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Discover our diverse range of work jeans on Oxwork, designed to combine style and functionality. Choose from multi-pocket, stretch or slim models, made from pure cotton denim or innovative fabrics for increased durability. Elevate your work outfit with our functional jeans.

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    Krono Herock work jeans
    As low as €53.54 €44.62 Regular Price €76.50
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    Work jeans Pluto Herock
    As low as €26.39 €21.99 Regular Price €37.70
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    • Bleu Marine
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      Kariban basic denim work jeans
      As low as €22.86 €19.05 Regular Price €32.66
    • LMA FLORIDE western 5-pocket jeans
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      LMA FLORIDE western 5-pocket jeans
      As low as €18.13 €15.11 Regular Price €25.90
    • LMA BALTIMORE 5-pocket denim jeans
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      LMA BALTIMORE 5-pocket denim jeans
      As low as €25.90 €21.58 Regular Price €37.00
    • Jean de travail multipoches à genouillères en denim stretch LMA BARIL
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      LMA BARIL stretch denim multi-pocket work jeans with knee pads
      As low as €37.31 €31.09 Regular Price €43.90
    • Jean de travail multipoches denim stretch slim Diadora STONE CARGO LIGHT
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      Diadora STONE slim stretch denim multi-pocket work jeans
      As low as €34.28 €28.57 Regular Price €42.85
    • Pantalon de travail pant stone ATHENA pour femme Diadora - Face
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      Stone ATHENA women's work trousers Diadora
      As low as €37.44 €31.20 Regular Price €46.80
    • jean-stretch-u-power-traffic bleu jean
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      U-POWER Traffic Stretch Work Jeans
      As low as €47.16 €39.30 Regular Price €58.96
    • Jean de travail denim résistant multipoches WK. Designed To Work
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      WK multi-pocket durable denim work jeans. Designed To Work
      As low as €40.48 €33.73 Regular Price €44.98
    • Noir
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      DURHAM FITTED Work Jeans Helly Hansen
      As low as €50.40 €42.00 Regular Price €72.00
    • Bleu
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      Diadora Stone Plus Denim work jeans
      As low as €39.35 €32.79 Regular Price €43.72
    • Jean de travail multipoches stretch Diadora PANT STONE 5PKT bleu
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      Diadora PANT STONE 5PKT stretch multi-pocket work jeans
      As low as €32.92 €27.43 Regular Price €41.15
    • Jean de travail multipoches stretch Diadora Cargo Stone Denim bleu
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      Diadora Cargo Stone Denim stretch multipocket work jeans
      As low as €39.35 €32.79 Regular Price €43.72
    • Bleu
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      Carhartt RUGGED FLEX STRAIGHT stretch work jeans
      As low as €66.76 €55.63 Regular Price €78.54
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      Craftsman work trousers Blaklader X1900 stretch pre-shaped knees
      As low as €136.36 €113.63 Regular Price €181.81
    • Marine / Noir
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      Blaklader X1500 cordura denim work trousers
      As low as €128.35 €106.96 Regular Price €183.36

    19 Items

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    Manufacturers of workwear did not take long to understand that every worker, whatever their field of work, activity, wants a cool and nice work outfit. It is in this context that work jeans quickly became a essential. To feel comfortable, the mechanic, the worker and the operational agent must be able to access the jeans that will complement their shoes as well as other safety accessories. This key piece will certainly rock the world of work suits into the world of ready-to-wear.

    Quality work clothing for men and women at unbeatable prices

    From a famous brand or from a small start-up, work jeans adapt to all needs. In this category, Oxwork allows you to easily find the size and cut that meets the requirements of your job. Choose from the specific and robust models that are currently on promotional sale. Also discover multi-pocket work jeans made with materials that will give you better comfort and great freedom of movement. To make things easier for you, we have broken down the specifics of this outfit in detail.

    Work pants: robust and functional one-piece jeans

    Denim has always been popular in the world of fashion. If this material is so appreciated, it is above all for its comfortable side. The reputation of jeans is built on the fact that they are an “indestructible” garment that is easy to put on.

    In its manufacture, work jeans are made of pure cotton denim fabrics. Sometimes, these are combined with elastane, thus obtaining a stretch material. Denim fabric is sometimes combined with Cordura to reinforce the stress areas of work jeans.

    It’s a garment made to last, it will be subjected to harsh tests, which is why jeans are an obvious choice compared to other materials. In addition, it offers good protection against microbes, dirt and other risky elements in the workplace, the jeans keep their promise of a resistant and durable denim textile in the long term.

    Our work jeans, incorporating elastane in their composition, offer unrivaled flexibility and comfort, essential for long working days. Their design includes multiple, practical pockets, perfect for keeping essential tools close at hand. When shopping on our site, you will discover a range of work jeans suitable for various professional needs, combining durability and style without compromising on functionality.

    A must-have work outfit

    On the construction site, in the mines or in the workshop, jeans have established themselves. We choose him appropriately according to his profession and his work environment. According to these criteria, the work jeans will then be selected according to the quality of the fabric, the weight (thickness of the textile expressed in grams per m²) and the color of the material. /strong>

    It should be noted that the greater the weight value, the heavier and more durable the pants. Construction jeans, for example, have a weight of 300 to 400 g/m². This characteristic gives the jeans better longevity and strength. These qualities are essential, because the jeans will be more suited to harsh conditions. Offering more protection to its wearer, construction jeans are suitable for low temperatures. On the other hand, in summer, comfort is doubly important. This is why softer jeans with a weight of 250 g/m² are strongly recommended.

    Choose the right work jeans

    For a wise choice in work jeans, you must first take into account the job you do. This detail will automatically direct you to the best suited pants characteristics. When choosing your work outfit, you should also consider the shape of the pants. Indeed, your work jeans must meet a requirement for practicality and comfort. Unless you want to invest in a specific model for women or men, you can simply opt for mixed jeans.

    Another important point: your work jeans must comply with the European standards for quality and safety in force for work clothing. You can access this information by referring to the label on your pants. Having landed in this category, you can easily choose your work jeans. Rest assured, all the articles offered here meet the required criteria.

    How to wear work jeans?

    Work jeans are an element of an outfit that is very easy to combine with other clothes to have a cool or very classy look. Whether pants, capri pants, slim, skinny, cargo or classic straight cut, you can wear it with several tops like work polo shirts, work t-shirts , work shirts, work tunic...

    Jeans go with everything so it depends on your style if you want to wear it with sneakers, boots, moccasins or even sandals. It is the centerpiece not to be missed in the dressing room, man or woman.

    Better than other work pants, jeans offer style to your look while ensuring protection and comfort throughout your working day.

    Please note that all other personal protective clothing and accessories are also available on the Oxwork website.

    Where to buy work jeans?

    Are you looking for work pants and more specifically slim, stretch work jeans, etc., with a durable fabric, storage pockets for everything within easy reach? Oxwork offers on its online store a wide choice of work jeans which will bring you comfort, practicality with a guaranteed casual look, we offer you the best value for money. To make the right choice, because our happiness is your complete satisfaction, you can contact our advisors for more information.

    Work clothing is designed to meet the requirements of various professions while ensuring the comfort and safety of professionals. Work pants, for example, often feature functional pockets and durable materials for increased longevity. work short pants offer a lighter alternative for warmer days, while still maintaining a adequate protection. For those who prefer even lighter options, work shorts and work bermudas are perfect choices. work underwear provides a first layer of comfort and can offer thermal or anti- sweaty. For optimal comfort during more casual workdays or in less formal environments, work jogging pants are a comfortable and practical option. Choosing suitable work clothing is crucial to ensuring both comfort and performance at work.

    Work jeans are a preferred option for professionals looking to combine comfort and functionality in their daily outfit. Reputable brands like Lafont and Blaklader offer a range of quality work jeans, designed to meet the demands of varied professional environments. These jeans, often made with a blend of polyester and elastane, offer good resistance while allowing a certain flexibility during movements. They are often available in standard black colors, pairing easily with other professional clothing such as blouses or jackets. One of the distinctive features of these jeans is the presence of knee pads or reinforcements at the knees, providing additional protection during work requiring kneeling. Multi-pocket models are particularly appreciated for their practicality, with pockets specially designed to store tools or other essential accessories. The purchase of these jeans is made easier by the availability of delivery, often fast, allowing professionals to receive their order in a short time. On online sales sites, a detailed list of products is generally available, with a reference code (ref) for each product, as well as reviews left by other buyers, thus helping to make an informed choice. Specific details of each model, such as the number and arrangement of pockets, fabric composition and sizing options, are also specified. Work jeans are more than just a fashion choice; they are essential equipment for professionals, contributing to their comfort and efficiency throughout the working day. With a variety of styles and features, every professional can find the jean that will perfectly suit their needs and preferences.