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The headlamp is the solution to free your hands and offer you lighting directed towards what you want to see. Portwest offers you suitable headlamps that combine power and performance, ideal for professionals (security, law enforcement, craftsmen …) as well as for athletes (sports, trail running, climbing…).

In order to enjoy good working conditions in a dark and confined environment, the use of a headlamp is essential. If in the past, miners placed a candle on their helmets, today, a technical and comfortable solution is available to them. Many industries use headlamps. It provides optimum illumination of the area to be worked and is always oriented in the user's field of vision. As it is well fixed to the head, the hands are completely free. The choice of lamps is very wide. The models dedicated to professionals combine several performances: lightness, compactness, intelligence. The headlamp can be LED, halogen or cordless.

The headlamp: to meet different needs

The concentration of the worker, whatever his activity, is essential to achieve a precise and well-done job. Good visibility on what he is doing is therefore of paramount importance. Manufacturers, in perpetual quest for the best, offer very technical lamps. Some diffuse lighting whose intensity automatically and instantly adapts to the natural light of the environment. The headlamp is practical when carrying out an activity underground, outdoors, indoors or underwater. It is preferred in the professional environment, but also for athletes who practice caving, trail running, mountaineering...

The headlamp: a real working tool

The headlamp is not only an accessory, but is really a work equipment. The good visibility of the worker allows him to be efficient in his activity. Equipped with a fastening system, it does not move once placed on the work helmet or on the head. For various professions, it is essential: the user can no longer do without it even if he has all his tools at hand.

The headlamp: technicalities, power and professionalism

Manufacturers offer various technical characteristics of headlamps. But in general, they are all light, offer a wide beam, are waterproof and withstand different types of climatic aggressions. They are not bulky and fit easily into work bags or large pockets. Headlamps often come with a choice of lighting modes; the adjustment is made either automatically or manually via a push button. Autonomy extends over several hours; some models are rechargeable, others are battery powered.

How to choose your headlamp?

The quality of the light is above all very important. The diffusion of a wide beam is preferable to be able to work with precision. Battery life is also essential so that the user can benefit from optimal lighting over a long working period. Another criterion of choice: sealing. This is how this equipment can resist bad weather and different types of professional environments. Finally, there is the design, the weight, the longevity which are elements not to be neglected.

Portwest brand headlamp

Portwest is a brand that offers many ranges of premium work equipment, including the headlamp. It offers very technical references, combining aesthetics and functionality. Its models are available in different colors: gray, black and yellow. It designs lamps with diversified performance, including waterproof, ultra power, LED... Portwest is also a brand that guarantees comfort and ease of use.

The headlamp for the home

The headlamp is aimed at both professionals and those who love DIY, at home. Fixing the kitchen sink, changing a light bulb, sorting out gardening equipment in the cellar… all this also requires practical and instantaneous lighting. Professionals and individuals have the choice among many references. There is something for every need and for every taste. As it is an easy to store and durable piece of equipment, you can enjoy it for many years!