Accessories should not be neglected for your professional equipment, which is why Oxwork offers you a large catalog of socks, gloves, caps, work hats and many more.

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    Blaklader work suspenders
    As low as €55.14 €45.95
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    Dickies EVADALE acrylic work cap
    As low as €24.46 €20.38
  3. Chaussettes de travail pack de 3 paires Caterpillar
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    Caterpillar work socks (pack of 3 pairs)
    As low as €11.62 €9.68 Regular Price €14.52
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    CityGuard Briefcase
    As low as €16.92 €16.92 Regular Price €29.00
  5. Casquette de baseball avec impression 3D Blaklader bleu pétrole
      Baseball cap with Blaklader 3D print
      As low as €22.03 €18.36
    • harnais antichutes facile rapid -reglable coverguard alcor dos
      • Free delivery
    • ceinture de maintient coverguard sargas en358 dos
        SARGAS EN358 Coverguard support belt
        As low as €25.10 €20.92
      • Casquette fluorescente 5 panneaux WK Designed To Work Jaune
        • Casquette d’hiver fluorescente WK. Designed To Work - Jaune
          • Portwest Breathable Kitchen Bandana
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            Portwest Breathable Kitchen Bandana
            As low as €4.56 €3.80
          • LMA BIVOUAC engraved leather belts and metal buckles (set of 4)
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          • BLAKLADER Dipped Nitrile Gloves
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            BLAKLADER Dipped Nitrile Gloves
            As low as €3.40 €2.83 Regular Price €4.54
          • Ecological kitchen cap ROBUR DORIE (set of 2)
            • Eco-responsible
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            Ecological kitchen cap ROBUR DORIE (set of 2)
            As low as €31.64 €26.37 Regular Price €45.20
          • Result Recycled Acrylic Thermal Insulated Beanie
            • Eco-responsible
            • Bestseller
          • PORTWEST TIG ULTRA welding glove
              PORTWEST TIG ULTRA welding glove
              As low as €10.44 €8.70
            • G-TEK crepe LATEX coated work gloves (lot of 12 pairs)
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              G-TEK crepe LATEX coated work gloves (lot of 12 pairs)
              As low as €109.48 €91.23 Regular Price €145.98
            • G-TEK nitrile foam coated work gloves (pack of 12)
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              G-TEK nitrile foam coated work gloves (pack of 12)
              As low as €57.55 €47.96 Regular Price €82.22
            • G-TEK ESD Touchscreen Compatible Gloves (Pack of 12 Pairs)
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              G-TEK ESD Touchscreen Compatible Gloves (Pack of 12 Pairs)
              As low as €90.12 €75.10 Regular Price €128.74
            • Écharpe multifonctions antimicrobienne Portwest Bleu
              • Ceinture de Travail Elastiquée PORTWEST Jaune
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                Elasticated Work Belt PORTWEST
                As low as €5.40 €4.50
              • Bonnet LED Workman Portwest
                  Workman Portwest LED Beanie
                  As low as €10.08 €8.40
                • Bonnet en maille Oxford Helly Hansen noir
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                  Helly Hansen Oxford Knit Beanie
                  As low as €15.96 €13.30 Regular Price €22.80
                • Bonnet Manchester design réversible Helly Hansen gris
                  • Ceinture tressée boucle métallique Puma Work Wear noir
                      Braided metal buckle belt Puma Work Wear
                      As low as €22.90 €19.08
                    • Chapeau bandana confortable WK. Designed To Work Blanc
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                      WK comfortable bandana hat. Designed To Work
                      As low as €3.54 €2.95 Regular Price €4.42

                    Items 1-32 of 162

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                    Work accessories are an integral part of the daily life of workers. On the one hand placed in the same way as the PPE or personal protective equipment, they protect professionals against the risks incurred in the course of their work, such as falling heavy objects, cold or heat. But they can also be an essential fashion accessory for a stylish professional look.

                    The importance of work accessories

                    Just like work clothes, the role of a work accessory is to keep the worker safe. It is the employer's duty to equip their employers with the latter, but it can be a choice. The important thing is to opt for the equipment adapted to the sectors of activity in order to benefit from optimal security. They are often designed to be resistant, efficient, comfortable, and up to date.

                    The different kinds of work accessories

                    There is a wide choice of workwear to improve the working conditions of employees. To go with the attire, there are work caps, work belts, socks, gloves, shoes, knee pads, beanies, headlamps and more.

                    The cap and hat at work

                    The cap is part of the head protection. It can be a safety accessory against risks of bumps, bumps, scratches, but it is also an important tool against extreme climatic conditions such as cold, wind, sun and rain. This headgear is screwed on the head, above the shoulders and around the ears. It can be made of fabric, leather, or synthetic material. Its quality largely depends on its shape and material. In addition, this accessory is standardized EN 397 to guarantee Security. Every business sector can benefit from it.

                    TheRobur dori cap is a work accessory ecological , designed for kitchen professionals. Just like other caps such as the Dickies 100% Cotton Cap suitable for any job. These models protect the head from the cold, in addition, they have a good ratio quality/price.

                    As for the work cap, it is weather and wear resistant. It can be put under helmets to arm yourself against the cold. The mesh beanie or the reversible designer Manchester beanie from Helly Hansen keep all their promises in terms of safety.

                    Accessories for safety helmets

                    Almost on the same level as the cap, the helmet plays an important role in the safety of a worker. It is one of the essentials in terms of PPE. To accessorize it according to the job, straps, headlamps, as well as visors are the best alternatives.

                    The belt to complete a professional work outfit

                    A lot of people don't know this, but the body belt provides spinal protection. It increases the pressure exerted by the abdomen, which decreases the stress on the spinal discs. It is possible to hang the tool pockets on it. This product may have an elastic webbing such as the Portwest brand elastic work belt. strong>. It easily adjusts to work clothes and provides unparalleled comfort. The safety belt exists as a strength belt, an abdominal belt or even a lumbar belt.

                    Work braces

                    Suspenders keep the work pants on the hips. These are a great way to provide ease of movement, which gives the opportunity to be comfortable at work. These products are generally adjustable, comfortable, and robust. This is the case of the work ramp Blacklader. Moreover, it has clamps to insert it on the pants. In addition, it has metal-resistant clips.

                    Protective knee pads

                    This accessory is suitable for tilers, plumbers, painters and masonry. This type of work requires them to kneel for a long time and feel the hardness of the ground. In the long run, this causes diseases like bursitis. Hence the importance of using a knee plate. It reduces pressure points. Protective knee pads are introduced on work pants. Their level of safety should not be neglected, which is why they must comply with the EN 14 404 standard.

                    Socks to accessorize boots and safety shoes

                    The socks provide optimal protection for the feet. They are not fashion accessories, but they are made to secure the arch of the foot. Its use allows the feet to adapt easily with safety shoes, while avoiding repetitive friction and bad sensations of humidity.

                    The Dickies brand coolmax sweat socks meet all these requirements, in addition to eliminating bad odors that may arise. They have the additional advantage of drying quickly.