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Immerse yourself in the world of waders with Oxwork, where safety and comfort meet to facilitate your aquatic activities. The waders provide waterproof protection and keep you dry while protecting you from variable water temperatures.

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Whether it is a professional activity or a leisure activity, whether occasional or frequent, you may need a wader for your fishing trips . Equipment initially designed for professionals, this PPE is now available to everyone. It offers safety and comfort during forays into the water. Let's get to know this outfit better with this article.

What are waders?

In shape, it is close to that of a overalls, but it is considered a waterproof suit. It covers the body from the feet to the chest, is held by straps and is extended in most cases with integrated boots.

These integrated boots are often waders, boots that reach up to the thighs, but this is not the case for all combinations. Indeed, some brands market the garment with only the integrated slippers, others offer a pack where you can purchase the appropriate shoes or boots in addition. Because yes, the outfit can actually be accompanied by high shoes which offer more practicality and comfort, especially for long-term work.

The role of waders in detail - Fishing, hunting, etc.

The waders are part of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and it has several roles. Already, it acts to protect the body of its wearer from water. During incursions into a lake or the sea or in a submerged place (to a certain point), the suit will prevent the skin from coming into contact with water. It will thus offer the comfort necessary for work (or for the ordinary wearer) to carry out their activity at ease.

As the water is generally at a lower body temperature, the suit also works to preserve this temperature. Please note, however, that there are two types of waders. The first is designed with neoprene and protects the wearer from the cold. Multiple layers can be added to the design, to the suit for working in really low temperatures. However, this design is not ideal for summer days or in a hot environment since the temperature would quickly become unbearable. Also, we find waders more flexible and breathable which protect from water, but remain comfortable even when temperatures rise.

Standards governing the design of waders

The waders are part of category S5 of PPE. This means in particular that not all wetsuits, boots and shoes are considered waders. The equipment we put on must be standardized before getting the green light for marketing as waders. The EN ISO 20345 standard is the basic standard for this outfit. Here are the main standards that regulate design:

As mentioned above, the suit must be water resistant, but also isothermal, either to protect from the cold or to be breathable during extreme heat. It must also have one or more pockets on the top, the interior of which must be double layered.

As PPE, waders must protect against accidents. This applies to the wetsuit, but also to a pair of boots or shoes which must also follow strict standards.

First, it must have an anti-perforation sole to prevent the feet from suffering serious accidents. Then, the equipment must also be equipped with a safety toe cap to protect the feet from any falling objects. Finally, as the shoe or boot must also penetrate water, it is imperative that both resist water and hydrocarbons.

Oxwork safety waders - Men and women

Referring to the aforementioned safety standards, we can say that the selection of waders from Oxwork are of good quality (CE certified) and meet all requirements of safety footwear regulations.

These waders are available in different models and brands (Portwest, Dunlop), from sizes 39 to 47, and with more protection capabilities than a simple wader. In addition to waterproofing and impermeability, each of our products has other important details:

  • Integrated boots
  • Protective shell resistant to 200 joules
  • Anti-static soles
  • Anti-perforation soles
  • Energy-absorbing heel
  • Adjustment straps

The materials selected for the manufacture of these waders are strong but very flexible materials to ensure the comfort of the worker; such as PVC, polyester, nitrile.

An outfit for professionals and amateurs, breathable and inexpensive

The use of waders is no longer reserved only for professionals, they can also be used for leisure. It is also not reserved for adults since even the youngest can participate in fishing trips. Today we find suits for adults as well as for children. Although their use is quite limited, there are several colors to improve the aesthetics of the clothing and please more people

Waiters and waders, essential for wading, stalking, or fishing activities, are distinguished by their quality and diversity. Made from durable materials like neoprene, they offer comfort and protection, available in different sizes, including for children. Their features often include steel or felt soles for better grip, and varied designs such as camouflage, popular with the hunting and fishing public. Recognized brands offer a wide range of these products, combining functionality and style.

In addition to waders and waders, accessories such as jackets, vests, caps, fleece pants, and even weapon collars enrich the equipment of outdoor enthusiasts. Complementary items like gloves, shirts, and calls are also available, offering plenty of gift ideas for enthusiasts.

User reviews often highlight the quality and durability of these products. Retailers strive to keep a wide selection in stock, with varied payment options and convenient delivery services. Prices are generally competitive, reflecting the quality and technicality of the products offered. In summary, waders and waders, with their range of accessories and matching clothing, represent an important segment of equipment for outdoor activities, combining performance and comfort.