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    It is undeniable that certain trades present great risks. One of the most serious dangers is certainly that which is exposed to the risk of falling. It therefore becomes mandatory for work at height to wear fall protection equipment. Personal protective equipment will be an asset to wear during construction work (BTP). The American brand TopLock is a specialist in this sector.

    TopLock, a europrotection brand

    It is a brand specializing in the manufacture of fall protection equipment. TopLock is a family business located in Mooresville, Indiana.Sonny Perry, the company's founder, once worked in the heights. Specifically, he worked with the scaffolding that summarized the risk of falling. For more than 60 years he has worked on scaffolding and sought to improve it.

    During this long period, he obtained three patents that changed the industry and reduced the cost of labor and increased safety. It has also added innovation to the scaffolding industry. This is how it developed in the creation of fall arrest equipment. His dedication to solving jobsite problems inspired him to come up with the idea on TopLock.

    TopLock fall arrest equipment: interior locking device

    Currently, there are locking accessories for mobile indoor scaffolding. With TopLock, you can save your time with this device by eliminating the need to climb up and down. You will then save time and you will have fewer working hours. This also makes it possible to reduce the cost of labor which is today a real saving system.

    TopLock's fall arrest equipment meets OSHA standards. Occupational Safety and Health Administration is an agency within the federal government of the United States. They are intended to prevent illness, injury and death in the workplace. To do this, they sent regulations for occupational health and safety.

    These protective equipment reduce the risk of injury. Because the injuries of employees in this sector of activity occur when going up and down the scaffolding. But thanks to the inventions of the brand, you can perform your trade without climbing.

    Thus, protection systems, scaffolding interlocks are essential and reduce security breaches. It is even possible to pay a fine more than other offenses for improper use of scaffolding. For that, TopLock ensures an ease of use that you can simply comply with OSHA standards.

    Steel TopLock screw connector 71110

    TopLock's Steel Screw Connector is Zinc Plated for a better finish and better corrosion protection. It is ideal for your tasks at height as fall arrest equipment.

    This connector is characterized by a screw closure with a static force of 23 KN. It weighs 160g, a bar diameter of 10mm, a size of 107×56.5mm and its maximum opening is 16mm. It is made of steel, standardized EN 362: 2004 and manufacturer reference MO71110.

    TopLock aluminum safety hook 71161

    TopLock's Security Hook has been manufactured using Aluminum. It has a double security closure and a maximum opening of 60 mm. It is also ideal for working at height with fall arrest equipment.

    The finishes for this safety hook are deburredand polishing. It has a static force of 22 KN, a size of 236.0 x 110.0 mm, a weight of 450 g and a hole diameter for rope or carabiner of 22 mm.

    TopLock full body harness with coverguard 71035

    This protective equipment is mainly used for work at height where there is a risk of falling. It is an ally of workers in Construction who weigh a maximum of 100 Kg.

    The TopLock Full Body Harness has fully polyester straps with a width of 44 mm. It has red colors for the top, blue bottom and forest green stripes. The attachment points have a dorsal steel D-ring and two sternal textile loops. The clasps are square buckles (parachute) in steel with adjustable thigh by tightening the straps on each thigh. The sternal closure is 25mm black polyester webbing with the black plastic clasp. The sewing thread is made of high tenacity polyamide, one size fits all. The finishes of the metal parts are zinc and silver electro-plating.