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  1. Ceinture tressée boucle métallique Puma Work Wear noir
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    Braided metal buckle belt Puma Work Wear

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  2. sweat shirt col zippe dos rallonge puma work wear anthracite et bleu devant
    • Veste de travail softshell déperlante coupe-vent Puma Work Wear
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      Puma Work Wear windproof water-repellent softshell work jacket

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    • Polo respirant manches courtes Puma Work Wear
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      Puma Work Wear Short Sleeve Breathable Polo Shirt

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    • pantalon de travail impermeable multipoche puma work wear  devant
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      Puma Work Wear multi-pocket waterproof work trousers

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    • pantalon de travail stretch multipoche impermeable puma work wear devant
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      Puma Work Wear waterproof multi-pocket stretch work trousers

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    • pantalon de travail zones reflechissantes puma work wear devant
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      Reflective zones work trousers Puma Work Wear

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    • salopette de travail zones reflechissantes puma work wear devant noir/ gris

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      When you hear the word Puma, you immediately think of its leaping feline brand logo. This German brand has made its mark in the field of professional clothing and PPE. It has not stopped evolving, until today becoming number 3 in terms of sports equipment. The brand is always at the forefront of innovation and has a wide range of workwear for men and women in its basket. All adapted to different sectors of activity.

      Speciality of Puma clothing

      In the beginning, sports shoes were Puma's only specialty. It has evolved and has now become a famous clothing brand. It lives up to its motto, that of putting sport into life and life into sport. Its outfits are highly appreciated by professionals for its high-end quality and its look that is always up to date with the new sportswear trends. This has earned him the prestigious place of sponsor of the most famous sports teams in the world.

      Each outfit meets the requirements and standards required in terms of work clothing, including EN 340 standards, EN 343, as well as the EN 469 standards. It aims to protect professionals against the risk of shocks or against certain weather conditions, such as wind, heat, rain or snow. Puma workwear is a good combination of comfort, toughness, durability and style.

      Catalogs of Puma workwear outfits

      Puma's range of workwear includes a wide choice of clothing suitable for different sectors of activity, such as the sector Construction, logistics, industry, without forgetting sports professionals.

      Windproof water-repellent softshell work jacket

      This jacket provides comfort and warmth thanks to its fleece lining and its 100% polyester fabrics. It can be worn in any circumstance and in any season. It has the quality of being water-repellent, breathable, waterproof and of being an excellent windbreaker. Any other work outfit can be associated with the jacket, the rendering remains the same: elegance.

      This men's jacket has

      • a zipper
      • side pockets with zip
      • elastic sleeves with hems
      • adjustable hem width with drawstring
      • the puma work wear logo on the right chest and on the back of the collar

      Puma multi-pocket waterproof work pant

      This model is very functional and can be adapted to various activities. It is made from water-repellent fabrics, namely a blend of cotton, polyester and elastolefin. It is suitable for work in a low temperature environment and is resistant to weather conditions such as rain and snow, thanks to its waterproof side. The pants have

      • Left side pockets, back pockets, and protective knee pockets.
      • A stretchy waistline
      • a contrasting yoke
      • zipped
      • fabric in CORDURA on the outside and fabric bi-elastic on the inside
      • puma work wear logo

      The trousers are EN 14 404 compliant.

      The round neck work t-shirt for women

      This model of t-shirt with optimal fit is intended for women working in several fields of activity. Puma used a blend of cotton and Natura polyester to bring lightness to the outfit and comfort for its user.

      Breathability, durability and robustness are the hallmarks of this t-shirt. It is suitable for industrial cleaning and its anthracite color does not wear off with numerous washes. However, the temperature of 60° should not be exceeded for washing in a washing machine.

      You can customize it to your liking, thanks to the significant space left at the back and in front. The " Puma work wear " logo is placed on the right forearm.

      How to choose the right clothes for your job?

      As it will provide security, it should be chosen with great care. The outfit must bring great ease and above all, it is essential to find the model adapted to your activity and the work performed.

      For the protective pants, opt for a model with multiple pockets. It is better if the textile is cotton or polyester, or both. Safety pants protect against cuts, impacts, burns or dirt.

      In addition, jackets and vests are made to protect the arms and torsos against splashes or the weather. If you have to use it in the hot season, your choice should be for breathable materials. Contrary, in winter, choose a thick fabric.

      coveralls provide full coverage from neck to at the ankles. This is the perfect item for a messy job. For certain drastic conditions, such as the risk of splashing chemicals or liquids, there are disposable suits.

      These types of work wear and puma safety shoes are available in the work wear category from the Puma brand.