Work dungarees

A wide choice of overalls and overalls for professionals looking for comfort and timeless clothing. Our dungarees come in different sizes and colors, there's something for everyone.

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  1. LMA POTASSIUM coverall
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    LMA POTASSIUM coverall
    As low as €51.01 €42.51 Regular Price €53.70
  2. Gris
    • Outlet -30
    Bib overalls Portwest Texo Warsaw
    As low as €28.31 €23.59 Regular Price €40.44
  3. Orange / charbon
    • Outlet -30
    Helly Hansen ALTA INSULATED Hi-Vis Bib Overall
    As low as €58.80 €49.00 Regular Price €84.00
  4. Cotte à bretelle TROMSO BIB Helly Hansen
    • Outlet -30
    TROMSO BIB Helly Hansen suspender overall
    As low as €58.80 €49.00 Regular Price €84.00
  5. Jaune / Charbon
    • Promo -30
    POTSDAM Helly Hansen Hi-Vis Bib Overall
    As low as €88.20 €73.50 Regular Price €126.00
  6. Orange Fluo
    • Outlet -30
    Portwest HiVis Unlined High Visibility Bib Overalls
    As low as €33.18 €27.65 Regular Price €47.40
  7. Jaune / Charbon
    • Outlet -30
    ALNA BIB CL 2 high visibility overalls Helly Hansen
    As low as €79.80 €66.50 Regular Price €114.00
  8. Jaune / Charbon
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    YORK INSULATED CL I Helly Hansen Hi-Vis Bib Overall
    As low as €121.80 €101.50 Regular Price €174.00
  9. Orange / Charbon
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    High visibility bib overalls YORK INSULATED PANT CL II Helly Hansen
    As low as €127.68 €106.40 Regular Price €182.40
  10. Jaune
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    NARVIK BIB Hi-Vis Bib Overall Helly Hansen
    As low as €63.00 €52.50 Regular Price €90.00
  11. Jaune
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  12. Bleu
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    Bugatti BASTAING LMA 100% Cotton Overalls / Bib Overalls Blue
    As low as €28.87 €24.06 Regular Price €30.40
  13. Vert Foncé
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    Overalls / Bib Overalls Green Us BURIN LMA
    As low as €32.70 €27.25 Regular Price €32.70
  14. Pantalon de travail Chelsea Shell Helly Hansen
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    Chelsea Shell Work Pant Helly Hansen
    As low as €109.20 €91.00 Regular Price €156.00
  15. Jaune fluo
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    Portwest Two-Tone Breathable High Visibility Bib Overalls
    As low as €45.94 €38.28 Regular Price €48.36
  16. Orange
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    High Visibility Bib Overall GO/RT Portwest
    As low as €31.75 €26.46 Regular Price €45.36
  17. Jaune
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    Portwest Quilted Two-Tone Hi-Vis Bib Overalls
    As low as €45.90 €38.25 Regular Price €51.00
  18. Marine
      Portwest Sealtex Waterproof Bib Overall
      As low as €33.84 €28.20
    • Marine
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      Portwest Coldstore refrigeration pants
      As low as €92.99 €77.49 Regular Price €132.84
    • Jaune / Marine
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    • WK unisex work overalls. Designed To Work
      • Salopette bleu
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        Oxford Bib Dungarees Helly Hansen
        As low as €73.08 €60.90 Regular Price €104.40
      • salopette de travail zones reflechissantes puma work wear devant noir/ gris
        • Vert armee
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          Helly Hansen GALE BIB Bib Rain Pants
          As low as €53.76 €44.80 Regular Price €76.80
        • Vert Armée
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          Helly Hansen STORM BIB Bib Rain Pants
          As low as €79.80 €66.50 Regular Price €84.00
        • Jaune
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          Helly Hansen ALNA High Vis Bib Rain Pants
          As low as €84.00 €70.00 Regular Price €120.00
        • Orange
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          Mandal Helly Hansen Rain Overalls
          As low as €39.48 €32.90 Regular Price €56.40
        • Noir
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        Items 1-32 of 60

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        Work overalls have been designed for over a century of years to protect workers and to avoid getting dirty. Over the years, overalls have even landed in the fashion world as a comfortable item of clothing.

        Everyone recognizes a work coat when they see it. It is recognizable by its classic shape, a work coveralls with two straps to support the bottom . The pair covers the chest area. It has at least 4 large pockets. Over time, manufacturers have added their little personalized touch to stand out from the others. Fabrics vary from designer to designer. It is often found in blue, the color of the overalls varies depending on the function you perform.

        Discover our selection of overalls and work overalls, essential products for any professional looking to combine comfort and functionality. Each pant is designed with durable fabric to endure the rigors of daily work, while offering convenient pockets for easy access to your tools and accessories. Available in several sizes, our overalls and overalls meet various professional needs. Benefit from fast delivery so that you are equipped without delay, ready to face your working day with the best possible equipment.

        What is the role of the suspender suit?

        In the professional environment, it is more judicious to have workers wear practical clothing. Compared to the wetsuit, it is a little lighter and easier to put on. Again, she is chosen for:

        His protective side:

        For jobs such as a worker, gardener, mechanic, plumber or other, it protects against the risks of dirt. Especially those who touch motor oil or paint capable of leaving marks on clothing. The work overalls are waterproof and resistant to various substances. Made with resistant materials, it is made to last over time and to withstand the effects of wear.

        Its practical side:

        Why is the suspender jumpsuit practical? Because it has several pockets quite large. The combinations are really useful for storing necessary tools such as: hammers, wrenches, nails, and others. This work garment also ensures the comfortable side, because it is always wide to guarantee the mobility of whoever puts it on.

        What brand choice for work overalls?

        Several industries compete in the manufacturing of professional coveralls with straps. There are good quality ones and you just need to find the right model for each use. Three brands of overalls are the most recognized:

        Caterpillar work overalls:

        The Caterpillar brand builds its reputation thanks to its machines used in public works and buildings. Later, the brand developed the range of work clothing and all shapes are developed such as large size work overalls, denim work overalls, mechanic's and plumber's overalls, stretch work overalls, etc. .

        Carhartt work overalls:

        Carhartt is an American workwear brand. The overalls are his first creation. Their products are made from very durable fabrics (100% Duck canvas). If you are looking for work overalls for women or men, the brand will satisfy you with its production. Whether you're a plumber, mechanic or anything else, even if you just want some DIY overalls.

        Dickies Work Overalls:

        Created almost a century ago, Dickies has become a global workwear brand< /strong>. If you are looking for construction site, plumber, winter overalls with 100% cotton materials, these models are all available from this brand.

        How to recognize a good bib?

        Work overalls, in addition to protecting clothing, are also very practical clothing.

        Does color have meaning?

        It is important to know that the colors of the bib chain allow you to determine in which field the wearer works.

        Blue overalls:

        It is dedicated to mechanics and mechanics, that is to say to all those who are employed in the field of mechanics.

        Green work overalls:

        Those who wear green overalls are normally farmers, gardeners and anyone who works the land.

        White work overalls:

        This is reserved for those who work in the food industry. Workers in food factories often wear white overalls or coats.

        The color yellow:

        For road workers, their overalls are always decorated with fluorescent strips to make them easier to see at night, it's a question of safety.

        Rare companies follow this code and it is not required either. Moreover, they are now available in all possible colors: orange work overalls, red work overalls, black work overalls... The objective, however, remains unchanged: the practicality of the clothing while protecting those who wear it from dirt. the door.

        Work overalls and overalls are essential clothing for many professions, offering protection, comfort and functionality. These pieces, available for men and women, are designed in cotton, polyester or a blend of fabrics, including stretch options for greater mobility. Renowned brands such as Lafont, Molinel, Blaklader and Mascot offer a range of models in various colors, ranging from classic black to other shades for better visibility and adaptability to different working environments, such as the kitchen or industry. /p>

        These workwear stand out for their practical details, such as adjustable straps for a perfect fit, multiple pockets for tool storage, and sometimes integrated knee pads for additional knee protection. Overalls and overalls offer a comfortable alternative to traditional coveralls, allowing greater ease of movement while ensuring optimal safety.

        Professional reviews often highlight the quality and durability of these products, as well as their value for money, generally indicated including tax. The availability of these clothes varies, but most are easily accessible and can be combined with other work clothes, such as pants, jackets and blouses, for a complete outfit. Safety shoes can also be coordinated to provide all-round protection. In short, overalls and work overalls are preferred choices for professionals looking for robust, comfortable and functional clothing.

        Discover our selection of Work Coveralls, designed to meet the specific needs of different professions. The classic Work overalls remains a must-have for its durability and practicality. For those who prioritize ease of use, the Double Zip Coverall is a great option. High-risk environments require special clothing like Flame-retardant coveralls , providing protection against fire. For harsh weather conditions, Water-repellent coveralls are ideal. Welding Overalls are specially designed for those who work in welding, offering protection and comfort. Finally, the Single Closure Coverall is perfect for those looking for simplicity and efficiency.