Rain clothes

Find out about our range of special rain work clothes. Our pants and waterproof jackets will protect you from the elements, ensuring you stay dry.

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  1. PVC Coverguard Rain Set (Pack of 10)
      PVC Coverguard Rain Set (Pack of 10)
      As low as €14.16 €11.80
    • Parka de travail d'hiver haute visibilité PW2 Portwest jaune
        Portwest PW2 Hi-Vis Winter Work Parka
        As low as €56.05 €46.71
      • Blouson 3 en 1 haute visibilité imperméable PW3 Portwest Jaune
        • Parka de travail hiver haute visibilité matelassée Femme Portwest jaune
          • Veste coupe-vent imperméable Kensington Shell Helly Hansen Bleu Marine
            • Free delivery
          • Veste de pluie softshell étanche multipoche Oxford Shell Helly Hansen Navy
            • Free delivery
          • Veste de travail Softshell Eco-responsable Coverguard SUMI marine
            • Eco-responsible
          • Veste de travail softshell CARBON TECH Diadora - Gris - Face
            • Noir
                Core Result Work Rain Suit
                As low as €17.60 €14.67
              • Bleu Marine
                  Result padded safety work parka
                  As low as €43.12 €35.93
                • Jaune
                    Alta Padded Work Pant Helly Hansen
                    As low as €54.00 €45.00
                  • Orange
                    • Promo -40
                    Horton Helly Hansen FR Rain Overalls
                    As low as €62.40 €52.00
                  • Parka de travail déparlant double capuche HEAVY Caterpillar
                    • Free delivery
                  • Marine Foncé / Noir
                    • Outlet -40
                    Two-tone Blaklader double layer softshell jacket
                    As low as €65.40 €54.50 Regular Price €118.26
                  • Result Robust work parka "Denim effect"
                      Result Robust work parka "Denim effect"
                      As low as €61.04 €50.87
                    • LMA RANCH Waterproof Microfleece Jacket
                        LMA RANCH Waterproof Microfleece Jacket
                        As low as €35.92 €29.93
                      • Caterpillar H2O Breathable Waterproof Parka
                        • Free delivery
                        Caterpillar H2O Breathable Waterproof Parka
                        As low as €158.88 €132.40
                      • Warm jacket Bizflame Rain FR Multi Protection Portwest
                        • Free delivery

                      Items 1-32 of 218

                      Set Descending Direction

                      The different rainwear (trousers, rain suit, parka, jacket, rain jacket set)

                      Rain clothes are outfits designed to equip any individual so that they can carry out their personal and professional activities despite the ambient humidity. Several brands offer various rainwear suitable for this specific case.

                      Raincoat: The role of rainwear

                      The purpose of rainwear is to protect its wearer from moisture, whether due to bad weather or splashing water. In fact, the design fabric should be waterproof or water-repellent, depending on the occasion. They should not allow water to penetrate the specific garment to keep the wearer dry and provide maximum comfort. comfort for the practice of its activity.

                      If it is only light rain or a little water, a water-repellent garment is sufficient. If the humidity is intense, the garment should be waterproof.

                      Depending on the type of clothing an individual will be equipped with, it will protect their upper limbs, head and even their feet.

                      The different rainwear (trousers, overalls, parka, rain jacket set)

                      Whether you are looking for a water-repellent, waterproof garment that simply protects against precipitation or also protects against the cold, you will find everything you need.

                      - The rain jacket

                      Garment intended to protect the upper body from moisture and wind, the jacket has two versions. The first is the jacket without a hood and the second with a hood. The hood will usually have a drawstring to tighten it and long sleeves with elasticated handles. Like all rainwear, the fabric and seams will be waterproof to cope with weather conditions.

                      - The rain pants

                      This one will protect the lower limbs. It is designed with an elastic waistband to facilitate movement and adjust to its wearer. Detachable straps can also accompany it.

                      - The rain overalls

                      At the waist and at the leg level, this rain jacket can be adjusted (by drawstring, closure or press stud) to fit its wearer perfectly and protect him from the weather. It is also composed of elastic straps which are also adjustable. Depending on the brand and model chosen, the fabric will be more or less tear-resistant, pockets are also optional.

                      - The rain suit

                      The suit protects the whole body. As for the jacket, it may or may not have an adjustable hood, and always like the latter, the handles are adjustable to be as close as possible to the wearer. For convenience, it usually closes with a zipper.

                      Rain gear design standards

                      Like any self-respecting PPE, 3 standards govern the design of rainwear.

                      TheEN 343 standard concerns clothing that protects against bad weather (rain, snow, etc.), splashing water or dampness on the ground. This standard is further divided into 2 categories signified by pictograms X and Y with classes ranging from 1 to 3. The first (X) defines the degree of resistance of the garment to water, i.e. the tightness of the fabric and the seams. The second (Y) concerns the degree of evaporative resistance which will define the breathability of the garment to deduce the maximum continuous wearing time of the outfit. The higher the classes (3), the more resistant and comfortable the garment will be.

                      However, depending on the work environment encountered (season, low light, etc.), other criteria can also be added to these garments on a case-by-case basis. To this first standard is therefore added the EN 342 standard. Often associated with the previous standard, it offers protection against precipitation but also protects against the cold.

                      If the garment is worn in very low or even no light (at night or in heavy fog), it must have reflective strips or be fully retroreflective. This type of fabric will improve visibility