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  1. Eco-responsible sports bag Kimood
    • Eco-responsible
    Eco-responsible sports bag Kimood
    As low as €11.86 €9.88
  2. Ceinture de Travail Elastiquée PORTWEST Jaune
      Elasticated Work Belt PORTWEST
      As low as €5.46 €4.55
    • Kit forestier PHEOS UVEX - Vue de profil - Jaune
      • Free delivery
    • Casque de protection PHEOS B-S-WR UVEX EN 397 - Blanc
      • Rouleau porte-outils WK. Designed To Work - Intérieur 2
          Tool roller WK. Designed To Work
          As low as €6.78 €5.65
        • Bleu
          • Eco-responsible
          KIMOOD toiletry bag
          As low as €5.86 €4.88
        • Noir
            Blaklader work suspenders
            As low as €55.14 €45.95
          • Camouflage kaki
            • Outlet -40
            Cover for CityGuard 60L
            As low as €18.60 €15.50 Regular Price €31.00
          • Noir
              CityGuard Briefcase
              As low as €24.17 €24.17
            • Portwest Hand Wipes (100 Wipes)
                Portwest Hand Wipes (100 Wipes)
                As low as €6.16 €5.13
              • HV Coverguard refreshing safari jacket
                  HV Coverguard refreshing safari jacket
                  As low as €11.90 €9.92
                • Noir
                    Helly Hansen Logo Suspenders
                    As low as €30.00 €25.00
                  • Jaune / Noir
                      Portwest 7 LED rubber flashlight
                      As low as €8.63 €7.19
                    • Noir
                        Portwest TASKFORCE Safety Flashlight
                        As low as €27.98 €23.32
                      • Noir
                          Portwest HIGH POWER Pocket Flashlight
                          As low as €10.56 €8.80
                        • Marron
                            Blaklader metal buckle leather belt
                            As low as €37.64 €31.37
                          • Gris Foncé
                              Notus Herock Adjustable Belt
                              As low as €13.60 €11.33
                            • Noir
                                HH Logo Webbing Belt Helly Hansen
                                As low as €19.20 €16.00
                              • Marron
                                • Favourite
                                Carhartt Leather Belt
                                As low as €61.42 €51.18

                              Items 1-32 of 71

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                              In order for an employee to be able to carry out his work efficiently and in complete safety, the employer must provide him, in addition to work clothes, with suitable accessories. Oxwork offers many personal protection items, storage and tools, below are some examples.

                              Safety helmets

                              Safety helmets are protective equipment used to prevent fractures or cranial trauma, intracranial hemorrhages and scalp wounds. The helmet must be able to absorb shocks and be puncture and flame resistant. EN 397 is the basic standard for safety helmets for professional use.

                              Belts and suspenders for work trousers

                              Wearing a belt or suspenders is necessary to keep the pants in place and to move easily. Oxwork offers Logo suspenders from the Helly Hansen brand to accompany a stylish and elegant work outfit. They are adjustable and are made of synthetic woven fabric.

                              The brand also has many belts in leather or elastic canvas, adjustable by stretch stretch or with buckle, etc.

                              Support belts

                              A support belt, or lumbar belt, helps protect and support the spinal joints. The use of this accessory is recommended for people who carry heavy loads.

                              Oxwork sells, for example, the Coverguard lumbar belt with dimensions of 335 × 223 cm. It is possible to have a variable pressure thanks to a Velcro fastening system. Its breathable, padded mesh fabric makes it comfortable to wear.

                              Shoe soles

                              Buying shoe insoles adapted to your needs can minimize the consequences of working in a standing position all day long. They absorb energy at the heel. This way, you will be less tired at the end of the day.

                              There are also thermal insoles that keep you from getting cold. They warm the feet.

                              PPE storage

                              To ensure the protection and longevity of PPE accessories, storage equipment must be used. There are many items to choose from depending on the industry. For example, there is the Cityguard brand para cover, with a capacity of 60 L. It is suitable for transporting hunting or survival equipment. It is tear and weather resistant. You can also opt for the Kimood brand sports bag which can hold up to 47 litres.

                              There are also ideal bags for transporting your files, such as the Cityguard brand briefcase. It is rigid, strong and light. Thanks to its many exterior and interior pockets, you can store your laptop and your small essentials. It can be carried by hand or as a shoulder strap.

                              Work tools

                              Small work tools must be within easy reach of workers. Oxwork offers lamps, cutters and other items.

                              Work lamps

                              Work lights are essential for security guards and those who perform maintenance tasks. At Oxwork, you have the choice between many models. There is for example the 7 LED rubber flashlight from the Portwest brand which is yellow and black. Its rubber finish makes it easy to handle. It has an autonomy of eight hours. This product is RoHS compliant.

                              You can also choose the Portwest brand high power pocket flashlight, its finish is aluminum. This accessory has an adjustable belt clip. The beam can reach up to 150m. This accessory is RoHS compliant.

                              The brand also offers Portwest headlamps such as the Dual Power model, which has an eight-hour battery life. You can set the function: strong, weak or flash. This accessory is powerful, compact and light.


                              Cutters are used to mark materials, cut away excess material, scrape surfaces, etc. There is a wide choice of fixed position or retractable models at Oxwork. There is for example the retractable blade cutter from Portwest which is made for the field of material handling and construction. The set also includes 10 spare blades. The brand also sells spare blades.

                              In addition to accessories for individual use, at Oxwork you can find absorbent maintenance mats, wet floor signs and many other items.