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Find in this section a selection of cheap work clothes, cheap safety shoes cheap work coveralls, cheap work trousers at promotional prices. With free delivery from 99.00 incl. VAT, you're sure to get the bargain. You can also take the opportunity to consult the following brands of work clothes, safety shoes and men's work pants: Helly Hansen, LMA, Portwest, Dickies, Herock, Penduick, Result, Russel, Caterpillar, Carhartt

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  1. Blanc
    • Promo -30
    Kitchen Jacket Robur ASPIN
    As low as €95.20 €79.33 Regular Price €136.00
  2. Bleu
    • Outlet -30
    Chef's jacket Robur BABOR
    As low as €23.52 €19.60 Regular Price €33.60
  3. Marine
    • Promo -30
    Regatta Professional ACCESS Insulated Bodywarmer
    As low as €19.14 €15.95 Regular Price €27.34
  4. Blanc
    • Promo -30
    Robur ENERGY short-sleeved chef's jacket
    As low as €30.66 €25.55 Regular Price €43.80
  5. Blanc / Noir
    • Promo -30
    Robur EXPRESSIONTM women's short-sleeved kitchen jacket
    As low as €30.66 €25.55 Regular Price €43.80
  6. Blanc / Noir
    • Promo -30
    Long Sleeve Kitchen Jacket Robur ENERGYML
    As low as €30.66 €25.55 Regular Price €43.80
  7. Bleu royal / marine
    • Outlet -30
    Regatta Professional CONTRAST 300 Zip Fleece
    As low as €16.62 €13.85 Regular Price €23.74
  8. Beige
    • Outlet -30
    Short-sleeved kitchen jacket Robur SYNERGIE
    As low as €28.28 €23.57 Regular Price €40.40
  9. Blanc
    • Promo -30
    Long-sleeved chef's jacket Robur TAMISE
    As low as €20.86 €17.38 Regular Price €29.80
  10. Beige
    • Promo -30
    Kitchen Apron Robur VINI
    As low as €21.98 €18.32 Regular Price €31.40
  11. Noir
    • Promo -30
    Service Apron Robur CYPRUS
    As low as €16.38 €13.65 Regular Price €23.40
  12. Blanc / Navy
    • Promo -30
    Long-sleeved sailor T-shirt Divers Women Robur ANCRE
    As low as €56.98 €47.48 Regular Price €81.40
  13. Blanc
    • Promo -30
    Long-sleeved well-being blouse Robur ORION
    As low as €17.78 €14.82 Regular Price €25.40
  14. Marine foncé
    • Promo -30
    Interactive Fleece Regatta Professional THOR III
    As low as €17.06 €14.22 Regular Price €24.38
  15. Marine foncé
    • Outlet -30
    Regatta Professional MICRO Zip Fleece
    As low as €14.63 €12.19 Regular Price €20.90
  16. Chaussures de sécurité basses Uvex 1 x-tended support S3 SRC noir / rouge
    • Outlet -30
    • Free delivery
    Uvex 1 X-TENDED SUPPORT S3 SRC low safety shoes
    As low as €117.73 €98.11 Regular Price €168.18
  17. Beige
    • Outlet -30
    Shorts Regatta Professional ACTION
    As low as €16.73 €13.94 Regular Price €23.90
  18. Jaune
    • Outlet -30
    Uvex K JUNIOR ear defender
    As low as €27.96 €23.30 Regular Price €39.95
  19. Beige
    • Outlet -30
    Pants Regatta Professional ORIGINAL ACTION
    As low as €22.33 €18.61 Regular Price €31.90
  20. Orange / gris
    • Outlet -30
    Regatta Professional TACTICAL HI-VIS high visibility work trousers
    As low as €55.93 €46.61 Regular Price €79.90
  21. Gris
    • Promo -30
    THOR 350 Regatta Professional Fleece Jacket
    As low as €20.44 €17.03 Regular Price €29.20
  22. Kaki foncé
    • Outlet -30
    Regatta Professional INCURSION HOLSTER Pants
    As low as €39.13 €32.61 Regular Price €55.90
  23. Gris
    • Promo -30
    Shorts Regatta Professional HEROIC CARGO
    As low as €22.97 €19.14 Regular Price €32.82
  24. Marine / Orange
    • Outlet -30
    Safety shoes SRC Regatta Professional FAST
    As low as €65.72 €54.77 Regular Price €93.90
  25. Miel
    • Promo -15
    Parade BALLIA S3 SRC ESD women's safety shoes
    As low as €76.98 €64.15 Regular Price €90.56
  26. Miel
    • Promo -15
    Parade BRAGA S3 SRC ESD women's low safety shoes
    As low as €71.62 €59.68 Regular Price €84.26
  27. Gris
    • Promo -10
    Women's high safety shoes Parade BRAZZA S3
    As low as €80.98 €67.48 Regular Price €89.98
  28. Noir
    • Promo -15
    Parade DAISIE SB SRC women's safety clogs
    As low as €55.94 €46.62 Regular Price €65.82
  29. Noir
    • Outlet -15
    • Free delivery
    Parade DELIO S3 Women's Safety Boots
    As low as €106.82 €89.02 Regular Price €125.68
  30. Noir
    • Outlet -30
    Safety shoes high top S1P SRC Regatta Professional PRO DOWNBURST
    As low as €65.72 €54.77 Regular Price €93.90
  31. Marine
    • Promo -15
    • Bestseller
    High safety shoes Parade DICKA S1P SRC
    As low as €66.17 €55.14 Regular Price €77.84
  32. Noir
    • Promo -15
    DODGA S3 SRC Parade low safety shoes
    As low as €66.23 €55.19 Regular Price €77.92

Items 1-32 of 1989

Set Descending Direction

These days, work clothes are essential for many professions. Indeed, it is not only construction sites or construction companies that are looking for cheap work clothes for their staff. Various economic sectors also need this type of protection for their employees, in particular industry, energy or even certain artisans. But faced with the great diversity of the offer, it is important to favor a maximum level of protection without buying what is the most expensive on the market, and especially if it is a question of acquiring a large number of outfits. work at a time.

Inexpensive professional clothing: to protect the worker

Everyone knows that the primary purpose of work clothing is to protect the worker while he is at work. To sum up, the wearing of personal protective equipment (PPE) which includes cheap work clothes is subject to a European law which defines the trades which expose workers at risks already identified. In particular, it is a protection against certain products, electrocution, machinery, climate, altitude, etc. It should be noted that apart from this regulatory obligation, employers have an interest in protecting their employees with appropriate work clothes. In this way, they protect them from work accidents and possible occupational diseases. Which is an indirect way to reduce absenteeism and increase business productivity.

Inexpensive professional clothing: an interesting alternative

Employers are logically interested in low-cost workwear that provides them with optimal protection for their employees while allowing them to reduce their expenses on this chapter. Indeed, if the company has several dozen, or even a few hundred, employees who must be individually provided with work clothes, the bill can quickly become astronomical. Moreover, in addition to its protective function, this type of clothing can still help to enhance the image of the company.

A wide variety of inexpensive men's and women's clothing

Today, the existence of work clothes allows companies to provide their personnel with all the personal protective equipment they need to do his job. It should be noted that in many sectors, the wearing of safety shoes is also compulsory as soon as one enters inside a site, as the you are an employee or a simple visitor. There are high and low models to meet all needs. The manufacturers of this type of item have even managed the feat of offering the public non-metallic safety sneakers or city safety shoes. Do not forget the safety boots which are essential for certain trades.

When it comes to work clothes, the choice is wide depending on the sector of activity. Thus, it is possible to order cook aprons or kitchen jackets for caterers, restaurateurs and all catering trades. Very trendy, quilted or flannel check shirts are increasingly popular. The same goes for the multi-risk agricultural work suit, the overalls and the high-visibility rain pants which are essential for those who work outside and in the dark.

Work clothes at the best value for money at Oxwork

Concerned about worker safety, the Oxwork website sells a wide range of work clothes for men and women, at very low prices. attractive. The site works with several major brands in order to offer its customers high quality equipment. You will find everything you need to be well equipped from head to toe. Jackets, sweatshirts, sweaters, blousons, parkas, t-shirts, polo shirts, vests, ... You are spoiled for choice on the site whatever your job. In fact, long-sleeved, short-sleeved and sleeveless models are available to satisfy all tastes, and also to meet the needs of environmental conditions. Functional pants, shorts and coveralls are also available to protect the lower part of the body. Some models have many pockets for more practicality.

To complete the range, Oxwork provides you with robust and resistant safety shoes, not to mention work accessories such as caps, protective glasses, etc...

Where to find cheap work clothes? (jeans, pants, t-shirt, jumper, jumpsuit)

Nowadays, it is possible to find cheap professional clothing for both men and women, equality of gender oblige! You will find on our Oxwork online store, all of your work clothes (sweater, shorts, overalls, polo shirts, parkas, work pants). We offer you products adapted to your needs at a lower cost, but don't worry about your safety, the products correspond to the standards in force. The quality is also there, since the brands renowned in the field of clothing do not hesitate to invest in this strong>sector very buoyant. The competition is therefore very tough, offering companies the opportunity to make their purchases by combining quality and competitive price. Helly Hansen, LMA, Dickies, Portwest, Herock, Carhartt, Isacco, Result, Penduick, Russell .