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Helly Hansen

Founded in Norway in 1877, Helly Hansen continues to be the leader in the field of manufacturing professional quality clothing to enable its consumers to experience unique experiences, whatever their playing field.

Helly Hansen


Certified slip-resistant outsole with lightweight, flexible composite puncture protection.


EVA midsole for maximum comfort.


Elegant water-repellent leather boots.

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Helly hansen brand logo

is committed to
protecting the planet

We create professional-grade gear to help people feel their best in the world's toughest environments. Since Helly Hansen was founded by Captain Helly Juell Hansen in 1877, we have developed high quality equipment to protect people at sea and in the mountains, and we have an obligation to protect these environments.

Helly Hansen

Many areas of work require specific clothing to ensure comfort and safety workers. On the strength of its experience, the Helly Hansen company has been offering since its creation quality clothing for sailors. Say PPE or personal protective equipment, the outfits Helly Hansen (HH) work shoes have become staples in the professional world. Clothes of work, shoes and accessories, a whole range of equipment guaranteeing the well-being of employees. Focus on workwear by Helly Hansen!

The History of Helly Hansen / HH Workwear

A know-how that was born more than 130 years ago, the Norwegian brand Helly Hansen is a true pioneer in the design of clothing for sailors. The idea was born when its founder Helly Juell Hansen, a fishing captain, decides to wrap his oilcloth clothes in oil of linen to make them more waterproof. The Norwegian entrepreneur has won his bet since today the brand is known all over the world. Always focused on innovation, it continues to develop even more watertight and waterproof clothing items. Apart from the sailors, the outfits HH work shoes are also worn by workers, athletes and adventurers.

Special features of Helly Hansen workwear

Originally designed for sailors, Helly Hansen workwear is fully waterproof. Currently, in the professional world, they are designed to avoid accidents and wounds. Shoes, pants, jackets, shorts or even technical underwear. All the clothing offered by the brand is designed to protect professionals working in extreme conditions (rain, low visibility, cold, heat…).

Apart from the waterproof side, the workwear developed by Helly Hansen are perfectly comfortable, breathable and warm. Of head to toe, the HH company aims to enable employees to work in the best terms. In addition, using quality work equipment allows you to be more productive.

Review in detail of the Helly Hansen men's workwear collection

With 138 years of experience, Helly Hansen technology offers a wide range of workwear to daily use:

Rain jackets and waterproof vests

Specializing in waterproof clothing, Helly Hansen offers a wide selection of helly rain jackets or waterproof jackets perfect for those who work in rainy regions. Designed in quality materials, these outfits also give impeccable comfort to any moment. Some pieces are even equipped with a storm flap and ventilation in the back.

High visibility vests and pants

Many people have to work in difficult conditions requiring a specific equipment. Recognizing this, Helly Hansen has developed high visibility clothing protecting against flames, heat or static electricity. Also, her outfits are also flame retardant. Bib overalls, dungarees or even a rain jacket, the choice is huge.

Working fleeces

Given the fact that there are a good number of workers who have to work in the cold, the brand Helly Hansen has developed a range of fleece outfits. Winter parkas and work fleeces both lightweight, soft and waterproof designed to protect employees from cold and frost. In effect, the fleece fabric is ideal for those who work in cold rooms or in full Mountain. One of the advantages of Helly Hansen fleece clothing is the perfect breathability aspect.

Quality sneakers and safety shoes

Whether trainers boots and winter boots, the shoes HH signs allow you to work in complete safety. They incorporate waterproof membranes and breathable. They also provide excellent grip on ice.

Helly Hansen is also work accessories

Apart from clothing pieces and work shoes, Helly Hansen also offers many accessories needed for different professional activities, from aquatic activities to industrial activities. Among these accessories HH workwear include caps, inflatable vests, belts and even carrying bags. work.

To sum up, Helly Hansen workwear can be used in all conditions possible.