Women's safety sandals

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  1. Bleu
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    Lemaitre SANDFOX S1 SRC low safety shoe 100% non-metallic
    As low as €31.85 €26.54 Regular Price €45.50
  2. Noir / Rouge
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    Safety sandals Lemaitre DEFENDER S1P ESD
    As low as €43.49 €36.24 Regular Price €62.12
  3. Safety Jogger ALIZA OB ESD SRC Stretch Lycra Professional Sandals
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    Safety Jogger ALIZA OB ESD SRC Stretch Lycra Professional Sandals
    As low as €45.36 €37.80 Regular Price €64.80
  4. Practical work sandals Safety Jogger CARLY
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    Practical work sandals Safety Jogger CARLY
    As low as €45.36 €37.80 Regular Price €64.80
  5. Sandale de travail confortable médical FEMME ODILE OB ESD A SRC E blanc
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    Comfortable medical work sandal WOMAN ODILE OB ESD A SRC E
    As low as €43.12 €35.93 Regular Price €61.60
  6. Blanc
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    Portwest S1 SRC Ebro Steelite ESD Safety Sandals
    As low as €26.46 €22.05 Regular Price €37.80
  7. Bleu
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    Safety Jogger Sonora S1P safety sandals
    As low as €43.68 €36.40 Regular Price €62.40
  8. Sandales de sécurité Lemaitre Ampera S1 ESD SRC Blanches
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    Safety sandals Lemaitre Ampera S1 ESD SRC
    As low as €43.19 €35.99 Regular Price €61.70
  9. Gris / Orange
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    Safety sandals Lemaitre Sprinter S1 SRC
    As low as €39.04 €32.53 Regular Price €55.76
  10. Noir
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    Lemaitre Blackdragster S1 SRC safety sandals
    As low as €47.82 €39.85 Regular Price €68.32
  11. Gris
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    Portwest S1 Obra Steelite Safety Sandal
    As low as €26.02 €21.68 Regular Price €32.52

12 Items

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In the middle of summer, closed safety shoes are not the most ideal because of the heat and the perspiration it causes on your feet. But, an alternative exists: women's safety sandals. This type of low safety shoe offers both comfort and the assurance of having intact feet at the end of the day.

Discover our catalog of women's safety sandals. Oxwork offers you a selection of models from renowned brands in personal protective equipment and known for their safety shoes.

Sandals, the light and airy safety shoe on Oxwork

Our safety sandals have been tested according to the EN 20 345 standard and are available in our catalog in safety classes S1, S1P, S2. Safety sandals, unlike safety shoes, are a more airy variant and are mainly worn in summer or indoors. This combination of safety and good ventilation ensures a pleasant temperature for your feet, which is decisive when choosing sandals that comply with EN ISO 20345: 2011.

Safety sandals for optimal ventilation

Safety shoes are selected based on risk, which is why your working conditions should always be assessed before choosing your shoes. If you are not exposed to humidity or excessive dirt, safety sandals are a comfortable alternative to closed models thanks to their ventilation system that optimizes the ventilation of your feet.

Oxwork presents a whole range of safety sandals in leather or microfiber. Our models of safety sandals vary thanks to features such as Velcro fasteners or practical quick-lacing systems.

Maximum foot protection

The width of your feet is critical when choosing a pair of safety sandals for your use. For example, very wide feet can breathe easily in very wide safety sandals. The larger the width of the sandal, the more extra room your feet have, especially in the front. The natural posture of the toes is not disturbed and the tip of the shoe leaves enough space for them to move freely.

Our safety sandals are available in different women's sizes and have a comfortable width. Some models also feature steel toe caps. Our very high quality sandals and work shoes all focus on the innovative mix of materials. The materials are selected by the manufacturers to provide protection and comfort through excellent ventilation. The surface of our safety sandals has non-slip and puncture-resistant soles, while being very light.

Standard safety sandals

Like all safety shoes, the standards in force also apply to our safety sandals. You can find on Oxwork sandals S1, S1P and even S2. If you work in an environment where the floor can be slippery, choose a pair from our safety sandals with non-slip soles that meet SRA, SRB or SRC standards. If you are in the trades or in construction, choose our safety sandals with toe protection. They can be equipped with steel, aluminum or plastic end caps.

Safety sandals are often worn indoors, for example on industrial floors, in the warehouse or in production areas /strong>. If you want to avoid slipping, feel free to choose the highest anti-slip class, namely SRC, to feel safe.

Where to find and buy safety shoes?

Oxwork also offers women safety sandals that do not look like work shoes for a optimum level of protection. Among our selection you can find models in a sporty trekking design with a practical speed-lacing system in neutral colors. Anyone who needs an anti-perforation sole in addition to good grip should opt for our S1P compliant safety sandals .