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In summer or in high ambient temperatures, it is crucial to choose light work clothes, robust and comfortable. And to meet these needs, professional shorts are a wise choice. In addition, different models for women are available on Oxwork. You will surely find there the shorts that will precisely correspond to the requirements imposed by your job. And if you think that work shorts for women do not offer the same functions as professional trousers, you are wrong! Some models have been specially designed to provide a solution to this problem. What are the reasons for wearing this kind of personal protective equipment and what are the various variations? The answers in this article.

Why opt for work shorts?

When the heat is on, wearing inappropriate clothing can be the cause of various inconveniences, especially when you are a woman. Thus, adopting work shorts will make you lighter and more comfortable in carrying out your tasks. You will also benefit from increased mobility, since you will be able to move easily during your work. In addition, a good model of work shorts for women will give you the same features as pants of the same type. But the main advantage remains breathability, because the heat will have little effect on you. This item of clothing will be your best ally for effectively ventilating your legs and, more generally, your lower body. So you can forget about sweat worries with this casual style outfit.

In some specific jobs, wearing women's work shorts is a very good idea. In crafts and construction, for example, putting on this protective garment is ideal because of the freedom of movement it provides. Moreover, even if the number of pockets is limited compared to pants, it allows you to have your tools and useful equipment at hand. This will make you more productive in carrying out your tasks.

According to the law in force, an employee can wear the clothes they want in their work environment. And if wearing shorts is not prohibited by the employer, it is necessary to choose the right protective clothing according to the job. For high-risk professional sectors using chemicals, for example, shorts are strongly discouraged.

Features of work shorts for women

Like all work clothes, it is essential to talk about what makes up this PPE. This helps professionals in their choice of protective clothing, and to know which is best suited to their profession and workplace.

In general, work shorts are made of comfortable and breathable fabric as it is work equipment intended for hot seasons. The most common materials are cotton, polyester and polyamide. There are also two-way stretch fabrics to provide freedom of movement (through its elasticity).

On the practical side, the professional shorts for women from Oxwork have several reinforced pockets (example in Cordura: very robust fabric). This way, workers can have their tools close at hand.

Available in several sizes and colours, these shorts for women can be worn with everything and ensure a work outfit that is stylish and light: with a Women's T-shirt, a women's polo shirt or blouse, with sneakers or sandals…

Guarantee of quality and compliance, women's work shorts from Oxwork follow norms and devices of the international regulations EN 340 concerning work clothes.

The different types of work shorts for women

On Oxwork.com, you can find professional shorts of all kinds and for all uses.

Classic work shorts

They are most often made from comfortable, yet durable materials. Their length remains only at the level of the knees. The professions that involve these work shorts are mainly store and supermarket department managers, delivery people, etc.

Work bermuda shorts for women

Lighter than classic shorts, professional bermuda shorts for women are generally fitted with elastic at the hip. Most often, the work bermuda is dedicated to waitresses on the terrace or in restaurants near a beach. In this context, it is crucial that the shorts meet the hygiene standards in force. Craftswomen who have to work outdoors also wear them regularly.

Women's work trousers

This is the preferred equipment for women who work in construction and BTP during the summer. Compared to shorts and work bermudas, the lower limbs are better protected with professional cropped trousers. As its name suggests, the cropped trousers completely cover the knees and only stop at the calves. Moreover, if you wear this kind of personal protective equipment, your knees are not compressed and will not suffer any chafing. Comfort is thus optimal.

Choosing women's safety shorts

As you will have understood, choosing the model that suits you must above all depend on the specifics of your profession. The budget also comes into consideration. As an employer, you will have to take into account the level of protection and comfort to provide to your teams to make the right choice.