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What are the different types of disposable gloves?

Wearing work gloves is essential in certain areas of activity presenting risks for the skin. This work accessory is essential in this case, both for safety and for worker hygiene. Being a PPE, disposable gloves allow them to perform their tasks in the best conditions. The choice of these disposable gloves varies, however, depending on the trade in question. Overview of disposable gloves and their characteristics!

What are the different types of disposable gloves? - Latex / Nitrite / plastic / etc

Combining comfort and safety, disposable gloves are available in a range of choices depending on the use. Made of different materials, they stand out from one model to another thanks to the resistance, comfort, flexibility and allergen risks.

  • Latex gloves

Among the most widely used, latex gloves are characterized by their excellent elastic properties. Thanks to the fineness and flexibility of latex, this model of single-use glove is very resistant to chemicals. In addition, this ultra-flexible material provides perfect dexterity and allows users to perform precise movements. Presenting a protective barrier against infections and bacteria, latex gloves are particularly recommended for medical personnel.

Note that there are powdered latex gloves (with oats or starch) which are easier to put on.

  • Nitrile gloves

Made of natural rubber, these gloves are a perfect replacement for latex gloves. Nurses, dentists and even workers in the aesthetics industry love them because of their high resistance. Offering optimal protection against bacteria and chemicals, nitrile gloves are suitable for individuals allergic to latex. Thanks to its properties similar to those of latex, nitrile offers impeccable tactile and sensory sensations.

  • Vinyl gloves

Vinyl gloves are the basic disposable gloves for healthcare professionals. Since vinyl is less elastic than nitrile and latex, these gloves are changed more regularly than other models. They are therefore suitable for short-term use and are limited to low-risk situations. Its main asset is the absence of vulcanization accelerator which makes it less allergenic than other materials. In addition, vinyl gloves are cut and puncture resistant.

  • Stretch gloves

This type of single-use glove has properties similar to those of latex. Thus, stretch gloves are just as comfortable as they are flexible.

Each job has its own disposable gloves at the best prices

Made of latex, stretch or vinyl, disposable gloves are essential accessories to protect the hands from the risks encountered in certain professions. As a result, there is a work glove adapted to the specificities of each trade.

Basically, single-use gloves are intended for professionals working in the field medical such as doctors, nurses, dentists or veterinarians. In these fields of activity, these PPE accessories ensure the hygiene of workers while avoiding contamination between patients and caregivers. On the other hand, it is important to note that certain work gloves are more suitable for certain trades.

In addition, disposable gloves are now used in other sectors such as food (canteens, catering, etc.). In this case, they avoid contamination of food. Hairdressers also use disposable gloves to avoid staining their hands. This type of personal protective equipment is also suitable for precision occupations such as tattooing and mechanics.

Although disposable gloves are particularly recommended for healthcare professionals, they are also essential in other areas for hygiene reasons.

Whatever the sector of activity, it is crucial to change gloves after each use. In addition, hands must be disinfected before putting on single-use gloves.

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