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Work shoes are pairs dedicated to people working in certain sectors of activity that are risky. These risks can be heavy objects falling or being crushed. If you are looking for quality safety shoes, you can trust the Magnum brand for high-end, high-quality work shoes, safety shoes. You will find what you are looking for with the brand for work shoes that correspond to your professional or particular activity.

Magnum: brand of intervention shoes

Wearing personal protective equipment or PPE is essential in a high-risk workplace. The Magnum brand is a benchmark in the design of intervention footwear such as Rangers and military boots to meet all requirements. Employees and law enforcement do not think twice before buying a pair of Magnum safety shoes.

Indeed, safety shoes are intended for professionals who carry out work exposing them to the risk of crushing or falling heavy objects.

The Magnum company is an international standard of quality footwear. It is best known for its high-performance boots that have advanced technology. Each model has been tested and certified to follow the European ISO standard. Security guards such as police officers or firefighters are beneficiaries of the Magnum brand.

Oxwork provides you with Magnum brand safety shoes and work shoes that are right for you and obviously suitable for your industry. There are several models that have qualities, incomparable robustness for all trades.

The particularity of Magnum brand safety shoes

The materials used by the brand are chosen beforehand. Magnum brand safety shoes have a protective toe cap for better toe safety. They also feature a upper for strength, water resistance and breathability. The anti-perforation sole in textile or stainless steel that makes up the shoes is intended to resist the penetration of sharp objects. These shoes are also equipped with removable insoles and multi-material or mono-material outsoles in EVA . Outsoles are usually used as outsoles or intermediates. Magnum shoes also have a comfort insole or interchangeable and removable insole. They also have additional elements such as protection of the malleoli and metatarsals, a on the toe cap rigid. p>

Magnum high work shoes in the Oxwork online store

The undisputed reference Magnum has created shoes adapted to each situation. There are several models of the brand that are available on the online store. Here is a non-exhaustive list of safety shoes on Oxwork:

Classic Magnum Boots

TheMagnum Classic Rangers meet the quality requirements of military and security agents. This pair features a thick canvas and leather upper. This is to ensure its strength and durability. Cambrelle liners wick away perspiration to keep you dry. For more flexibility in walking and for more advantages, they are equipped with a steel shank. The Classic rangers have anti-rust eyelets. These are reliable models that have cold-insulating carbon rubber outsoles. They are non-slip and do not degrade on contact with hydrocarbons.

Centurion Magnum work shoes

The Centurion work shoes from the Magnum 8.0 SZ Black brand provide both protection and comfort. They are extremely reliable and comply with the requirements of the EN ISO 20341: 2012 OB E FO SRA standard. Each of these pairs has the quality of a breathable leather material to guarantee great lightness throughout the day. The presence of anti-abrasion nylon ensures unbeatable resistance against shocks. These items are also equipped with protective toes and padded tongues which further limit the risk of injury. These Centurion work shoes are easy to put on and easy to take off thanks to its zipper and laces with tips.

Lynx 8.0 SZ Magnum work shoes

These pairs of shoes are specially dedicated to the military. With their reliability as well as their high quality, they have been certified and tested according to the European standard in ISO. They are made of nylon and leather. The upper is waterproof, strong and breathable. These are models with a zipper on the inner side to make it easier to take off and put on. As for the midsoles in EVA guarantees excellent cushioning. For the outsoles, they have been designed in carbon rubber. This is to be able to make them resistant to hydrocarbons. In addition, their non-slip notches prevent slipping events.