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  1. Stretch straight jeans WOMEN RICA LEWIS ODEL
    • Eco-responsible
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    Stretch straight jeans WOMEN RICA LEWIS ODEL
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  2. Stretch straight jeans WOMEN RICA LEWIS OLENKA
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    Stretch straight jeans WOMEN RICA LEWIS OLENKA
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2 Items

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When we talk about the Rica Lewis brand, we immediately think of jeans. It is not for nothing that it is the leader of the jeans industry. Since its creation in 1928, it has been making essential clothes dedicated to the army, craftsmen, gardeners or the handyman. Today, it has in its collections several models of trousers, tee-shirts, polos or jackets. strong>. A wide choice of high quality ready-to-wear, for men and for women, in which you can combine professionalism and trend. Each model is distributed on an unbeatable quality-price ratio.

Why choose professional outfits from Rica Lewis?

The outfit of this French brand has seduced several generations since its creation. As professional workwear, Rica Lewis has made sure to combine innovation and protection in compliance with the requirements of standards safety imposed by law. Whether it is a new creation or the revisiting of classic outfits, each model embodies the value of the brand. The outfits have a nice cut and beautiful finishes. Apart from the fact that they guarantee optimal safety, they ensure robustness and comfort.
Each outfit is made from technical fabrics specially designed to provide a level of safety that meets the expectations of any professional. Namely:
  • The fibrelex : It is a extensible fabric resistant to deformation and creases. It is both sturdy and comfortable.
  • The cordula : It is a much more resistant fabric than cotton or polyester. It resists abrasion, tear and puncture. It is appreciated for its lightness and breathability.
  • The coolmax: it is made of multi-channel polyester fiberswhich provide breathability to the outfit
  • The thermolite: It is a hollow polyester fabric that offers technical insulation.
  • Organic cotton: this is its eco-responsible side.

Rica Lewis work jeans

Although the brand has other outfits, these collections are more focused on jeans. Like all work clothes, jeans offer protection against various risks such as dirt, abrasion or cold. Jeans combine comfort and resistance in one piece. It's the little extra that brings a touch of modernity to your professional look. Moreover, it is possible to find them in a slim jeans version. It is compatible with many sectors of activity.

The right jeans for every job

Whatever your field of activity, work jeans always have their advantages in terms of elegance and safety. You just have to choose the jeans that go with your job.

  • The professionals of the Construction industry: the construction jeans is the most recommended. This type of jeans is ultra-resistant and has several reinforcements in strategic places. In addition, it accentuates the durability of the pants.
  • The plumbers and tilers: the jeans with multiple pockets is the ideal choice. This ensures that the model is easy to use and is also very practical for this work.
  • Logistics, transportation and professionals industry: Pretty classic and traditional jeans work best with these jobs. There are several models of excellent quality suitable for you.

The Rica Lewis workwear catalog

In its early days, high-end Rica Lewis workwear appealed only to men. The majority of the collections that the brand develops concerned only men. But with evolution, women started to score more ground in terms of Lewis jeans. There are over a hundred Rica Lewisworkwear for both sexes on the market today.

Odel stretch straight jeans for women

These women's work pants are part of the eco-responsible collections, as they are made from 99% organic cotton fabric and the remaining 1% in spandex. Its stretch fabric adds the ease of mobility that every professional needs. It allows women to wear workwear pants that are soft, lightweight and comfortable. Its adjustable straight cut gives a touch of modernity to its user. Added to this are these 5 pockets allowing the carrying of some personal effects. It has a button closure and a zip fly for easy dressing. This article is only available in blue color.

Olenka stretch straight jeans for women

Also available in blue, it is made mainly from organic cotton which is GOTS certified, and 1% elastane. Apart from this detail, each pair of pants in this model has the same features as the previous one.