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  1. Helly Hansen Xtra Protective Knee Pads
      Helly Hansen Xtra Protective Knee Pads
      Special Price €22.68 €18.90 Regular Price €25.20
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        Falling Price
      Thinsulate Result Lightweight Work Cap
      As low as €3.53 €2.94 Regular Price €3.92
    • Noir
      • Promo -30
      Minto Beanie Helly Hansen
      As low as €14.28 €11.90 Regular Price €20.40
    • Rouge
        WW Beanie Helly Hansen Beanie
        As low as €19.20 €16.00
      • Sac marin imperméable KIMOOD
        • Eco-responsible
        KIMOOD waterproof duffel bag
        As low as €19.46 €16.22
      • Gris Clair
          KIMOOD cooler bag
          As low as €10.40 €8.67
        • Gris Clair
            KIMOOD double compartment cooler bag
            As low as €11.54 €9.62
          • Tour de Cou Minto Helly Hansen
              Minto Helly Hansen Neck Warmer
              Special Price €16.20 €13.50 Regular Price €18.00
            • Paire de genouillères z mousse Inox LMA
              • Bestseller
              Pair of LMA stainless steel foam knee pads
              Special Price €11.56 €9.63 Regular Price €13.60
            • Tour de cou cuisine LMA
              • Bestseller
              Tour de cou cuisine LMA
              Special Price €4.67 €3.89 Regular Price €5.50
            • Toque de cuisinier LMA
                Toque de cuisinier LMA
                Special Price €8.59 €7.16 Regular Price €10.10
              • Bleu
                • Eco-responsible
                KIMOOD toiletry bag
                As low as €5.86 €4.88
              • Ceinture Belt Helly Hansen
                  Belt Helly Hansen
                  Special Price €15.12 €12.60 Regular Price €16.80
                • Chaussettes de travail pack de 3 paires Caterpillar
                    Caterpillar work socks (pack of 3 pairs)
                    As low as €14.52 €12.10
                  • Lunettes de protection Caterpillar Tread Blanc
                      Caterpillar Tread Goggles
                      As low as €17.34 €14.45
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                        Dickies EVADALE acrylic work cap
                        As low as €24.46 €20.38
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                        CityGuard Briefcase
                        As low as €16.92 €16.92 Regular Price €29.00
                      • Washable barrier mask AFNOR UNS1 Boldoduc
                        • Outlet -30
                        Washable barrier mask AFNOR UNS1 Boldoduc
                        As low as €5.04 €4.20 Regular Price €7.20
                      • Disposable anti-projection mask Safety Jogger Type2R PHARMAMASK (Box of 50)
                        • Outlet -30
                      • Portwest Reusable 2-Ply Antimicrobial Fabric Face Mask (Box of 25)
                        • Outlet -30
                        Portwest Reusable 2-Ply Antimicrobial Fabric Face Mask (Box of 25)
                        As low as €24.11 €20.09 Regular Price €34.44
                      • Masque réutilisable tissu antimicrobien 3 couches Portwest (Boite de 25)
                        • Outlet -30
                        Portwest Reusable 3-Layer Antimicrobial Fabric Face Mask (Box of 25)
                        As low as €36.88 €30.73 Regular Price €52.68
                      • BLAKLADER fire retardant flame retardant beanie
                          Falling Price
                        BLAKLADER fire retardant flame retardant beanie
                        As low as €30.60 €25.50 Regular Price €36.00
                      • BLAKLADER Dipped Nitrile Gloves
                        • Outlet -25
                        BLAKLADER Dipped Nitrile Gloves
                        As low as €3.40 €2.83 Regular Price €4.54
                      • Bonnet Grosses Cotes Caterpillar Noir
                          Caterpillar Big Ribs Beanie
                          As low as €21.84 €18.20
                        • Caterpillar anti-abrasion gloves
                            Caterpillar anti-abrasion gloves
                            As low as €31.08 €25.90
                          • Result Recycled Acrylic Thermal Insulated Beanie
                            • Eco-responsible
                            • Falling Price
                            Result Recycled Acrylic Thermal Insulated Beanie
                            As low as €4.67 €3.89 Regular Price €5.18
                          • PORTWEST 3-ply mask with nose strip (Box of 25)
                            • Promo -30
                            PORTWEST 3-ply mask with nose strip (Box of 25)
                            As low as €40.57 €33.81 Regular Price €57.96
                          • Sac Pen Duick
                              Sailor style bag Pen Duick
                              Special Price €17.93 €14.94 Regular Price €21.10

                            Items 1-32 of 709

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                            What is PPE?

                            Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are devices designed to preserve the safety and health of workers in their workplace. This equipment acts as a protective barrier between the worker and various potential hazards, such as falling objects, hazardous chemicals, excessive noise and airborne particles.

                            PPE can encompass a variety of items, from safety helmets to protect the head to safety shoes to protect the feet. The main objective of PPE is to minimize the risk of accidents and injuries, thereby contributing to overall safety in the workplace.

                            Personal protective equipment (PPE) encompasses various categories, from helmets protecting the head to masks covering the face, including reinforced pants to secure the lower body. Each piece of PPE is designed with precise details to provide maximum protection in specific conditions. Users also have the possibility to modify certain aspects of their equipment, such as adding additional filters on masks or adjusting straps on helmets, for a perfect adaptation to their needs and increased comfort.

                            The different types of Personal Protective Equipment

                            PPE for head protection

                            As the head is a particularly vulnerable area, head protection PPE is crucial. Safety helmets provide protection against shock, falling objects and impacts, keeping workers safe in potentially hazardous environments.

                            Depending on the type of work, caps and hoods may also be used for additional protection, for example, against splashes of corrosive liquids or chemical splashes.

                            PPE for eye and face protection

                            The eyes and face are exposed to various hazards in the workplace. PPE such as safety glasses provide a barrier against flying particles, splinters, and irritating chemicals. Face shields are also essential in environments where splashes or splashes are common.

                            It is imperative to choose PPE adapted to the type of risks to which workers may be exposed, thus guaranteeing optimal protection.

                            PPE for hearing protection

                            hearing protection are essential in noisy environments. Earplugs and noise-canceling headphones are PPE designed to minimize the risk of hearing damage from prolonged exposure to high sound levels. It is crucial to adapt the type of hearing protection according to the specific noise level in each working environment.

                            PPE for respiratory protection

                            In environments where suspended particles or toxic gases are present, respiratory protection are essential. Respirator masks and air filtration devices are PPE that create a physical barrier against harmful substances, ensuring safe breathing for workers.

                            PPE for hand and arm protection

                            Hands and arms are often exposed to hazards such as cuts, abrasions and chemicals. Appropriate work gloves, arm warmers and specific protective equipment are essential to avoid injuries. The choice of glove type depends on the specific job and potential hand hazards.

                            PPE for body protection

                            work clothing and protective clothing, such as full-body coveralls and aprons, provide a physical barrier against hazardous substances , flames and other potential hazards to the body. The choice of protective clothing must take into account the specific risks associated with the work, thus ensuring adequate protection.

                            PPE for protecting feet and legs

                            safety shoes, reinforced boots, working knee pads and shin guards are examples of essential PPE to ensure the safety of feet and legs in environments where Heavy objects or tripping hazards are present. Proper fit and compliance with safety standards are crucial to ensure optimal protection.

                            How to choose the right Personal Protective Equipment?

                            The choice of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is crucial to ensure effective protection of workers. Several factors should be considered when selecting appropriate PPE:

                            1. Risk Identification: A comprehensive risk assessment specific to each work environment helps determine the types of PPE needed.
                            2. Compliance with Standards: PPE must comply with current standards and regulations. Make sure the equipment you choose meets the safety requirements specific to your sector.
                            3. Adaptability: PPE must be adapted to the specific tasks of workers. Appropriate fit and increased comfort promote regular wearing of equipment.
                            4. Training: Workers must be trained in the correct use of PPE. Understanding good practices strengthens the effectiveness of protection.

                            The responsibility of the employer and the employee

                            Safety at work is a responsibility shared between the employer and the employee. Employers must:

                            • Provide PPE: The employer is responsible for providing the necessary PPE based on the identified risks.
                            • Train workers: Adequate training on the correct use of PPE is essential to ensure optimal protection.
                            • Ensuring Compliance: Employers must ensure that PPE meets applicable standards and regulations.

                            Employees are also responsible for:

                            • Wear PPE: Workers must wear the PPE provided in accordance with instructions and good practice.
                            • Report Problems: Employees must report any problems or need for replacement of PPE to their employer.
                            • Participate in Training: Workers must actively participate in training on the correct use of PPE.

                            Care and maintenance of PPE

                            Regular maintenance of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is essential to ensure their long-term effectiveness. Important steps include:

                            1. Regular inspection: PPE should be inspected regularly for signs of damage or wear.
                            2. Proper cleaning: PPE should be cleaned according to the manufacturer's instructions to maintain its functionality.
                            3. Replacement when needed: Any damaged or worn PPE should be replaced immediately to ensure continued protection.

                            Challenges and developments in the field of PPE

                            The field of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is constantly evolving to respond to new challenges and technological advances. Some challenges and emerging trends include:

                            • Integrated Technology: The integration of technologies such as Bluetooth connectivity and sensors to improve monitoring and communication.
                            • Innovative Materials: The development of lighter, more durable and environmentally friendly materials for PPE.
                            • Virtual Training: The use of virtual reality to train workers on the correct use of PPE in simulated virtual environments.
                            • Personalization: The customization of PPE according to the individual needs of workers for an optimal fit.

                            Stay informed of developments in the field of PPE to ensure your business remains at the forefront of workplace safety.

                            Discover the vast world of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) where every detail is carefully referenced to ensure the protection, safety and well-being of workers. Each page of this guide displays the different equipment available, from the dress code of shoes to the use of gloves, and highlights the potential risks associated with each type of work. As part of the implementation of safety standards, each company has the choice of different equipment to protect its staff. Whether in the category of clothing, respiratory masks or noise-cancelling headphones, each type of equipment is available to meet the specific needs of each business.

                            The employer, as guarantor of safety at work, must provide detailed training on the use of PPE. Whether it is fitting respiratory masks in case of COVID risk, hearing protection against noise, or the use of glasses to improve visibility, training is key to ensuring that every worker is well informed and protected. Whether you work within a strict dress code, requiring the wearing of PVC pants, or you are in a company where chemical hazards require specific protection, each employee must be properly equipped and trained.

                            Our commitment to workplace safety goes beyond footwear. Discover our wide selection of personal protective equipment, including high-quality work clothing for complete protection. Work shoes are complemented by our range of hearing protection, essential in noisy environments. Ensure respiratory safety with our respiratory protection. Protect your head with our quality head protection. Work gloves provide optimal hand protection, while our work knee pads provide additional comfort. Explore our practical work luggage to transport your tools safely. For risky situations at height, our fall protection equipment is essential. Add the finishing touches with our shoe accessories and other PPE accessories. For worker comfort, our anti-fatigue mats are an ideal choice. Finally, ensure health safety with our first aid and first aid kits.