Women's safety boots

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    Lemaitre Transalp S3 lined safety boots
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      Dunlop ACIFORT S5 SRA safety boot
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    • Winter Box Lined Boots BESTBOOT S3 Safety Jogger
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      Winter Box Lined Boots BESTBOOT S3 Safety Jogger
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    • Bottes de sécurité tout terrain sans métal Lemaitre MOJAVE S3 SRC CI
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        Albatros Protector S5 SRA safety boots
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        ARAGON Albatros neoprene work boots
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        Portwest Rigger S1P HRO unlined safety boots
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          Wellington S5 Portwest Safety Boots
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          Safety Jogger Hercules S5 SRA safety boots
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          Portwest PU S5 CI FO Safety Boot
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          Lined boot Lemaitre S3 Vertix SRC
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        23 Items

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        Like male workers, women must also have adequate protective equipment to protect them from various risks in the workplace.

        One such piece of equipment is the women's work boot. It is another kind of safety shoe to protect feet from injury, falls, slips, punctures, etc.

        How to choose the right pair of boots?

        To be able to obtain reliable and efficient models, these few criteria must be taken into account:

        The choice of materials

        This step plays an essential role since it is the basic element of the shoe. It is through these materials that they draw their protective function. Moreover, the safety boots for women are designed with materials that are just as different.

        There are polymer boots, either PVC, PU, etc. PVC being perfect for its excellent quality/price ratio, without neglecting its functions.

        Then there are those made of Acifort, a more technical and expensive material, but which offers optimal comfort and protection for working well on a daily basis.

        Finally, leather or rubber safety boots are known for their breathable and water-repellent properties.

        The type of job

        Currently, women work in various sectors of activity, which is why they must choose boots suitable for their profession.

        For those working in the construction industryConstruction , the best thing is to opt for the resistant and reinforced construction boots. They have deep lugs and a dropped heel to be able to work on any type of terrain.

        For women operating in complex environments (the planters , women farmers, etc.), you must wear waterproof boots, perfect for wet and muddy places.

        For those in industry, there are specific boots with non-slip and anti-perforation soles. There are also safety waders often with straps, which are perfect for obstetricians or professional fishermen.

        There are also food safety boots, often white or blue, intended for women working in the food sector.

        The climate

        Boots are generally used in winter to protect the foot from cold and humidity.

        Thus, opt for lined safety boots, which offer maximum thermal insulation. They allow you to work warm and in excellent conditions.

        Choose CI safety boots, which also insulate against the cold.

        Or, opt for waterproof rain boots, which prevent water from entering the shoe.

        The standards of a women's safety boot

        Like all safety shoes, safety boots are also certified EN 20345, and with several levels of protection.

        S4 and S5 safety boots

        The S4 and S5 standards are specific to safety boots. It specifies that the materials used are natural or synthetic polymers.

        The S5 boot is made for wet environments where the ground is flat. It has an anti-crushing safety toe, a non-slip sole (SRC standard), an anti-perforation sole, and an antistatic sole that resists hydrocarbons and absorbs shocks at the heels. They are also waterproof, which prevents water from penetrating inside the shoe.

        The S4 boot is designed for very humid environments where the ground is at risk. It has the same protections as the S5 boot, except that it does not have anti-perforation soles.

        SB safety boots

        These boots are perfect for places with no specific risk such as in the food industry for example. They meet the basic requirements (safety toe cap, non-slip sole, anti-crushing, etc.), and meet all the criteria of comfort, solidity and harmlessness.

        S3 safety boots

        They come in high-rise models, which cover up to the legs. They have all the basic protections, such as resistance to hydrocarbons, slips, perforation, shocks, and have a water-repellent upper. There are also WR safety boots which are waterproof, thanks to their waterproof-breathable membrane.

        The S3 safety boots are perfect for working in winter on a construction site or in a green area . They have a cleated sole and a hooked heel, suitable for difficult and uneven ground.