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Presentation of the Lux-Optical brand

The eyes are particularly fragile and need to be protected at all times. If you are looking for the professional protective glasses adapted to your needs, Lux-Optical is your number 1 ally.

Founded in 1953, the Worldwide Euro Protection group became known for its quality protective gloves for workers. It is present in more than 70 countries around the world thanks to partnerships signed with numerous distributors. Over time, it has expanded its activities by manufacturing PPE for different professions to allow workers to enjoy optimal protection. This is how its subsidiary Lux-Optical was born. This Luxembourg company specializes in eye protection.

Registered by Involtex, the brand offers professional protective eyewear dedicated to the sectors of l 'industry, of agriculture, of craftsmanship, of medical, of Construction and agri-food industry, among others. Lux-Optical has quickly established itself in its sector of activity thanks to the immense know-how that its team has acquired over the years. The brand has demonstrated its technique, its excellence and its ability to meet the needs of professionals. Present in 12 countries, it offers a wide range of protective eyewear.

Why do you need to wear protective glasses?

A sensitive area, the eyes need optimal protection against splashes, strong light, ultraviolet rays or splashes. Protective glasses are part of the personal protective equipment that employers should provide to workers, especially in certain areas of activity. Wearing these safety glasses is mandatory for woodworking, renovation or demolition work, welding and handling hazardous chemicals. These protective glasses must therefore be adapted to the types of danger: mechanical, chemical, thermal, optical radiation... Specialist in personal protective equipment, Lux Optical presents a wide range of clear or colored glasses (gray, yellow, black) complying with European standards and guaranteeing good protection for your eyes.

Which glasses for which risks?

From the choice of materials (highly technical) to the assembly processes, everything has been thought out to create quality PPE. The protective glasses offered by Lux-Optical are light and adapt perfectly to all situations. For example, for cutting work, it is best to use a face shield to protect both the face and the eyes. For a filming operation, a pair of temple goggles is perfect. Lux-Optical offers protective glasses dedicated to certain specific sectors of activity.

Electrical risk

This accessory protects against accidents that may cause tearing of the iris, perforation or damage to the cornea, or opacification of the lens. It is perfect for work on an electrical installation or equipment, as well as for standards for protective eyewear vary by industry.

  • EN 166 for all types of eye protection against mechanical risks, impacts, shocks…
  • EN 169 relating to the filter for welding
  • EN 170 for protection against ultraviolet radiation
  • EN 172 for tinted glasses used in the industrial sector
  • EN 175 and EN 379 for goggles dedicated to welding work
  • EN 208 for protection dedicated to laser adjustment
  • EN 1731 for mesh face shields