Cutter blades

The range of PW cutters offers a solution for all possible uses, perfect for handling and all other activities. The cutters all have a spring which automatically retracts the blade to avoid injury following a false movement. The cutter spare blades are easily interchangeable. We advise to wear anti-cut gloves and protective-glasses.

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    Cutter Pro Security Portwest
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Check out our full range of personal protective equipment (PPE) accessories, including items such as headlamps, torches, tool carriers, belts, and Portwest or the set of 10 replacement blades for KN18 from Portwest.

The professional cutter: the efficiency of the blade

The professional cutter is a versatile tool. He is only interesting if his blade is effective. Indeed, as it is the one that cuts, it must be of quality. The versatility of this accessory is characterized by the possibility of carrying out multiple jobs such as incising or making markings on various materials, opening packaging and boxes, cutting materials exceeding the edges of plastic, paper, rubber … The blade can also scrape paint surfaces, smooth or hard materials.

Traditional metal blades or breakable cutter blades?

Traditional blades are made of metal. They are thin, cut efficiently and offer very well made cuts. This effectiveness can, however, represent a disadvantage because this type of blade easily causes injury to the user. The slightest clumsy move can cause a serious accident.

The breakable cutter blade is especially suitable for scraping. It is a very thin razor blade and as it has several sections, it only needs to be replaced after several uses. The small drawback is the fact that a new sharp blade is exposed after the old one is detached. The latter can be projected, the very sharp news can also hurt.

Oxwork offersa range of quality cutter bladesmade from stainless steel to combat rust which is the main problem with the blades. For example, it offers Portwest replacement blades in 10 sets suitable for all categories of cutter (KN 10, KN 18, etc.).

All the same, for the safety of users of these cutter blades, blades with cases can be found on the site: folding tactical knife, pro security cutter, folding cutter, snap off cutter , retractable blade cutter...

Perfect for handling and all other uses, the cutters on Oxwork are equipped with a safety system to prevent cuts (equipped with a spring to retract the blade, equipped with a thumb-down press, etc.). Easy to open, with quick-to-change blades, the cutters offered on Oxwork are the ideal solution for all your needs in terms of cutting supplies.

Where to find cutter blades?

On Oxwork, find our ranges of cutter blades at the best prices. Cutter blades play an essential role among personal protective equipment (PPE) in the field of tools and safety. Renowned brands such as Olfa, Fatmax and Martor offer quality cutter blades, designed to deliver reliable performance when cutting. These blades are often made from high-quality materials, including tungsten and carbide, ensuring increased durability and strength. Retractable blades provide additional safety by allowing the blade to be retracted when not in use, minimizing the risk of accidental injury.

Available in boxes, these blades can be purchased in large quantities to ensure continuous availability in the workplace. Blade dispensers, such as the STHT, make blades easier to access and contribute to more convenient use. Fast delivery and return options provide flexibility for users to ensure they have the necessary cutter blades in the shortest possible time. In summary, cutter blades from trusted brands are an essential complement to PPE, providing reliable and safe solutions for cutting needs in various professional applications.