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    Portwest O4 CI FO Non-Safety PU Wellington Boots
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    PVC Wellington Non-Safety Boots Portwest
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  3. Chaussures d'intervention rangers non coquées agent de sécurité Parade STREET SRC HRO EN 20347
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    unshelled rangers security officer Parade STREET SRC HRO
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    Albatros GUARDIAN HIGH work boots
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    Professional boots Albatros GUARDIAN HIGH
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    Albatros GUARDIAN 564020 MID work boots
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    Albatros FOREST ISO rain boots
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    Albatros ONYX neoprene work boots
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    ARAGON Albatros neoprene work boots
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    PVC work boots Albatros THE RANCHER OB E SRA
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    Unsecured Dunlop HYGRADE waterproof boots
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    Dunlop Selenium Rain Boot
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    Albatros GUARDIAN 564040 MID work boots
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13 Items

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Sold in almost all sectors of activity, rain boots are essential equipment for those who are used to work on the ground. In rainy and snow weather, it helps keep your feet dry and safe. One of the advantages of rain boots also lies in the fact that they can be worn even in summer, especially when working in wet environments (construction, fishmongers, butchers, slaughterhouses, agro factories -eating…). Even hardcore gardening and landscaping enthusiasts can benefit from it.

Rain boots standards

Rain boots will never have the same features as work shoes. However, for all of them to be equally effective, manufacturers and, above all, professional users will need to pay close attention to standards as well as materials used. Their own safety is at stake. Thus, it is important, even essential, to choose rain boots that are perfectly suited to the job you do. The reason for this is that they have been designed according to very specific standards that meet the meticulous requirements of each profession. Examples include rain boots for professional use which comply with SRC, CI, SRA and S4 standards. The SRC standard is a standard that concerns the sole of the boot, rain boot, construction boot, this standard exists for many models. It is a combination of the SRA and SRB standard. The objective of this SRC sole is resistance to slipping on any type of floor (ceramic, steel, etc.) covered with water, detergent or glycerine. They therefore allow the work shoe to be non-slip to avoid all foot injuries. The most efficient are classified OB and S5. They have an anti-perforation sole, thus offering the feet optimal safety.

Waterproof rain boots: PVC and Rubber

Depending on the material, there is a various range of rain boots, including those made of rubber, PVC, plastic and polyurethane. Some recently designed models even have a heat-insulating character. They are ideal for people who regularly have to deal with harsh climatic conditions. Like the standards, the choice of material must take into account the use of the rain boot. It is important to know that the rain boot remains different from the safety shoe.

Rain clothing: The different ranges of rain boots for professional use

Sealing, durability, resistance, flexibility and comfort /strong> are all points to scrutinize when deciding to buy a new pair of work rain boots to deal with bad weather. Moreover, manufacturers spare no effort to offer quality products that meet the personal and professional requirements of everyone. Here are some questions to think about before getting started: for what purpose? In which place ? Under what climatic conditions? Those who operate on smooth and often wet surfaces will appreciate wearing quick-drying rain boots and grip with double anchor . Lined or lined, they will be as practical as they are comfortable. There are also models with cushioning which are mainly intended for intensive use. Rain boots with quick release, on the other hand, are very suitable for professionals in the construction, of the agri-food, of the maintenance and logistics.

Beyond specific features and materials, work rain boots also come in several colors and brands to suit the tastes and style of the worker. each, men and women confused. The most demanding can also refine their search according to the height of the boot and the heel, and the size of the calf circumference.

Professional rain boots: mix of tradition and modernity

The term "rain boot" instantly brings us back to the days of our childhood when walking in puddles and doing gardening gave a great feeling of fun strong>. The manufacturers are keen at all costs to preserve this state of mind while adding a touch of modernity and authenticity to their models. Many brands have earned a reputation for the design of their rain boots. Marrying easily with most outfits, they allow young people and adults alike to sport a look that is both simple and trendy.

A complete work outfit: jacket, parka, jacket, trousers, overalls, boots

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