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  1. WOMEN'S NEUTRAL long-sleeved T-shirt
    • Eco-responsible
    WOMEN'S NEUTRAL long-sleeved T-shirt
    As low as €15.00 €12.50
  2. NEUTRAL organic cotton long-sleeved t-shirt
    • Eco-responsible
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    NEUTRAL organic cotton long-sleeved t-shirt
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  3. NEUTRAL WOMEN piqué polo shirt
    • Eco-responsible
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    NEUTRAL WOMEN piqué polo shirt
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  4. Unisex brushed organic cotton sweatshirt NEUTRAL
    • Eco-responsible
  5. Zipped hoodie WOMEN NEUTRAL
    • Eco-responsible
    Zipped hoodie WOMEN NEUTRAL
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  6. NEUTRAL MEN zipped hoodie
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    NEUTRAL MEN zipped hoodie
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6 Items

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The wearing of work clothes is now compulsory in multiple sectors, whether in the field of catering, industry, the building, transportation, crafts, logistics or green spaces. And for good reason, this equipment is intended to protect each worker from the various risks to which they are exposed in their work area. Most work clothes are provided by the company, but if you have to buy your own uniform, opt for reliable models like those of the brand Neutral.

Who is Neutral?

Neutral is a company based in Copenhagen Denmark, and it is one of the leading producers of sustainable clothing and accessories for the B market to B.

The brand has more than 20 years of experience in the conventional textile industry, and today it is a platform dedicated to the manufacture of sustainable clothing, designed with respect for people and the planet.

It is covered by international sustainability standards, and has the highest social, ethical and environmental criteria in the market for promotional and professional clothing.

Why choose Neutral workwear?

Made from 100% organic cotton, Neutral workwear is light, strong, comfortable and durable. They come in several models, and are suitable for all seasons, such as sweatshirts that provide warmth in winter, and T-shirts that cool in summer.

The outfits are also available in different sizes and colors, and there are models for women, for men and even for children . In its collection you will find T-shirts, polo shirts, hoodies, shirts, tank tops, etc.

In addition, all Neutral clothing can be personalized with your company logo or according to any marketing or corporate event.

In addition to offering functional and high-performance clothing, Neutral is also a committed and eco-responsible brand, which has received numerous certifications such as:

The GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard): which certifies that Neutral products are made from 100% organic cotton. It also attests to the use of organic fertilizers and earthworms instead of chemicals, and that the picking was done by hand by the farmers, without toxic substances.

EU ECOLABEL: which certifies that the brand treats and reuses wastewater, and that it reduces and recycles its waste. It uses only environmentally friendly dyes that comply with the standards imposed by the European ecological label.

The OEKO-TEX : which certifies the non-presence of dangerous chemicals or harmful substances in the finished products. Neutral work clothes are therefore clean and ready to wear, without you having to wash them.

The NEUTRAL RESPONSIBILITY : which certifies that the company uses renewable energy instead of conventional energies, and that it contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Apart from that, Neutral workwear complies with European standards for workwear, which are:

The EN 340 standard: which contains the general requirements concerning protective clothing such as ergonomics, comfort, dimensions, resistance, harmlessness, etc.

Standard EN 342 and EN 343: which certifies the resistance of clothing to bad weather, namely cold, wind, snow, humidity and rain. Where to get Neutral work clothes?

You can buy your Neutral work clothes on the Internet, in supermarkets, or in specialized PPE stores . Besides, here are some models that can serve as a reference:

The Women's Neutral long-sleeved T-shirt: it is made from brushed organic cotton and jersey knit. Simple and comfortable, this T-shirt provides a modern and stylish look. It is practical and functional, and very easy to maintain. You just have to wash it at a temperature of 40°C, then tumble dry it at low temperature. To complete your outfit, pair it with jeans and a sweatshirt in winter, and with shorts or work bermudas in summer.

The Men's Zipped Hoodie: it is a chic and comfortable garment, with a lined hood and a combed interior, with a light layer of soft down. It offers excellent protection against the sun and the cold, and its hood also protects you from wind, snow or rain. An essential accessory for outdoor work, which offers great thermal retention and excellent freedom of movement. It is versatile and functional thanks to its kangaroo pocket, which keeps hands warm and stores small items. It also has a large coordinated zip closure which brings this practical and aesthetic side, and flat drawstrings for a perfect fit. You can combine it with trousers and work shoes for maximum comfort and safety.