Work underwear

Discover our wide selection of professional underwear on Oxwork, designed to provide optimal thermal protection in cold conditions. For reliable thermal protection and unparalleled comfort, explore our professional underwear options.

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  1. Gris Foncé / Jaune
      Blaklader XLight underwear bottoms
      As low as €72.78 €60.65
    • Gris Noir
      • Free delivery
      Blaklader Xwarm Trucker Neck Underwear Top
      As low as €121.31 €101.09
        Blaklader Xwarm underwear bottoms
        As low as €95.70 €79.75
      • Noir
          Thermal Pants Coverguard Bodywarmer
          As low as €26.78 €22.32
        • Noir
          • Outlet -30
          Dickies Warm Long Work Trunks
          As low as €20.95 €17.46 Regular Price €29.94
        • Noir
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          Kastrup Lifa Work Underpants Helly Hansen
          As low as €19.32 €16.10 Regular Price €27.60
        • Bleu Marine
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          • Bestseller
          Kastrup Lifa Helly Hansen Long Sleeve Tee
          As low as €24.36 €20.30 Regular Price €34.80
        • Noir
            Blaklader turtleneck sweater
            As low as €32.52 €27.10
          • Noir
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            Blaklader Safe FR Base Layer Top
            As low as €132.08 €110.07
          • Noir
              Blaklader Safe Flame Retardant Bottoms
              As low as €94.21 €78.51
            • Noir / Bleu Royal
              • Promo -25
              Light Blaklader Underwear Set
              As low as €53.00 €44.17 Regular Price €70.68
            • Gris
              • Outlet -25
              Blaklader Dry base layer
              As low as €26.28 €21.90 Regular Price €35.04
            • Noir
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            • Noir
                Blaklader Xwarm winter base layer
                As low as €97.04 €80.87
              • Noir
                  Blaklader Warm winter underwear bottoms
                  As low as €80.74 €67.28
                • Gris / Noir
                  • Promo -25
                  Blaklader Warm Zipped Base Layer Top Merino Wool
                  As low as €75.82 €63.18 Regular Price €101.09
                • Noir
                    Herock Nikos long sleeve thermal t-shirt
                    As low as €47.10 €39.25
                  • Noir
                      Herock Hypnos thermal leggings
                      As low as €36.70 €30.58
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                      • Noir
                          Portwest Baselayer Thermal Work Shorts
                          As low as €14.04 €11.70
                        • Caleçon de travail long Kariban
                          • Promo -30
                          WK Work Long Johns. Designed To Work
                          As low as €14.06 €11.72 Regular Price €20.10
                        • Marine
                          • Promo -30
                          Portwest thermal pants
                          As low as €7.48 €6.23 Regular Price €10.68
                        • Marine
                            Portwest Long Sleeve Thermal Tee
                            As low as €12.48 €10.40
                          • Gris / Noir
                              Blaklader Warm Merino Wool Underwear Top
                              As low as €95.70 €79.75
                            • Women's light underwear BLAKLADER
                              • Promo -30
                              Women's light underwear BLAKLADER
                              As low as €45.26 €37.72 Regular Price €64.67

                            Items 1-32 of 39

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                            Work underwear is thermal clothing. They are made to protect the worker from extreme cold. It is to be put under the jumpsuits or blouse. Its underwear brings you absolute comfort. You are free with your movements. It also regulates your body temperature. It is a very effective antiperspirant, it wicks moisture away from the body and prevents the wearer from feeling cold.

                            What are the roles of these underwear?

                            • Work underwear is above all a heat preserver. It has the function of regulating body temperature. It keeps the wearer warm and dry. The material and weight of the fabric defines the level of warmth it can provide.
                            • It protects you from bacteria. If you don't have a chance to shower, don't worry, the work underwear offers you protection against bacteria.
                            • It ensures the evacuation of sweat from your body. Its professional clothing ensures that you stay dry and warm.
                            • It also cools its wearer by isolating body heat and then preventing the cold from invading the body.

                            Which grammage of underwear fabrics to choose for men and women?

                            Fabric weights during design are important to know in order to better choose your undergarment for work:

                            Ultralight Weight: Garments at this weight are made for the seasons fresh.

                            Light weight: it is suitable for work requiring very physical activities. It is to be worn during moderate cold weather.

                            Medium weight: it is made to be worn during the winter or in a cold environment.

                            Heavy weight: these garments are suitable for extreme cold and freezing seasons. They provide flawless warmth.

                            How to choose women's underwear?

                            To choose underwear for work, you must first be comfortable. When choosing a bra, it's best when you can slip a finger between your skin and the bra.

                            The upper and lower materials must provide good support for the breasts and buttocks so as not to interfere with the wearer.

                            How to choose men's underwear materials?

                            The material of this workwear must be resistant and can adapt to your body. The types of fabrics available are:

                            Cotton fabric:

                            Cotton is famous for its absorbency. Cotton underwear absorbs perspiration.

                            Silk Fabric:

                            You can opt for this fabric for your activities during cool weather. It can be put on during the winter. Even though the texture of silk is soft, its weak point is that it takes time to wick moisture away from the body.

                            Synthetic fabric:

                            For extreme cold weather, synthetic fabrics are recommended. They are able to keep the wearer warm and wick away moisture while retaining warmth. This kind of fabric is the combination of polyester, nylon, spandex and lycra.

                            Wool fabric:

                            Whatever the conditions, the wool material gives you an always stable and warm body temperature. It is also able to wick away moisture in no time.

                            How many underwear to have?

                            There is no exact number that defines how many underwear you should have. It depends on your own needs. Underwear is easy to care for most of the time. If you don't have time to wash them, you have to have a lot.

                            For a question of hygiene, whether it is work underwear or normal underwear, you must have a certain number of them to be able to change daily even if those at work have the capacity to absorb the bacteria.

                            The Oxwork site offers many brands of men's and women's underwear

                            Are you looking for professional thermal underwear to protect you from the cold, but to be free to move? Look no further, we offer you on our website Oxwork a wide range of women's and men's underwear. We offer many brands with quality know-how, comfort guaranteed.