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Oxwork offers a wide selection ofwork smocks, Our men's work coats or our womens work smocks are suitable for your work environment. The Portwest, Dickies, LMA brands offer professional or student coats for use in laboratories or even in the medical environment. We have white blouses or colored blouses.

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  1. Blanc
    • Outlet -40
    Pack of 10 Portwest Visitors Disposable Polypropylene Gowns
    As low as €7.16 €5.97 Regular Price €11.94
  2. Blouse blanche chimie étudiant et lycéen Pigment LMA
    • Outlet -40
    Student and high school chemistry white coat Pigment LMA
    As low as €7.79 €6.49 Regular Price €12.97
  3. Blanc
    • Outlet -40
    Portwest Standard Blouse
    As low as €11.09 €9.24 Regular Price €18.48
  4. WK unisex work coat. Designed To Work
    • Outlet -40
    WK unisex work coat. Designed To Work
    As low as €12.40 €10.33 Regular Price €20.66
  5. Jacket with press studs VELILLA
    • Outlet -40
    Jacket with press studs VELILLA
    As low as €12.48 €10.40 Regular Price €20.80
  6. PORTWEST Antimicrobial Lab Coat
    • Outlet -40
    PORTWEST Antimicrobial Lab Coat
    As low as €13.14 €10.95 Regular Price €21.90
  7. Blanc
    • Outlet -40
    Portwest Polycotton Standard Smock
    As low as €13.67 €11.39 Regular Price €22.79
  8. Bleu royal
    • Outlet -40
    Coverguard Partner 100% Cotton Work Smock
    As low as €13.94 €11.62 Regular Price €23.24
  9. Blouse homme agroalimentaire 3 poches Portwest
    • Outlet -40
    Portwest men's agri-food 3-pocket blouse
    As low as €14.23 €11.86 Regular Price €20.33
  10. Blanc
    • Outlet -40
    Long-sleeved well-being blouse Robur ORION
    As low as €15.24 €12.70 Regular Price €25.40
  11.  Blouse de travail polycoton boutons pression col mandarin WK. Designed To Work Blanc
    • Outlet -20
    Polycotton kitchen coat with press studs WK. Designed To Work
    As low as €15.49 €12.91 Regular Price €19.36
  12. Blanc
    • Outlet -40
    White unisex dentist tunic Isacco Dentista sewn buttons
    As low as €15.59 €12.99 Regular Price €25.98
  13. Velilla long blouse with buttons
    • Outlet -40
    Velilla long blouse with buttons
    As low as €15.60 €13.00 Regular Price €26.00
  14. Blouse Blanche de laboratoire 100% coton PALETTE LMA
      White lab coat 100% cotton PALETTE LMA
      As low as €15.76 €13.13
    • Blanc
      • Outlet -40
      Well-Being Blouse Robur LITCHI
      As low as €16.20 €13.50 Regular Price €27.00
    • Blanc
      • Outlet -40
      White pharmacy blouse Isacco Davemport short sleeves 100% cotton
      As low as €16.79 €13.99 Regular Price €27.98
    • WOMEN VELILLA short stretch blouse
      • Outlet -40
      WOMEN VELILLA short stretch blouse
      As low as €19.68 €16.40 Regular Price €32.80
    • Blanc
      • Outlet -40
      Portwest Standard 100% Cotton Lab Coat
      As low as €20.14 €16.78 Regular Price €25.16
    • MEN VELILLA short stretch blouse
      • Outlet -40
      MEN VELILLA short stretch blouse
      As low as €20.70 €17.25 Regular Price €34.50
    • blouse de travail verte LAMPE LMA
        green work coat LAMPE LMA
        As low as €22.06 €18.38
      • Bleu
        • Outlet -40
        Bugatti LIMEUR LMA blue work coat
        As low as €22.20 €18.50 Regular Price €24.66
      • Bleu
        • Outlet -40
        Portwest Antistatic Gown
        As low as €24.02 €20.02 Regular Price €34.32

      23 Items

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      Wearing workwear is now mandatory in many areas of activity. These outfits vary according to each profession, but some of them remain essential in several sectors. This is particularly the case of the blouse. Whether you practice in the field of aesthetics, beauty and wellness, industry, gastronomy, or even the medical sector, among others, you should always put on a work coat. Your work coat will obviously be supplemented by other PPE, personal protective equipment, such as safety shoes, work pants, work coveralls, overalls, tunics, etc. Below is everything you need to know about this work uniform, in this case its true role and its characteristics.

      The professional blouse for women and men (mechanics, workers, nurses, cleaners, etc.)

      The work coat has been in use for many years. Of course, it has evolved over time. At the very beginning, this outfit was made from a heavyweight fabric to withstand frequent washing, but today manufacturers favor lightweight materials such as polyester and cotton for ease of use. wearing and maintenance. The blouse is naturally worn over other clothes. It can have long or short sleeves, depending on the activity. However, it must not exceed the knees so as not to hinder the movements of the wearer. Generally, it is used for reasons of hygiene and cleanliness. To make it easy to put on and take off, it also has several buttonholes on the front or on the side. Currently, there are three types of gowns intended for very distinct uses. Work smocks are generally made of polyester and cotton, the percentage of material differs depending on the model.

      - The professional gown, in a solid color, usually in the color white, is the work outfit of professionals in the medical sector; doctors, nurses, or well-being professionals such as beauticians.

      - The schoolboy’s blouse, which serves as a school uniform.

      - The household smock, usually sleeveless and made from printed fabrics.

      Wearing a long-sleeved, colored or even personalized work blouse: what is the point?

      Each profession or field of activity has its own constraints. Work clothes must therefore be adapted to them. In other words, the work coat must meet the expectations of the trade as well as of its user. In the field of health, for example, the medical gown first of all fulfills a role of protection insofar as it serves as a barrier between any bacteria and the body. It therefore reduces the risk of contamination. The same is true when the professional works in the laboratory. Wearing a white chemistry coat is important because it avoids direct contact with chemicals. Their inadvertent projection can indeed cause burns or irritations on the skin. In catering, the chef and his assistants must also wear a high temperature work overall for men or women, without forgetting the kitchen shoes that prevent slipping and various shocks. Commonly known as a kitchen jacket, this coat protects the professional from dirt and burns.

      In addition, this outfit makes it easy to recognize professionals, it brings a real sense of belonging to the professional sector. It thus has a psychological effect, because it has the gift of reassuring the client or the patient. A patient trusts a doctor in a white coat more than one who does not. Likewise, consumers are more attracted to a baker or a butcher in a work coat, because it symbolizes his professionalism, but above all his respect for hygiene and cleanliness. In beauty salons, the women's work coat conveys a authoritative message. In other words, it highlights the profession of the beautician and brings more credibility to his actions and advice.

      The white color of the work coat undoubtedly signifies hygiene, purity and softness. It reflects a healthy environment. With this color, soiling can be identified quickly. To optimize maintenance, washing with bleach is highly recommended, because not only is it very effective, but it also does not risk damaging the fabric. Grey, black and blue are also to be used in some cases. The first two represent sobriety, seriousness and authority. As for blue, it is generally the color of the men's work coat in the trade of worker. In any case, the choice of colors depends mainly on each company, and you can also personalize your blouse. A work blouse is work clothing that can be found in several lengths, so you can find work blouses in the form: tunic, t-shirt, jacket, etc.

      Feel free to see our selection of work tops.

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      Oxwork offers a wide range of workwear, including work smocks / professional smocks. That you are ; the medical sector (doctor, nurse, surgeon, dentist), worker or even the beauty and well-being sector, we offer various colors: white, pink, blue etc. so that your work clothes are adapted to your profession . We offer on our website all of our work clothes at the best value for money. To complete your outfit, you will find a wide selection of work clothes on our online store: tunics, safety shoes, work pants, kitchen jacket.