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Selection of the best quality-price ratio work pants for professionals on! Each profession has its own requirements: this is why we offer you robust pro pants, which provide protection adapted to your needs. Our work trousers and dungarees will effectively protect you in winter against cold, heat, cuts and other aggressions related to your activity. These work trousers are also suitable for DIY.

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  1. Marine / Jaune
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  3. Jaune
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    Blaklader High Vis Bib Rain Pants
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  4. Jaune
      High visibility Blaklader trouser gaiter
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    • Jaune / Marine
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      Blaklader high visibility craftsman trousers softshell 100% polyester
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    • Jaune / Marine
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    • Jaune / Marine
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      Blaklader Winter Quilted Hi-Vis Work Trousers
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    • Marine / Jaune
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    • Jaune / Marine
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      Blaklader high visibility work trousers special Transport class 1
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    • Men's service trousers Robur ANDALOU
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      Men's service trousers Robur ANDALOU
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    • Men's Service Trousers Robur UXO
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      Men's Service Trousers Robur UXO
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    • LMA SULFATE Metal Zero work trousers
        LMA SULFATE Metal Zero work trousers
        As low as €31.06 €25.88
      • LMA PLACO button fly multipocket pants
          LMA PLACO button fly multipocket pants
          As low as €18.36 €15.30
        • Portwest Breathable Cooking Pants
            Portwest Breathable Cooking Pants
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          • Industrial trousers with kneepad pockets BLAKLADER STRETCH
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            Industrial trousers with kneepad pockets BLAKLADER STRETCH
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          • Women's artisan trousers BLAKLADER STRETCH 4D
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          • Pantalon de cuisine écologique FEMME ROBUR ECUME
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          • ROBUR DETROIT eco-friendly kitchen pants
            • Eco-responsible
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            ROBUR DETROIT eco-friendly kitchen pants
            As low as €33.96 €28.30 Regular Price €56.60
          • Pantalon deperlant stretch Caterpillar H2O Defender
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          • Velilla Checkered Kitchen Pants
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            Velilla Checkered Kitchen Pants
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          • High visibility two-tone trousers VELILLA
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            High visibility two-tone trousers VELILLA
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          Items 1-32 of 406

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          Clothing: The different types of work pants:

          Discover an abundance of work pant choices here. This workwear is required in various professional activities, but they are frequent in the construction sector, industry, hotels and catering, distribution and transport. To ensure your safety at work or to better protect your personal clothes, it is important to choose quality work trousers for men and women.

          Overalls are the best-known outfit worn by workers or mechanics. But it is also possible to wear a specific work sock depending on the trade. You can distinguish three main ranges of work trousers on the market depending on your needs.

          - Protective pants called PPE or Personal Protective Equipment

          - The classic work trousers

          - Work uniform or image clothing

          You can distinguish these different types of pants by their design, but also by the material used for their manufacture.

          Protective trousers, safety trousers: high visibility, knee pads

          As the name suggests, this type of pant has been designed to provide maximum protection. It must therefore be the right size and therefore well adjusted to the body of its owner. There are trousers intended to prevent minor risks such as soiling or products with little effect on health. They are usually worn by cleaners or mechanics. In this category you also have the pants intended to protect against major risks. According to European standards (CE), these are models with reinforcements and onesies or high visibility fluorescent bands. These pants are often accompanied by a high visibility vest and safety shoes which also follow standards. In this same family of work pants, there is personal protective equipment against mortal risks. At this level, the pants must have European certification and meet standards. They are also subject to strict controls on quality and fire resistance for example.

          The classic work trousers - For a complete professional outfit for work

          Blue is no longer the only color available, as manufacturers have produced work pants in other colors and have even created two-tone work pants. These work trousers have the sole purpose of protecting against dirt and they can be worn by both kitchen clerks and painters. The fabrics used for its design are varied, ranging from cotton to polyester, passing through jeans. The latter is intended for workers who need a comfortable, but above all robust outfit with high wear resistance.

          The work uniform

          Overalls and coveralls are categorized as work pants. This version meets the safety and comfort requirements for professionals. More practical, this outfit offers extended protection to the upper part of the body. As work uniforms, most companies print their logo on these garments. This reinforces the spirit of belonging to the group or serves as an advertisement for the company.

          Function of men's professional trousers

          It is of course well known that the primary function of work trousers is to protect the wearer from the various risks that surround.

          In fact, the worker may be confronted with risks of soiling. To spare your personal clothes from dust or microbes, work pants seem to be the right equipment.

          There are different work trousers depending on the sector of activity. A person working in the restoration industry will not wear the same pants as someone working in masonry.

          Also, there are more specialized pants that can protect certain parts of the body like the knee pad pants, we can also mention the fire-retardant trousers (flame retardant) which provide more safety for people exposed to heat.

          Work pants, comfortable pro jeans

          There is a common misconception that work trousers, in general, are not or hardly comfortable for the worker.

          A false idea, because Oxwork makes every effort to offer its customers pants of quality. For the pants to be qualitative, comfort is a factor that is fully taken into account.

          For a person to do their job in good conditions, they must be comfortable in their clothes and feel protected. If you want to optimize comfort, safety and style, opt for work jeans, which have the same safety and functional features (multipockets, knee pads, etc.) as classic work pants, all with a more finished look in terms of its visual appearance. .

          Feeling safe also allows you to work in an efficient way, which is why it is possible to acquire work trousers but also to bring personal protective equipment (protective gloves, hard hats, equipment fall arrester).

          In addition, a wide range of products is available for men but also for women. Oxwork can thus satisfy customers working in many sectors of activity.

          How to wash work pants?

          Your work trousers are a piece of equipment that you need to take care of, maintaining them is important for your health and safety and for the image of professionalism you give off when wearing them. To wash your pants, it's simple, they have an inside label which informs about their composition and the maintenance instructions to follow materialized by symbols. It is essential to follow the instructions to ensure the proper maintenance of your work trousers so as not to create damage to the garment that may reduce its quality.

          Where to find and buy cheap men's and women's work pants? -Website / online store

          Do you need work trousers for your job? Do you need several outfits for your employees?

          On Oxwork, you will find what you are looking for when it comes to work trousers.

          • Chefs pants
          • Waterproof pants
          • Work Jeans
          • Painter Pants
          • Thermal pants
          • Flame Retardant Pants
          • High visibility trousers

          For your work clothes, it is essential to bet on quality products. These are characterized by the fabric of manufacture, the robustness of the garment and its properties. Depending on your job, you can get pants with several pockets to have your tools on hand or pants with a tight elastic waistband. Padded, waterproof, water-repellent, high-visibility trousers, for men or women, Oxwork offers you a wide variety of models. Find branded work pants at affordable prices on the site.

          Today, a large part of the population is affected by the wearing of work pants. In many professions, it is advisable to wear one.