Women's safety clogs

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    Oxypas Suzy ESD SRC Work Clog
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    Work clog Safety Jogger Cortado SB SRC
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    Portwest S1 SRC Ebro Steelite ESD Safety Sandals
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    Portwest Ventilated Composite ESD SB AE Safety Clogs
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    SB AE WRU Portwest Safety Clog
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  6. Safety Jogger ALIZA OB ESD SRC Stretch Lycra Professional Sandals
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    Safety Jogger ALIZA OB ESD SRC Stretch Lycra Professional Sandals
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  7. Work clogs Safety Jogger DANY OB ESD SRC
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    Work clogs Safety Jogger DANY OB ESD SRC
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  8. Practical work sandals Safety Jogger CARLY
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    Practical work sandals Safety Jogger CARLY
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9 Items

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During the day, you regularly stand and move around frequently. Your feet and legs may get tired before noon. Fortunately, Oxwork, your specialist in safety shoes, has a range of women's safety clogs. Nothing better than lightweight, comfortable and safe clogs so you don't have to call a foot massager at the end of the week. Discover the model that suits you from our selection. Take advantage of our expertise on big brands to find a pair of clogs that suits you.

What are women's safety clogs used for?

Clogs can serve multiple purposes, acting as excellent safety footwear bothcomfortable and lightweight. It is a good complement to nursing clothes and often a choice for those who move regularly where comfort and manageability are priorities. Besides comfort, the women's safety clogs on Oxwork are non-slip from a number of top brands. They provide safety against slippery floors in restaurants, hospitals or offices. These atypical shoes are ideal for nurses, dental, clinical and hospital staff as well as others in similar professions. They provide a healthy balance between maximum comfort in the workplace and protection against certain hazards.

Comfortable safety shoes at Oxwork

Safety clogs on Oxwork are designed by their manufacturers with comfort, style and functionality in mind. Developed to meet the demands of your workplace, the materials in our women safety clogs will help you and your feet get through those long hours of work.

From safety clogs to flat shoes, most of the clogs on Oxwork are equipped with technologies specific to each brand, but which have the role of increasing protection against slipping on slippery surfaces in environments such as restaurants or hospitals.

Easy to maintain safety clogs for work

With just a little soap and water, you can easily clean any model of safety shoe. They are also odor resistant to prevent you from having smelly feet. Whether you are a waitress, a barwoman, a nurse or dental assistant, our women's safety clogs are comfortable and stylish enough to withstand the toughest shifts. If you are looking for comfortable nursing shoes, nursing shoes doctor or for another use, do not hesitate to browse our selection of safety clogs.

Choosing safety clogs that are good for your feet on cheap Oxwork

Oxwork offers you the very best in safety clogs. Nevertheless, each foot is unique and it is important that you choose a model that suits you so that you can wear it at least 8:00 a day.

  • Make sure the insoles are long enough to fit your feet comfortably, especially when you are looking for comfortable clogs with an open heel. Make sure your heel doesn't go over the end.
  • Try to pick up a pair of safety clogs later in the day, as your feet usually swell throughout the day. This will help you choose the right size for you morning, noon and night.
  • Make sure the toe box in your clogs is wide and comfortable enough to allow them to move. Clogs designed for comfort are usually wider and deeper.
  • Go for the high-quality leathers that are healthier for your feet than the synthetic materials used on lesser quality shoes. Natural leather is breathable and molds to the natural shape of your foot.
  • Choose a model with a wooden insole that allows the clog to cushion your foot while evaporating perspiration. This design prevents wet feet while providing superior arch support. Clogs with arch support offer a better distribution on your feet, which prevents uncomfortable pressure points, blisters and other discomforts.