Eco-friendly work polo shirts

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  1. Organic piqué polo shirt 180g short sleeves KARIBAN
    • Eco-responsible
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    Organic piqué polo shirt 180g short sleeves KARIBAN

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  2. RESULT recycled HV safety polo shirt
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    RESULT recycled HV safety polo shirt

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  3. NEUTRAL WOMEN piqué polo shirt
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    NEUTRAL WOMEN piqué polo shirt

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  4. B&C COLLECTION WOMEN organic short-sleeved polo shirt
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    B&C COLLECTION WOMEN organic short-sleeved polo shirt

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  5. Polo bicolore écoresponsable manches courtes WK. Designed To Work vert
    • Eco-responsible
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    Two-tone eco-responsible short-sleeved polo shirt WK. Designed To Work

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5 Items

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One of the timeless garments, the polo provides comfort and is very practical. It is available for men, women or mixed, and know that you can turn to eco-responsible models. Ecological polo shirts are manufactured and used with respect for people and the environment. They do not promote overproduction and pollution. This article helps you to better know the characteristics of ecological polo shirts.

Favorite materials for eco-friendly polo shirts

Here are the lists of polo materials considered to be ecological:

  • Organic cotton
    Growing organic cotton does not require pesticides, insecticides, chemical fertilizers, or GMOs. The products used are natural. Organic cotton does not harm surrounding ecosystems and is non-toxic to people working on the production line.
  • Linen
    It is a organic fiber that is recyclable, biodegradable, resistant, hypoallergenic, absorbent and comfortable. This plant material is cultivated mainly in temperate zones close to the sea, for example in France and Europe. To improve the quality and durability of your work polo shirt, don't hesitate to choose pieces in this material.
  • Vegetable leather
    Vegetable leather continues to sport rock styles without involving animal suffering. It can be made of pineapple fibers, grape pomace, eucalyptus, rubber, cork, or synthetic materials.
  • Recycled fibres
    Polyester is one of the recycled materials. This reuse reduces the pollution associated with this material. The recycled polyester can be washed at low temperatures, which reduces maintenance costs.
  • Hemp
    It is one of the most ecological natural materials on the textile market. Hemp does not pollute, neither during its cultivation nor during its transformation into fabric. It does not require irrigation and is resistant to insects and diseases. Its cultivation does not use fertilizers or pesticides. Hemp polo shirts are therefore natural, biodegradable, good for the skin and above all durable.

Labels certifying ecological work polo shirts

To know an ecological polo shirt, fair, organic and made in an ethical way, you can trust the different labels such as:

  • Made in France

This eco-responsible logo testifies to the local manufacture of a product. To obtain this certification, textile brands submit a file to French customs. This file must precisely describe the method of production and supply of these products. If this approach respects the specifications determined by customs and the government, in this case the brands can affix the mention on their clothes.

  • GOTS Certification

This global label certifies that a minimum of 75% of the textile contained in the polo shirt is organic. It can only be affixed to clothing made of organic materials. This label guarantees that the production is socially and ecologically respectful.

  • The Oeko-Tex fashion label

You should know that the Oeko-Tex label guarantees a textile free of any toxic or potentially dangerous substance. Unlike the textile-organic label, it covers synthetic materials. It also takes into account a social component for the mode of production and brands must adhere to the convention of the International Labor Organization.

Eco-friendly polo models

Oxwork collects a wide range of ecological polo shirts such as the short-sleeved organic model for women from the B&C collection brand. This work polo shirt is modern and very comfortable to wear with its modern cut. It offers a relaxed style, a two-button placket and a stiff neck tape. This sleeveless polo shirt is made with 100% OCS-certified organic cotton and pre-shrunk Ringspun pique. The recycled work polo shirt from Result has a breathable, attractive and comfortable appearance thanks to its recycled fabric mesh with Hi Tech Stretch. It is made by a superior quality yarn, 100% polyester, from plastic bottles. This ecological polo shirt is environmentally conscious.

The organic piqué work polo shirt from the Kariban brand is very comfortable to wear thanks to its 100% organic combed cotton fabric. Its GOTS certificate is issued by Ecocert Greenlife. This Kariban eco-friendly polo shirt is the guarantee of a garment for maximum comfort. It has a ribbed collar and cuffs, a straight cut, a tone-on-tone two-button placket with a double-needle finish at the bottom of the garment.