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  1. blouse de travail verte LAMPE LMA
    • Bestseller
    green work coat LAMPE LMA
    As low as €22.06 €18.38
  2. Bleu Foncé / Rose
    • Bestseller
  3. Vert foncé
    • Outlet -30
    Men's Green double-zip work suit FUSIBLE LMA
    As low as €30.42 €25.35 Regular Price €30.42
  4. Vert Foncé
    • Bestseller
  5. Combinaison de travail double fermeture Rondelle LMA
      Rondelle LMA Double Zip Work Coverall
      As low as €30.42 €25.35
    • Combinaison
      • Bestseller
    • Vert
        FOURCHE LMA double-zip work suit
        As low as €40.78 €33.98
      • Vert
          Rain jacket ORAGE LMA
          As low as €38.70 €32.25
        • combinaison
            Single closure work coverall Tasseau LMA
            As low as €32.94 €27.45
          • Tee-shirt de travail Caterpillar Performance Conquête
            • Promo -20
            • Bestseller
            Caterpillar Performance Conquest Work Tee
            As low as €21.70 €18.08 Regular Price €27.12
          • Bleu Marine
            • Promo -30
            • Bestseller
            Kariban Bodywarmer quilted sleeveless work vest
            As low as €24.25 €20.21 Regular Price €34.64
          • Bleu
              LMA Crocq Double Zip Work Coverall
              As low as €30.42 €25.35
            • Noir
              • Promo -30
              KARIBAN Quilted Lining Work Parka
              As low as €30.52 €25.43 Regular Price €43.60
            • Chemise bucheron matelassée Dickies PORTLAND rouge
              • Promo -30
              • Bestseller
              Dickies PORTLAND Quilted Shirt
              As low as €42.77 €35.64 Regular Price €61.10
            • Bodywarmer de travail Kariban marine
                WK work bodywarmer. Designed To Work
                As low as €45.78 €38.15
              • Doudoune légère à capuche homme Kariban noire
                • Promo -30
                Kariban men's lightweight hooded down jacket
                As low as €44.76 €37.30 Regular Price €63.94
              • Fermeture de rechange pour combinaison LMA 130cm noire
                • Bestseller
              • Fermeture de rechange pour combinaison LMA 135cm
                • Bestseller
              • Gilet polycoton multipoches doublé WK. Designed To Work beige
                • Promo -5
                • Bestseller
                Multi-pocket polycotton vest lined WK. Designed To Work
                As low as €17.48 €14.57 Regular Price €18.40
              • Jean de travail denim résistant multipoches WK. Designed To Work
                • Promo -5
                • Bestseller
                WK multi-pocket durable denim work jeans. Designed To Work
                As low as €42.73 €35.61 Regular Price €44.98
              • Veste thermique 4 couches WK. Designed To Work - Vue de face
                • Eco-responsible
              • Sac à dos pour outils et ordinateur portable WK. Designed To Work - Face
                • Bestseller
              • botte de securite fourree rigair pro fur dunlup s5 ci src
                • Promo -30
                Lined safety boots RIGAIR PRO FUR Dunlup S5 CI SRC
                As low as €76.80 €64.00 Regular Price €109.72
              • Chemise de travail matelassée épaisse LMA ERABLE
                • Bestseller
                LMA MAPLE Thick Quilted Work Shirt
                As low as €49.96 €41.63
              • T-shirts LMA  LYON lot de 3 avant
                  T-shirts set of 3 LMA LYON
                  As low as €23.22 €19.35
                • LMA METRO multi-pocket fleece Bermuda shorts
                  • Promo -30
                  LMA METRO multi-pocket fleece Bermuda shorts
                  As low as €17.58 €14.65 Regular Price €25.12
                • KARIBAN Sherpa-lined flannel check overshirt
                  • Promo -30
                  KARIBAN Sherpa-lined flannel check overshirt
                  As low as €33.64 €28.03 Regular Price €48.06
                • Women's artisan trousers BLAKLADER STRETCH 4D
                  • Promo -10
                  • Free delivery
                  Women's artisan trousers BLAKLADER STRETCH 4D
                  As low as €150.47 €125.39 Regular Price €167.18
                • Bodywarmer lined messenger KARIBAN
                    Bodywarmer lined messenger KARIBAN
                    As low as €37.74 €31.45

                  Items 1-32 of 303

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                  Livestock and agriculture are constantly confronted with unpredictable climate change. While there are countless types of farmer clothing, the farmer, the producer, the arborist, the market gardener, the strong>'horticulturist or the viticulturist.

                  This requires work clothes and professional equipment carefully chosen and always regulated. Discover all our articles and protective equipment for your agricultural work. Oxwork offers you a range of work clothes for agricultural workers, we will see the characteristics of these sector-specific work clothes.

                  Farmer outfit: The work suit / work coat

                  The overall is the outfit that best suited for the farmer/rancher. It is quick to put on and offers optimum protection for your body. Since it completely covers it to minimize accidents and dirt.

                  In addition, you will feel comfortable in each of your movements without worrying about the state of your wetsuit. Moreover, it is made for these agricultural tasks and washes easily. It has a double zip closing along your body; which allows you to take it off or put it on in a flash even with shoes.

                  Apart from itscomfort, it is veryversatile andeffective against the changes of season during of the whole year. The waterproof suit for rainy days, the one in cotton for the heat and the cold. Obviously, outfits with multiple pockets are more functional than those without pockets.

                  So you could wear your everyday clothes in your wetsuits to feel even more comfortable in your wetsuit.

                  Outfits throughout the year

                  It is true that farmers or herders do not all do the same tasks at the same time. Some work for example in the summer and others in the winter depending on the roles assigned to them. The professional's outfit must therefore be adapted to his specific needs.

                  Let's first take the standard EN 343 which includes protective clothing against rain such as windbreaker with or without hood. You can also opt for Softshell technology garments; this fabric consists of a breathable film, an inner layer of micro-fleece, and a treatment in breaking material. So much so that it is generally used for the manufacture of warm and resistant clothing for the cool climate. This outfit is regulated by standard EN 14058.

                  Work trousers or overalls, agricultural clothing

                  As for the lower body, the trousers farmer is a good choice. Indeed, the pants are rather practical during activities that require difficult positions. Especially since you can add protective knee pads to soothe the pain. In addition, this type of trousers is classified in the EN 14404 standard thanks to its combination of robustness and comfort.

                  On the other hand, the dungarees thus has reliable assets. It offers more freedom of movement than the wetsuit. Most often, it is made with waterproof fabric. Made of induction polyester, it is not only flexible and resistant, but can also have protective reinforcements on the knees. In addition, the bib overall is equipped with a wear apron against abrasions and inside pockets with flaps. Under your protective overalls, you can wear a work polo shirt or a T-shirt depending on the weather. he will do outside.

                  Protective footwear and other PPE for Agriculture / Breeder

                  As the profession of farmer or breeder is done on land in the presence of different weather conditions. The farmer shoes that are EN ISO 20345 are recommended. This standard includes S3 safety shoes and S5 safety boots. This means that they are waterproof, robust and non-slip. Other than that, these shoes have a stiff shell in the toe area. That's why you should choose them for your hard work.

                  As for the other PPE, you can bring cut-resistant gloves of standard EN 388. Or also protective glasses (EN166) and protective helmets hearing EN 352.

                  You are therefore free to choose according to your requirements, since work in animal husbandry and agriculture takes various forms. However, do not forget to always take into account the safety standards imposed before looking into the appearance and comfort of your outfit.

                  On which site or online store can you buy professional agricultural clothing and equipment for men and women?

                  Oxwork offers a range of clothing for farm workers, you will find on our website a wide selection of work clothes adapted to the needs of the agricultural sector. Pants, jackets, jumpers, jumpsuits, shirts, all ranges of clothing are available at the best value for money.