Safety clogs

The work clogs are designed to be comfortable to wear and ensure your safety.

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    SB AE WRU Portwest Safety Clog
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    Men's safety shoes Lemaitre BLACKMAX S2 SRC
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    Women's safety clogs Parade DENISE SB SRC
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    Coverguard Okenite Clog SB A E SRC Microfiber Safety Clog
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    Portwest S1 SRC Ebro Steelite ESD Safety Sandals
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    Portwest Ventilated Composite ESD SB AE Safety Clogs
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6 Items

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It is important to be well equipped when working in hazardous areas. Safety clogs are a good balance between full safety footwear and a pair of sandals. Indeed, if you are working in a hospital, kitchen or in any professional setting requiring the wearing of a comfortable safety shoe, the safety clogs are what you need. you need. Oxwork is one of the leaders in the sale of PPE or personal protective equipment. You can find on our site a wide range for all uses and for all tastes.

Men's and Women's safety clogs complying with the standard - Work shoes and accessories

If you work in conditions that put you in a standing position, safety clogs can meet your needs in terms of comfort, lightness and above all safety.

The safety clogs offered on Oxwork all comply with the EN ISO 20345 SB standard. The latter defines the basic and additional (optional) requirements for safety shoes and trainers for professional use. The reason is that in many professions and activities (indoors, outdoors, and in all seasons), it is necessary that the feet benefit from adequate protection. This is therefore essential equipment, namely safety clogs.

The safety clogs on Oxwork comply with the SB safety standard. It is the basic reference regulation for any standardized safety shoe. These safety clogs are thus made of materials that have specific characteristics such as resistance to abrasion, tearing, steam water. They are also equipped with a non-slip sole, which is, for example, mandatory in the medical field. They are also equipped with a shell that withstands shocks of 200 joules (equivalent to the fall of an object weighing 20 kg from a height of one meter) and a pressure of 15 kN or 1500 kg.

Safety clogs: comfortable and functional

In the medical sector, paramedical and agrifood , safety clogs play an important role in terms of safety and hygiene. The safety clogs are lightweight, which gives you optimal comfort during your working hours, while guaranteeing you full protection of the feet, especially the arch of the foot. Some models are equipped with toe caps and non-slip soles to ensure your safety at work. Others have perforations above the pairs of clogs for maximum breathability.

Discover on Oxwork many models of resistant and very robust safety clogs for men and women. All sizes are available here. The site has brought together several major brands to provide you with high quality clogs at the best price.

Safety clogs for all tastes

Oxwork is the site where you can buy PPE that is practical, safe and stylish. If you are quite demanding, in this category you can find aesthetic safety clogs with various colors.

You have classic safety clogs in leather and in white color. In the hospital environment, it is the most chosen model because it goes well with the colors of the gowns. Otherwise, you have other models in black or in other cool colors (eg purple, sky blue, etc.).

Some safety clogs also have special features. For example, they are made of antistatic materials with non-slip PU soles (polyurethane) with energy-absorbing heels. The toe cap has a shell that protects your feet from falling heavy objects.

There are also safety clogs in a feminine design with flower patterns and wedge heels. The instep is padded for optimal comfort when walking. These are models generally used in the hospitality and maintenance industry.

Safety clogs for all trades

In the majority of cases, we find safety clogs on the feet of personnel working in hospitals. Nurses and doctors frequently wear these types of professional shoes. Their workplace requires that they have something to protect themselves from wet floors, liquid splashes and slips.

However, it is not uncommon to see the feet of cooks and cleaners protected by safety clogs.