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  1. Pantalon de cuisine écologique FEMME ROBUR ECUME
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    Pantalon de cuisine écologique FEMME ROBUR ECUME
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  2. ROBUR DETROIT eco-friendly kitchen pants
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    ROBUR DETROIT eco-friendly kitchen pants
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  3. Pantalon de travail écoresponsable haute visibilité avec poches genouillères Portwest Orange
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    High Visibility Eco-Friendly Work Pant with Knee Pad Pockets Portwest
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3 Items

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How to dress in an ecological way?

Eco-responsible stockings are garments produced with ecological materials: components made of recycled plastic from, for example, plastic bottles, leather of vegetable origin, organic cotton. This makes it possible to adopt a more sustainable clothing production method that promotes respect for the environment.

The ethical or responsible qualification also involves the working conditions of employees during production as well as correct remuneration including a minimum wage.

Where to buy ecological clothing for women and men?

You can buy your eco-friendly work socks on Oxwork's eco-friendly page.

The color offered by our range of work stockings makes it suitable for both women and men.

Do not hesitate to contact Oxbot, your virtual advisor if you hesitate between two pairs.

Which brands are eco-responsible?

The Robur brand offers work trousers in blue colors that are reminiscent of the marine polyester they are made of. It is a polyester fiber made from marine plastic waste: a novelty in the textile industry!

There is also recycled polyester and Lyocell. Lyocell also called Tencel is an artificial fiber made from wood pulp. It has been recognized with the Oeko-Tex eco-label. It is a label aimed at certifying the sanitary and ecological qualities of textiles, by guaranteeing the absence of toxic products for the body and the environment. It is resistant and breathable to guarantee the well-being of the consumer.

The Rica Lewis brand offers organic cotton jeans certified by the GOTS label which guarantees the organic origin of the natural fibres.

Certifications and labels: quality and ecology.

At Oxwork, we want our ecological clothing to also be quality and ecology to go hand in hand.

This is why you can find the ISO 15797 standard in our products: it certifies that the garment is suitable for industrial washing. You can find it on our ecological trousers from the Robur brand.

You can also find the GOTS label, for organic cotton from our eco-responsible jeans from the Rica Lewis brand.

I no longer want my clothes, what should I do?

If I no longer want to wear my garment and it is still in good condition, I can resell it on a second-hand or second-hand site.

If it is too damaged, I look for a collection point for clothes so that it can be recycled in the appropriate sector. Above all, I don't throw my clothes in the normal trash can! This causes a problem in the recovery of my other waste.