Work sweaters

Oxwork work sweaters are suitable for outdoor work in winter. They will effectively insulate you from the cold, while offering you maximum comfort. To work in even colder temperatures, or protect yourself from the rain, discover our work jackets.

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  1. Bleu
    • Promo -30
    Helly Hansen LIFA MERINO Zipped Base Layer
    As low as €67.20 €56.00 Regular Price €96.00
  2. Noir
    • Promo -30
    Njord Herock Work Sweater
    As low as €34.44 €28.70 Regular Price €49.20
  3. Noir
    • Promo -30
    Pen duick zipped collar work jumper
    As low as €23.03 €19.19 Regular Price €32.90
  4. Noir
    • Promo -30
    Sleeveless V-neck sweater Sleev Pen Duick
    As low as €16.16 €13.47 Regular Price €23.10
  5. Bleu
    • Bestseller
    Cacao LMA trucker neck sweater
    As low as €35.90 €29.92
  6. Jaune / Noir
    • Promo -25
    Blaklader high visibility sweatshirt with kangaroo pocket
    As low as €90.56 €75.47 Regular Price €120.74
  7. Marinière manches longues femme Kariban navy
    • Promo -30
    • Bestseller
    Kariban women's long-sleeved sailor top
    As low as €18.26 €15.22 Regular Price €26.10
  8. Pull de travail grand zip Penduick Full Zip Jumper gris
    • Promo -30
    Penduick Full Zip Jumper central zip work sweater
    As low as €24.36 €20.30 Regular Price €34.80
  9. sweat-zippe-a-capuche-u-power-rainbow-noir
    • New
    U-POWER Rainbow Zip Hooded Sweatshirt
    As low as €63.92 €53.27
  10. T-shirt de travail bio à manches longes éco-responsable Diadora ML Mono Organic
    • Eco-responsible
    • Promo -20
    Diadora ML Mono Organic Eco-Friendly Long Sleeve Work T-Shirt
    As low as €10.28 €8.57 Regular Price €12.85
  11. pull molletonne resistant coudes renforce poche kangourou coverguard hato devant
    • Promo -30
    Heavy Duty Sweatshirt Reinforced Elbows Kangaroo Pocket Coverguard HATO
    As low as €28.68 €23.90 Regular Price €40.98
  12. Marine
    • Outlet -30
    Blaklader 100% cotton polo neck work sweatshirt
    As low as €38.96 €32.47 Regular Price €55.66
  13. Noir / Bleu
    • Promo -25
    Two-tone Blaklader sweatshirt with trucker collar
    As low as €49.31 €41.09 Regular Price €65.75
  14. Blanc
    • Promo -25
    Blaklader 100% cotton trucker neck sweatshirt
    As low as €47.11 €39.26 Regular Price €62.82
  15. Bleu
    • Outlet -30
    Albatros MERCURY Fleece Trucker Neck Sweater
    As low as €31.04 €25.87 Regular Price €44.34
  16. Noir
    • Promo -30
    Nordic Pen duick zipped collar micro work fleece
    As low as €11.83 €9.86 Regular Price €16.90
  17. Bleu Marine
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    Portwest NATO safety work sweater
    As low as €28.27 €23.56 Regular Price €29.76
  18. Gris
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    Blaklader trucker collar work sweatshirt
    As low as €49.43 €41.19 Regular Price €65.90
  19. Noir
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    • Bestseller
    Coverguard Angara Fleece Work Jumper Trucker Collar
    As low as €24.11 €20.09 Regular Price €34.44
  20. Bleu
    • Promo -30
    Coverguard Fleece Work Jumper
    As low as €18.66 €15.55 Regular Price €26.66
  21. Anthracite
    • Promo -15
    OZIMEK Parade Work Sweater
    As low as €48.43 €40.36 Regular Price €56.98
  22. Rouge
    • Outlet -30
    CityGuard Fire Safety Sweater
    As low as €25.13 €20.94 Regular Price €35.90
  23. Gris
    • Outlet -30
    Work sweater OXFORD HZ Helly Hansen
    As low as €36.12 €30.10 Regular Price €51.60
  24. Bleu Marine
    • Outlet -30
    OXFORD Sweater Helly Hansen
    As low as €31.92 €26.60 Regular Price €45.60

28 Items

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Just like traditional clothing, workwear varies depending on the season and professional use. If a professional t-shirt is more pleasant to wear in summer, work sweaters come into play scene when the mercury begins to fall. Lighter than a jacket or a < /strong>work vest, the sweater is becoming more and more appreciated by professionals. In addition, it slips discreetly under a professional parka or jacket to providemore warmth.

Work comfortably with work sweaters - Men / Women

Whether you are a man or a woman, and you work outdoors, work sweaters are made for you. Warm and light, these clothes are perfect for warming up in no time. They allow you to carry out your daily activities in absolute comfort. With or without a zip or high collar, the work sweater allows you to work in the best conditions while displaying a professional look. Indeed, it is a versatile and practical garment suitable for any sector of activity.

The particularities of work sweaters

Having the advantage of being closer to the body, the professional sweater leaves less floating surface which can remain attached. As a result, this piece is less exposed to tears or snags compared to a professional jacket. In addition to this, the work sweater is mainly made of cotton and thus has excellent absorption capacity. A characteristic that is very popular with professionals working outdoors.

Each zipped sweatshirt in our collection is carefully designed to provide an ideal fit regardless of size. These sweatshirts, with their sleeves designed for maximum freedom of movement, are perfect for professionals looking for both comfort and practicality. Their zippered closure makes it easy to put on and adjust, making these garments ideal for everyday use in a variety of work environments.

Work sweaters are professionals' allies to protect themselves from the rain or work in cold temperatures. Truck drivers, landscapers, people working on construction sites… they adapt to any situation and any profession. Indeed, this professional clothing benefits from an assembly as well as specific textile technologies. Due to their lightness, work sweaters provide impeccable ease of movement. As a result, they allow professionals to work in complete freedom.

The best cheap work sweaters for all year round - Oxwork website

Work sweaters can be worn all year round. If a softshell sweater is more pleasant to wear mid-season, the fleece sweater is suitable for cooler weather due to its zipped collar. Indeed, softshell sweaters are thin, windproof and breathable. They are perfectly suited to rainy or windy weather.

Due to its functional side, the professional sweater can also be worn in all circumstances. It fits just as well under a fleece jacket as a jacket or parka.

What material to choose for work sweaters?

Work sweaters are now available in a wide range of materials and performance differs from one material to another. The most used materials for a professional sweater are cotton, polyester-cotton and cotton-polyester. Before purchasing a sweater, it is advisable to refer to the fabric guide to find the fabric that best suits a particular activity. Cotton, for example, is less resistant to abrasion than polyester-cotton, except that it is more comfortable. The choice of fabric is therefore important to be able to perform your work in the best conditions.

Don't hesitate to see our selection of products work top and all of our products Oxwork.

Work jumpers are an essential part of any professional's wardrobe, providing both comfort and protection. Our comprehensive list offers a variety of styles, including full-zip hoodies, perfectly suited to demanding working conditions. You will find reputable brands such as Blaklader and Carhartt guaranteeing quality and durability. Sweaters are available in a range of sizes and colors, allowing you to choose black for an understated appearance or bright colors for greater visibility. The price range varies depending on models and brands, providing options for all budgets. Details such as chest pockets and fitted cuffs add a touch of functionality, while zips allow for quick and easy use. For those who prefer natural materials, we also offer wool sweaters, ideal for natural warmth. Sizes vary, ensuring a perfect fit whatever your body shape. The ease of online shopping, complemented by reliable delivery options, makes acquiring your work sweater more convenient than ever. The detailed descriptions and images provided make it easy to understand the features of each product, ensuring you make the right choice to meet your workwear needs. From simple shirts to hoodies for added protection, each item is designed to meet the demands of everyday work while ensuring professional style.

Our online store offers a wide range of work t-shirts, ideal for for hot days, and work polo shirts for a more professional look. For a formal style, discover our work shirts available in multiple sizes and colors. work sweatshirts offer optimal comfort on cooler days. Add an extra layer with our sleeveless work vests for added insulation. Protect yourself from splashes with our professional aprons and work coats. For maximum protection from the elements, explore our work jackets, < a href="">work parkas and work jackets. Our work tunics offer a stylish and functional alternative. For extra warmth, our work down jackets are perfect. Each item is designed to guarantee comfort, protection and durability, meeting the needs of modern professionals.