more pockets to allow the waiter (waitress) to have his pen, his notebook and other accessories at hand.

        Outfits dedicated to the world of well-being

        In beauty salons, the cut of the tunic is usually the point that customers notice first. Therefore, to make an impression, it is important to look good at all times of the day, because each employee is the business card of the company. Both elegant, graceful and glamorous, the work offered by the brand enhance the silhouette. They are available in all cuts (buttoned or zipped) and display subtle details such as satin bands.