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    Eurotechnique 6810 anti-cut gloves (lot of 12 pairs of gloves)
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  6. Gants anti-coupure et anti-chaleur Kevlar Eurotechnique 35cm taille 10 (lot de 5 paires de gants)
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  7. Gants de manutention 32cm Eurotechnique enduits latex 3815
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    Eurotechnique Hydropellent work gloves (lot of 10 pairs of gloves)
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  9. Gants de manutention cuir Eurotechnique 2230
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    Eurotechnique 2230 leather handling gloves (lot of 10 pairs of gloves)
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    Eurotechnique 1NIBB precision work gloves (lot of 12 pairs of gloves)
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    Eurotechnique heat resistant gloves with protective sleeves (set of 5)
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Items 1-32 of 70

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Some jobs are more risky than others, but to preserve the safety and health of its employees, companies are always required to provide them with the necessary equipment. Eurotechnique work gloves are accessories offered to different structures to protect the hands of their employees during their working hours.

The role of Eurotechnique work gloves

Eurotechnique gloves are PPE gloves (Industrial Protective Equipment). Like all PPE, their main role is to preserve the health and safety of workers, and particularly their hands, against the risks associated with the practice of their work. This can range from risks against cuts to mechanical risks depending on the said activities. Depending on the type of gloves used, they can protect up to the wrists, but some cover up to the forearms and even up to the arms.

In addition to protecting against risks, models are also designed to facilitate the manipulation of certain objects. Some gloves are made in this way to prevent objects from slipping from the hands, while others are a little more flexible to ensure a certain dexterity for the wearer.

The basic requirement for Eurotechnique work gloves

The normEN 420 is the base standard for the manufacture of PPE gloves . Like all basic standards, it specifies the requirements concerning ergonomics, dexterity, safety and gives all the information a worker will need for its use. It will specify in particular the size of the glove since the wearer must use gloves that fit perfectly to his hand.

But while all PPE work gloves must be EN 420 standardized, there are also other additional standards that vary depending on the type of glove.

Specific standards for Eurotechnique work gloves - anti-heat / anti-cold /chemical protection / etc -

As mentioned above, other more specific standards that will complement the basic standard exist to protect workers from maximum risk. Apart from the EN 420 standard, 6 other main standards are widely used:

  • EN 388 : this standard is further divided into 2 categories. The first concerns all mechanical risks, the second includes impact cuts.
  • EN 511: it concerns the protection of the hands against the cold. EN 511 standard gloves are resistant to convective cold, contact cold and water (depending on the model).
  • EN 407: pairs of gloves that meet this standard protect against heat and/or fire.
  • EN 374 revised in 2004 : it refers to bacteriological and chemical protection (complete and simple).
  • EN 1082: concerns protection (up to the forearm) against stabs and cuts.
  • EN 13998: it is divided into 2 levels. Level 1 protects against a 1kg mass falling over 250mm, and level 2 against a 1kg object falling over 500mm.

All Eurotechnique brand gloves are EN 388 compliant and protect against mechanical risks. This encompasses protection (in order) against abrasion, cutting, tearing and puncture. However, the level of protection offered will depend on the numbers found (in this same order) on the pictogram. It goes from level 0 to 4 or 5 (for the cut). 0 being the lowest protection, and 4 or 5 the highest.

Although the standards governing Eurotechnique gloves seem few in number, these standards in fact cover a very wide range of work sectors. This includes in particular the field of BTP, the mechanics, woodworking, handling, 'electricity or just some gardening.

Concerned about the environment, many of the brand's gloves are "eco friendly". This term means that the material from which the glove is made is environmentally friendly, hygienic and can therefore be thrown away when it is no longer in use.