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    Portwest A290 class 0 chainsaw protection lumberjack gloves
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    Portwest NPR Pro Foam Nitrile Abrasion Work Gloves
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    Coverguard EUROCUT IMPACT 100 impact work gloves (pack of 5)
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    Coverguard EUROcut IMPACT 200 anti-impact work gloves (pack of 5)
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    Aramide latex HR cut-resistant gloves PORTWEST
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    Portwest A200 Leather Docker Gloves
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6 Items

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Speaking of personal protective equipment intended to prevent a certain number of risks, the work glove is one. It protects workers from all kinds of mechanical, chemical and other risks.

Characteristics of lumberjack work gloves

First, protecting your hands is its primary purpose. When using cutting materials, you will always need to protect your hands to avoid certain risks such as injuries. It's the same if you work in the cold. Indeed, they combine strength and resistance to tears and perforations. So you can easily handle your different tools.

In addition, these gloves are also super comfortable, flexible, pleasant to wear at all times and attenuate the vibrations of the machines. You can therefore use all kinds of machines with confidence.

Second, they conform to the standard:

    1. EN 388
    2. EN 407
    3. EN 381-7
    4. EN 420

You will also find models of:

Special winter glove

This model is also called anti-cold protective gloves since it is made with a lining so that the hand can always stay dry and a 3/4 coated nitrile foam to be able to protect the fingers from the cold and water. Its manufacturing materials are:


- Sandblasted nitrile.

Different risks of injury can arise when working in a cold environment, which is why the use of this protective glove is really essential. In addition, the motor capacities of the hands are reduced when it is cold, suddenly the risk of accident becomes probable. In addition, this glove has a ventilated back giving you better breathability. As a color, there are yellow and black. Do not hesitate to buy some, because there are several ranges.

Leather work glove

In terms of the original material for the manufacture of work gloves, leather has always been perfect thanks to its flexibility and breathable properties which make it comfortable to use. It is mainly used for these few domains:

  • mechanics
  • handling
  • logistics
  • do-it-yourself
  • gardening.

If comfort, flexibility, dexterity and great longevity are its characteristics; it is because its material of manufacture is cowhide grain leather. Being a product that meets standard EN 388, it provides:

  • a level of 2/4 for abrasion resistance.
  • 2/4 to tear
  • 2/4 also at perforation

This one also respects the sizes that comply with this standard. There are different sizes, from XS to XXL.

Anti-cut type glove

Portwest's anti-cut-gloves offer anti-cut protection. cutting, but also to keep your hands warm. In addition to being cut resistant especially for slicing cuts, it also has a heat resistance of contact at 100°C. They are suitable for:

  • handling sharp objects
  • manipulating sliding objects
  • the treatment of greasy or oily objects.

The main areas of use are:

  • routine work
  • mechanical work
  • carpentry and construction

Nitrile induction Kevlar fiber is its material of manufacture. It meets the standard:

  • EN 407: it therefore has the ability to resist flammability as well as contact heat, convective heat and of course radiant heat, small splashes of molten metal and large splashes of molten metal.
  • EN 388: it can thus resist abrasion, cutting, tearing and puncture.

The model of chainsaw protection lumberjack gloves

For all kinds of chainsaw work, the protective glove lumberjack is specially designed to offer the maximum comfort to your hands and also for its protection. It follows the EN 420 standard, which is a general standard for the design of gloves. It uses additional standards like :

  • EN 388 (
  • EN 381-7, class 0.16 m/s: thus, its protective materials are only put on the left hand, but the glove is sold in pairs.

65% of its manufacturing material is polyester, and 35% cotton, thanks to these the glove has a high resistance and a water-repellent finish. It is suitable for different uses, namely:

  • construction work
  • landscape tasks
  • farm work
  • lforestry work with saw handling up to 16 m/s speed.

This glove also offers superior protection and good breathability. To help meet all needs, a wide range for hand protection is available with all different sizes from XS to XXL.

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