Women's rain boots

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    Unsecured Dunlop HYGRADE waterproof boots
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    Dunlop Selenium Rain Boot
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    Albatros GUARDIAN HIGH work boots
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    Albatros GUARDIAN 564020 MID work boots
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    Albatros GUARDIAN 564040 MID work boots
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    Albatros FOREST ISO rain boots
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    ARAGON Albatros neoprene work boots
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    PVC work boots Albatros THE RANCHER OB E SRA
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9 Items

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Do you need a pair of rain boots to be comfortable in your tasks? Oxwork invites you to browse its catalog of women's rain boots with various designs, styles and colors. Discover the range of choices available to you. If you don't know how to make the right choice, we invite you to refer to our tips listed below.

Women's waterproof shoes: rain boots

The main feature of the rain boot is to be waterproof. Mainly composed of rubber which can be natural, it provides the wearers with comfort by having their feet dry, but also by its flexible sole. The height of the rain boot, usually these cover part of the leg from heel to shin and allow maximum insulation.

The rain boot, an all-terrain essential for coping with seasonal bad weather, its more or less high heels are non-slip to allow the user to move easily on slippery ground.

Women's rain boots: the right size

Finding the right shoe for your feet is not easy. And when it comes to rain boots, it's even more complicated. But, you just need to refer to two points to ensure comfort and dry feet in bad weather:

The tip of the foot

The rain boot has a good fit when you have enough room at the toe to comfortably wiggle your toes. The heel should lift without any issues, but if it clicks when you walk, the boot may be a bit too wide. It's important to consider checking if you have enough room to put on your boots with a pair of extra socks without being too tight. This will be especially useful on cold, rainy days when an extra layer of insulation is needed.

The bellows

The classic rain boot has a leg gusset. It is therefore important to pay attention to the width of the calf. Rubber being a rather rigid material, make sure you have enough space to be comfortable. The calf opening should be wide enough for your legs to go in easily and comfortably even with pants on.

Comfortable rubber rain boot: the key points


With their thick soles and tall designs, rain boots can sometimes feel heavy on your feet. When making your choice, keep in mind that the heavier the shoe, the more quickly you are likely to tire. If you travel frequently in the rain, choosing a lighter model would be a good choice.


Almost all types of boots are made of rubber, which is not the most flexible material, so it is recommended to choose a rain boot with a relatively flexible sole. This will make your stride more comfortable and natural.


Rain boots are quite versatile and can even be worn all year round if combined with a good pair of stockings or thick socks to provide an extra source of warmth. In the summer, a 100% rubber model will do if your feet are in the puddle. For soggy fall days and unexpected spring showers, a well-insulated boot may be best. Boots with a liner provide a source of warmth and not only have better thermal insulation, but are often more comfortable to wear.

Find the perfect rain boots to match your style on Oxwork

Rubber is a real know-how of the master rubber maker, it is a particularly durable and solid material. So choosing a pair of quality waterproof rubber boots is a good investment that will pay off over the years. To make sure you don't get bored of your rain boots before the end of their lifespan, opt for a model that will please you in the long term and opt for a flexible sole for more comfort.

How to maintain your rain boots?

Once you've found the rain boots of your dreams on Oxwork, it's time to pamper them so they last a long time.

Cleaning them is quite simple. You can easily scrub the outside with warm soapy water and a sponge, then dry them on the outside. If you dry the boots outside, make sure they are not exposed to direct sunlight or near a heat source. This could damage or alter the color and flexibility of the rubber. To avoid damaging your boots, it is also recommended not to bend them when storing them and to always keep them in a dry place, away from the sun.

If you find that soap is not enough to give your boots a shiny new look, you can also use cleaning sprays or other treatment products. This will also help remove any scuff marks that may eventually appear on your boots.

Look, design and brand: How to wear women's rain boots?

An essential for your wardrobe in rainy weather, the waterproof, non-slip rubber boot brings you comfort and safety in all daily situations, whether professional or not. For added safety and comfort, you can wear your rain boots with trousers, a jacket or even a rain suit. There are many brands of rain boots, each of which will offer you different designs.

Where to buy women's rain boots?

At Oxwork, we offer you various models of rubber boots with soft soles for women, but also for men. You will find your happiness, that's for sure! Also discover our special rain range.