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  1. Marine / Jaune
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  2. Jaune / Marine
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  4. LMA PLACO button fly multipocket pants
      LMA PLACO button fly multipocket pants
      As low as €18.36 €15.30
    • Portwest Breathable Cooking Pants
        Portwest Breathable Cooking Pants
        As low as €19.98 €16.65
      • Industrial trousers with kneepad pockets BLAKLADER STRETCH
        • Outlet -40
        Industrial trousers with kneepad pockets BLAKLADER STRETCH
        As low as €52.80 €44.00 Regular Price €88.00
      • Women's artisan trousers BLAKLADER STRETCH 4D
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      • BLAKLADER STRETCH maintenance work skirt
          BLAKLADER STRETCH maintenance work skirt
          As low as €90.34 €75.28
        • Pantalon de cuisine écologique FEMME ROBUR ECUME
          • Eco-responsible
        • ROBUR DETROIT eco-friendly kitchen pants
          • Eco-responsible
          • Outlet -40
          ROBUR DETROIT eco-friendly kitchen pants
          As low as €33.96 €28.30 Regular Price €56.60
        • Pantalon deperlant stretch Caterpillar H2O Defender
          • Free delivery
        • Stretch straight jeans WOMEN RICA LEWIS ODEL
          • Eco-responsible
        • Stretch straight jeans WOMEN RICA LEWIS OLENKA
          • Eco-responsible
        • Velilla two-tone multi-pocket Bermuda shorts
          • Outlet -40
          Velilla two-tone multi-pocket Bermuda shorts
          As low as €11.94 €9.95 Regular Price €21.00
        • Velilla Checkered Kitchen Pants
          • Outlet -40
          Velilla Checkered Kitchen Pants
          As low as €13.80 €11.50 Regular Price €24.20
        • High visibility two-tone trousers VELILLA
          • Outlet -40
          High visibility two-tone trousers VELILLA
          As low as €17.52 €14.60 Regular Price €30.80
        • VELILLA cotton work trousers
            VELILLA cotton work trousers
            As low as €24.30 €20.25
          • Pantalon multipoches bicolore haute visibilité VELLILA Jaune Marine
            • Outlet -40
            VELLILA high visibility two-tone multi-pocket trousers
            As low as €20.40 €17.00 Regular Price €33.60
          • VELILLA medical personnel trousers
            • Outlet -40
            VELILLA medical personnel trousers
            As low as €11.70 €9.75 Regular Price €20.60

          Items 1-32 of 530

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          Many industries require you to wear personal protective equipment or PPE in the workplace. The work stockings are one of them. They come in pants, shorts and bermudas. To ensure an increased level of safety, they must comply with the standards in force.

          The importance of work pants?

          It offers optimum protection for the thigh and leg, especially against heat, cold and splashes of chemicals or liquids.

          The protection and comfort it gives depend on its material of manufacture. With a mix of natural and synthetic materials, the pants are stronger and more wear-resistant, but lack breathability.

          Furthermore, trousers designed entirely with cotton are more comfortable for their user. It combines flexibility, breathability and lightness. The majority of these high-end garments have "CORDURA" reinforcements on the knees and buttocks. It has pockets to keep personal effects close at hand. For those working in special conditions where kneeling is often required, a protective knee pad or knee plate is added to the pants.

          As for the pants in special work jeans, thick cotton is their basic material. It has an elastic cut in the same style as classic jeans. To be able to wear it in outdoor working conditions, such as construction sites, warehouses, or car garages, it is important to increase safety with additional reinforcements, the safety shoe, the work top and the accessories.

          If you work outdoors in the middle of winter, you should choose a model with a lining. If you are exposed to heat or high temperatures, bet on flame-retardant pants.

          Those operating near a traffic area or a temporary hazard should wear high visibility trousers or high visibility clothing. It allows its user to be visible in any circumstance.

          The work pants are suitable for different sectors of activity, whether office work or field work. However, the choice depends on the activity to be undertaken. It must be in accordance with your tasks while remaining in perfect harmony with the morphology of its user. It is important to know your size and needs in terms of tool storage, pocket size large or small, carabiner clip and many more.

          There are features specially dedicated to certain trades more reinforcements for structural work or masonry, knee pockets for tilers or plumbers, resistance for carpenters, high visibility for agents road.

          Models of work trousers

          Oxwork offers a wide choice of work trousers for different sectors of activity. Whether you are a man or a woman, you will find pants from different brands to suit your needs.

          Dickies Stanmore work jeans for men

          These Dickies brand jeans allow their wearer to have a trendy look in the context of their work. It is made of denim cotton that is supple, robust and comfortable. It has multiple storage pockets, wide belt loops and coat loops.

          Blacklader craftsman work pants for women

          These 4-way stretch work pants are very feminine with their slim fit and thinner appearance. It has an elastic waistband to give maximum comfort. It has an integrated mesh at the back of the knees to give good ventilation throughout the day. This multi-pocket model is made of polyamide and elastane with a double weave in 4D stretch. It is EN 14 404 standard and its knee pad is certified ref 4027 and 4057.

          Why wear shorts or bermudas at work?

          Shorts or Bermuda shorts are work clothes very popular in summer or during the hot season. It allows professionals to have a more relaxed image in their workplace.

          The shorts are worn for a day of work outdoors. It ventilates the legs and offers great freedom of movement. To choose it, you must take into consideration your working environment and the risks that may arise.

          Some models have numerous pockets, which are very practical for storing work equipment and accessories. It is classified by their size, height, material of manufacture, number of pockets and colors.

          Three types of fabrics are put forward for its manufacture

          • Polyester for its lightness and resistance
          • Cotton to ventilate the skin. It prevents moisture and perspiration.
          • Cotton-polyesterfor its increased resistance and highly breathable side.

          Wearing retro-reflective shorts is best suited for night work.

          Blaklader painter's work shorts

          These + stretch work shorts are made from an OEKO-TEX certified ripstop fabric. It is very resistant, light and flexible. It is the perfect ally for working during the summer season. It offers good resistance to tearing and wear. It has a stretch panel at the crotch to give maximum flexibility.

          The LMA Metro Fleece Bermuda Shorts

          These LMA brand bermuda shorts offer professionals maximum comfort thanks to their soft and fluffy fleece fabric. Very stylish, it gives elegance to a look. It is multipocketed and has a 5-loop belt in front. It has neon green contrasting stop stitches. The inseam length is 35cm. This workwear is available in olive green.

          To maintain it, it is advisable to put it upside down for washing and ironing.