trousers with knee pads

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  1. Pantalon de travail multipoches Stretch construction Helly Hansen Kensington Beige
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  2. pantalon de travail stretch multipoche impermeable puma work wear devant
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  3. LMA SULFATE Metal Zero work trousers
      LMA SULFATE Metal Zero work trousers
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    • Zero metal work pants LMA FORGERON
        Zero metal work pants LMA FORGERON
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      • Industrial trousers with kneepad pockets BLAKLADER STRETCH
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        Industrial trousers with kneepad pockets BLAKLADER STRETCH
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      • Pantalon de travail cross performance DIADORA
          Cross performance work trousers DIADORA
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        • Work trousers DIADORA ROCK STRETCH
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          Work trousers DIADORA ROCK STRETCH
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        Items 1-32 of 101

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        The knee pad pants are an essential for any work on the ground, both for professionals and for individuals carrying out work at home. Coupled with a pair of knee pads, these pants will offer optimal protection to the knees, to prevent the worker from suffering from a poor posture during his interventions.

        Work trousers that ensure practicality and sturdiness - knee reinforcement

        Doing work while spending a lot of time on your knees can be demanding and tiring on your body and joints. The primary purpose of this work pants is therefore to receive the knee pad so that the padding of the latter can effectively protect the part of the body concerned.

        However, the role of the knee-high pants can be broader. It can be used as a tool holder, thanks to its multi-pockets on the sides, front or back, or even its extra large pockets. Some pockets are also designed for a particular use. For example, there are pockets for: smartphone, ruler, pen...

        The different kinds of trousers with integrated knee pads

        A knee support is not directly included in a work sock, it is a separate item . Indeed, the knee brace is chosen initially according to its design material. For occasional work that does not require you to spend a lot of time on the ground, thinner knee pads exist, otherwise thicker knee pads are needed. But one criterion must above all be taken into account when making your choice: the size of the worker. Choosing the right size provides the best possible support and facilitates movement.

        The pants themselves are designed to integrate the knee pad in 3 different ways:

        - Hangs with scratches.

        - Via a fastening system.

        - Or for the most part, by inserting it into a pocket.

        In general, knee lifter placement can be done in two levels of knee lifter placement. This is not the case for all pants, but it is a system that is found in the majority.

        Pants for professionals that comply with working conditions

        If the common point of all pants with knee pads is to be able to integrate padding, an employee may also encounter other working conditions that require adaptation.

        As a result, there are pants with specific characteristics.

        - Softshell pants: in this case, they have water-repellent and breathable functions, and are ideal for comfortable work in the sun or even in light rain.

        - Designed with polyester and cotton for its cost of production, or made of 100% cotton to favor longevity and comfort .

        - With an adjustable belt to suit different body types

        - Featuring an elastic waistband for greater freedom of movement and comfort.

        You can also find trousers with reflective strips or protection integrated UV protection, among others.

        In short, the characteristics of the pants apart from the scratch or the pocket for the location of the knee pad are almost infinite. The most important thing is that they are adapted to increase the comfort and/or protection of an employee.

        A more trendy and inexpensive workwear - Men / Women

        Current knee-high pants are more elaborate and have more style than their predecessors to be more up-to-date. It is the result of a need for craftsmen (in particular) who can work on several sites in one day and wish to have a full city outfit.

        So it's no surprise that today we find knee-high work trousers in denim that we would take for ordinary trousers. Oxwork also offers work trousers with different cuts: wider or closer to the body. Similarly, these are available in several colors or with a mixture of colors making them mat. Competing easily with trendy outfits.