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  1. Blanc
    • Outlet -40
    Isacco Lugano women's white medical coat long sleeves 100% cotton
    As low as €14.39 €11.99 Regular Price €23.98
  2. Blanc
    • Outlet -40
    Isacco Abitino Stretch women's white medical coat
    As low as €17.99 €14.99 Regular Price €29.98
  3. Blouse standard femme Portwest
      Standard Portwest Women's Blouse
      As low as €21.04 €17.53
    • Blouse de travail Femme Portwest Princesse
      • Outlet -40
      Portwest Princess Women's Work Smock
      As low as €13.99 €11.66 Regular Price €23.32
    • Blanc
      • Outlet -40
      Premier Beauty & Spa Tunic
      As low as €17.28 €14.40 Regular Price €28.80
    • Blanc
      • Outlet -40
      Pack of 10 Portwest Visitors Disposable Polypropylene Gowns
      As low as €7.16 €5.97 Regular Price €11.94
    • Blanc
        Portwest Standard Blouse
        As low as €18.48 €15.40
      • Blanc
        • Outlet -40
        White unisex dentist tunic Isacco Dentista sewn buttons
        As low as €15.59 €12.99 Regular Price €25.98
      • Bleu royal
        • Outlet -20
        Coverguard Partner 100% Cotton Work Smock
        As low as €18.60 €15.50 Regular Price €23.24
      • Blanc
          Portwest Polycotton Standard Smock
          As low as €22.79 €18.99
        • Blanc
          • Outlet -40
          White pharmacy blouse Isacco Davemport short sleeves 100% cotton
          As low as €16.79 €13.99 Regular Price €27.98
        • Blouse Homme Agroalimentaire 1 poche Portwest Blanc
            Portwest Men's Agrifood 1 Pocket Blouse
            As low as €18.48 €15.40
          • WOMEN VELILLA short stretch blouse
            • Outlet -40
            WOMEN VELILLA short stretch blouse
            As low as €19.68 €16.40 Regular Price €34.50
          • Velilla long blouse with buttons
            • Outlet -40
            Velilla long blouse with buttons
            As low as €14.82 €12.35 Regular Price €26.00
          • WK unisex work coat. Designed To Work
              WK unisex work coat. Designed To Work
              As low as €20.66 €17.22
            • Blanc
                Women's medical tunic LMA CLINIQUE
                As low as €16.02 €13.35
              • blouse de travail verte LAMPE LMA
                  green work coat LAMPE LMA
                  As low as €22.06 €18.38
                • Blouse Blanche de laboratoire 100% coton PALETTE LMA
                    White lab coat 100% cotton PALETTE LMA
                    As low as €15.76 €13.13
                  • tunique classique femme stretch fermeture eclair portwest bleu devant
                    • Tunique de maternité femme extensible fermeture éclair Portwest Bleu
                      • Turquoise
                        • Blanc
                            Portwest Wrap Tunic
                            As low as €22.18 €18.48
                          • Blanc
                            • Outlet -40
                            Isacco Coimbra women's white medical tunic 100% cotton short sleeves
                            As low as €16.79 €13.99 Regular Price €27.98
                          • Noir
                              Portwest Premier Women's Tunic
                              As low as €22.18 €18.48
                            • Marine
                                Portwest Modern Tunic
                                As low as €22.18 €18.48

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                              In many industries, wearing personal protective equipment is mandatory. It is most often work clothing that employees must wear to protect themselves from the risks associated with their job. PPE vary by occupation and some are required in multiple industries. This is also the case of the women's blouse, which is essential if your work falls within the scope of health, beauty, gastronomy or industry, among others. You will find in this article all the specificities of this professional uniform.

                              Work clothes: work blouse its characteristics

                              The work coat has been present in professional circles for many years. In its early days, it was only made with heavy fabrics so that they could effectively withstand the frequency of washing. Today, however, manufacturers are opting for lighter fabrics such as cotton or polyester. The main objective is to optimize the comfort of its user and to simplify the maintenance of the work coat.
                              The coat is intended to be worn over other clothing and can be long-sleeved or short sleeves. The choice will be made in relation to the profession exercised ( workers, doctor, home help). However, it is still important to specify that the length of a blouse must in no case exceed the knees. Otherwise, the wearer could be hampered in his movements. The work coat is generally used for cleanliness and hygiene purposes. And to make it easier to put on and take off, it has several buttons, either on the front or on the side.
                              A work blouse is work clothing that can be found under multiple lengths, so you can find work coats as: tunic, t-shirt, jacket, etc.

                              There are three types of blouses that are used for very different professional purposes:
                              The professional blouse: it is plain in color and is used in the fields of health and beauty.
                              The teacher's and schoolboy's blouse: which is used as a uniform, both for teachers and for students in a school.
                              The household blouse: which is generally characterized by the use of printed fabrics and the absence of sleeves.

                              The usefulness of a women's professional blouse

                              Trades and professions each have their own constraints and specificities. The women's work coat must therefore adapt to them. This means that this work garment must imperatively meet the requirements of such and such a profession, but also those of its user.
                              The usefulness of a women's work blouse allows everyone to recognize professionals by their work clothes. A psychological effect is omnipresent here, since the simple fact of seeing a doctor, a surgeon in a white coat allows a client or patient to be more reassured. Know that in the medical sector a patient will trust a nurse in a white coat more than another in ordinary clothes. Similarly, shoppers will be more attracted to traders such as butchers and bakers who wear a white-colored smock. This therefore means that we see a symbol of professionalism when a person wears one. But the most important thing is that we are reassured by the image of cleanliness and hygiene provided by the equipment. In a beauty salon, wearing a white lab coat for women as a work outfit for the beautician highlights her and optimizes her credibility in her work. Depending on the companies, sector of activity, the work outfit consisting of a blouse can be supplemented by other PPE, such as suitable work trousers, kitchen trousers for example or even in industry with work shoes. security.

                              Medical sector: women's tunic, home help blouse, doctor

                              In the medical sector, for example, the gown is used as personal protective equipment against possible bacterial or viral contamination. Its role can therefore be summed up as reducing the risk of spreading disease.

                              Ditto for laboratories: wearing a professional lab coat is essential to avoid contact with potentially dangerous chemicals.

                              In the medical sector, the gown can be worn by a caregiver, nurse, doctor, pharmacist, dentist, etc.

                              Agri-food industry: Women's worker blouse

                              In the catering industry, kitchen staff must wear overalls, not to mention other equally important PPE such as gloves, a charlotte, kitchen pants. Here, the blouse is commonly referred to as a chef's jacket and protects against dirt and possible burns. Some companies choose to personalize the blouse with company name embroidery. The blouse will be accompanied by kitchen trousers, an apron to ensure the complete protection of the employee, in the food industry the outfit of the workers will be finished with safety shoes.

                              Aesthetic sector: Short-sleeved blouse, jacket, women's tunic

                              In the world of aesthetics, the function of work coats is to protect your civilian clothes, but above all to allow customers to easily identify you. The dangers being less important compared to other sectors of activity, it is then possible for you to choose a shorter and sleeveless blouse for the summer, called a tunic blouse. It is also easier in this sector to vary the classic white color of the blouse by letting yourself be seduced by pinks, purple, etc.

                              The meaning of the white color of a blouse

                              You will no doubt have understood that the white color of a work coat is a symbol of softness, hygiene and purity. A healthy atmosphere is thus reflected. And besides, it is possible to assess the cleanliness of a place or a professional with such a color. Nowadays, despite everything, we observe more and more plain color blouses other than white, such as pink for dental assistants, beige for beauticians, etc.

                              White coat work clothes: where to buy your blouse at the best price?

                              Oxwork offers a wide range of women's blouses with various models depending on the sector of activity: medical, food, aesthetics, etc. Various cuts are available to you: tunics, jackets, blouses with short or long sleeve models, with a large choice of plain colors, to adapt to your profession whether you are doctors, workers, beauticians. To complete your outfit, you will find on our website all the PPE you will need: work pants, safety shoes, etc. We do not forget the men and offer men's work clothes as well. Treat yourself to quality products at the best price at Oxwork.